A library of expression clones and cellular manipulation tools

We have generated an extensive library of C. elegans promoters as Invitrogen Gateway entry clones to facilitate easy cloning of tissue-specific reporters. As a lab that focuses on males, we have analyzed the expression of many of the promoters in the male. In addition to an extensive list of published promoters (Table 1) (Gruninger et al., 2006; Gruninger et al., 2008; LeBoeuf et al., 2007; Liu et al., 2007; Reiner et al., 2006), we have a large library of promoters in entry clones that have not been published (Table 2), and we wish to make these plasmids available to the worm community. We have also included a list of Gateway destination vectors we have generated (Table 3). Plasmids available are listed in the tables below.

Contact Dr. Rene Garcia to obtain plasmids of interest.


Table 1
Figure 1
Table 2
Figure 2
Table 3
Figure 3


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