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Worm Breeder's Gazette 2(2) Table of Contents

2   2   1    Factors Affecting Growth of Free-living Nematodes in Axenic
                   M. Rothstein
2   2   2    Techniques for the Large-scale Axenic Culture and Aging of
             Turbatrix aceti and Possible Applications to C. elegans
                   W.F. Hieb, M. Rothstein
2   2   3    A Nematode Variant with Increased Lifespan
                   D.H. Mitchell
2   2   4    Aging Studies in the Nematode
                   M. Klass
2   2   4    Induction of Alcohol and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase by
             Panagrellus redividus
                   F. Kriger, D. Burke, M. Samoiloff
2   2   5    Electron Microscopy of C. elegans Eggs
                   C. Krieg, T. Cole, U. Deppe, E. Schierenberg, D. Schmitt,
                   B. Yoder, G. von Ehrenstein
2   2   5    Embryonic Cell Lineage on Living Eggs of C. elegans
                   E. Schierenberg, U. Deppe, T. Cole, C. Krieg, D. Schmitt,
                   B. Yoder, G. von Ehrenstein
2   2   6    Post-embryonic Lineages of the Somatic Structures of the Gonad
             in Hermaphrodites and Males
                   J. Kimble
2   2   6    Embryonic Development of the Intestinal Tract
                   K.K. Lew, S. Ward
2   2   7    Studies on the Relation of DNA Replication to Cell Division in
             C. elegans
                   D.G. Albertson, J.G. White, J.E. Sulston
2   2   7    Cell Lineage Mutants of C. elegans
                   B. Horvitz, J. Sulston
2   2   8    A C. elegans Dumpy Roller Mutant with Early
             Temperature-sensitive Periods
                   R. Ouazana, J. Brun
2   2   10   Dauer Larva Genetics
                   D. Riddle
2   2   10   Some Observations on Moulting
                   R.N. Singh, J.E. Sulston
2   2   11   Biochemical Studies of C. elegans Cuticles
                   M. Kusch, J. Laufer, R. Edgar
2   2   12   EM Studies of Spermatogenesis in Males of C. elegans
                   N. Wolf
2   2   12   Sperm Actin C. elegans
                   D. Damm
2   2   12   Spermatogenesis Mutants of C. Elegans
                   L. Edgar
2   2   13   Fertilization in C. elegans
                   S. Ward, G. Korman, J. Carrel
2   2   14   Sperm Defective Mutants
                   Y. Argon, S. Ward
2   2   15   Genetic Control of Sexual Dimorphism in C. elegans
                   M. Klass
2   2   16   A Temperature Sensitive Intersex Mutant of C. elegans
                   G.A. Nelson, K.K. Lew, S. Ward
2   2   17   Cytological Studies of Non-conditional Sterile Mutants of C.
                   N. Mounier
2   2   19   Isolation of a Non Temperature-sensitive Incomplete Sex
             Transformer Mutant, TRI, in C. elegans Var. Bergerac
                   B. Beguet
2   2   20   C. elegans Genetics:  Current Status of the Genetic Map and
             some Proposals for a Unified System of Genetic Nomenclature
                   B. Horvitz
2   2   21   X-ray Induced dpy-5 Mutations:  Recovery of Putative
                   A.M. Rose, D.L. Baillie
2   2   22   Isolation, Mapping and Characterization of Lethals Closely
             Linked to the unc-22 Gene in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   D.G. Moerman, A.M. Rose, K.R.C. Riekki, D.L. Baillie
2   2   22   Lethal Mutations Generated at Different Dosages of EMS
                   D.L. Baillie, D.G. Moerman, A.M. Rose, K.R.C. Riekki
2   2   23   Chromosome Rearrangements, Balanced Lethals, and Polyploids
                   B. Herman, J. Madl
2   2   23   X-linked Recessive Lethals
                   P. Meneely, B. Herman
2   2   24   Isolation of Lethal Mutations Near unc 4 and dpy 10 on
             Linkage GroupII
                   J. Laufer, B. Wood
2   2   24   Informational Suppression in C. elegans
                   R.H. Waterston
2   2   25   Biochemical and Genetic Studies of Contractile Proteins from
             Normal and Mutant Nematode Strains
                   H.F. Epstein, R.L Garcea, H.E. Harris, F.H. Schachat,
                   J.A.W. LaPointe, J.M. Zengel
2   2   27   Structural Studies of Nematode Body-wall Muscles
                   J.M. Mackenzie Jr., H.F. Epstein
2   2   29   An Internal Deletion Mutant of a Myosin Heavy Chain in C.
                   A.R. MacLeod, R.H. Waterston, S. Brenner
2   2   30   Neuroanatomy of Ascaris
                   A.O.W. Stretton, J.E. Donmoyer, J.E.R. Moses
2   2   31   Electrophysiology of Identified Neurons of Ascaris
                   J.P. Walrond, I.S. Kass
2   2   32   The Anterior Nervous System of C. elegans
                   J. White, E. Southgate, N. Thomson, S. Brenner
2   2   33   The Posterior Nervous System of C. elegans
                   D. Hall
2   2   34   A Cellular Model of Wave Propagation in C. elegans
                   D. Russell, L. Byerly
2   2   35   Biochemical Studies of Neurotransmitters in Ascaris
                   C.D. Johnson
2   2   35   Choline Acetyltransferase from C. elegans
                   J. Rand, D. Russell
2   2   36   Nematode Mutants Lacking Functional Acetylcholine Receptors
                   J.A. Lewis, C.-H. Wu, J. Levine, H. Berg
2   2   37   Putative Serotonin-deficient Mutants of C. elegans
                   B. Horvitz, J. Sulston
2   2   38   Osmotic Avoidance Defective Mutants of C. elegans
                   J.G. Culotti, R.L. Russell
2   2   39   Touch Sensitivity
                   J.E. Sulston
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