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Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(1) Table of Contents

9   1   1    Announcements
9   1   4    CGC News
                   M. Edgley
9   1   5    CGC Bibliographic References Update
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   1   7    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   1   11   Physical Map of the Genome
                   A. Coulson and J. Sulston, et al.
9   1   12   C. elegans Introns
                   T. Blumenthal
9   1   14   C. elegans Oncogenes
                   N. Ishii, S. Tomita, and K. Suzuki
9   1   15   Sequencing the Heat Inducible Hsp70 Gene
                   M.F.P. Heschl and D.L. Baillie
9   1   16   Identification and Isolation of the Coding Regions Around
                   S. Prasad and D.L. Baillie
9   1   17   An Update on the Analysis of the 5' Flanking Regions of the
             MSP Gene Family in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
                   D. Ammons and M. Klass
9   1   19   Genes Encoding C. elegans RNA Polymerase Subunits
                   D. Bird and D. Riddle
9   1   20   Myosin Light Chain Genes of C. elegans
                   C. Cummins and P. Anderson
9   1   21   Exson-expression cloning of the unc-15 paramyosin gene and
             a tropomyosin gene from Caenorhabditis elegans
                   H. Kagawa, J. Karn, and S. Brenner
9   1   22   Further studies on unc-54
                   J. Kiff, D. Moerman and B. Waterston
9   1   24   Attempts to Clone the Genes for the Dense-Body Proteins p107a
             and p107b
                   R. Barstead and R. Waterston
9   1   25   Observations on the biology of Tc1
                   I. Mori, G. Benian, D. Moerman, and B. Waterston
9   1   27   Tc1 insertion and excision at unc-54
                   D. Eide and P. Anderson
9   1   29   Elevated Levels of Tc1 Transposition and Excision in Mutator
                   P. Anderson, B. Saari, and J. Collins
9   1   30   Isolation of mec mutants in TR679
                   J. Srinivasan, J. Mindich, R. Goldstein, and M. Chalfie
9   1   31   Progress in cloning the mec-3 gene
                   J. Way and M. Chalfie
9   1   32   Identification Of A Putative Tc1 Insertion In the her-1 V Gene
                   C. Trent and W.B. Wood
9   1   33   An Approach to the Molecular Biology of Genes Involved in the
             Determination of Vulval Cell Lineages
                   S. Kim and B. Horvitz
9   1   35   Spontaneous Levamisole-Resistant Mutants Of The TR679 Strain
             Of C. elegans
                   J.A. Lewis
9   1   37   Transposition of Tc1 in the Rec-1 strain of Bristol
                   B. Rattray and A.M. Rose
9   1   38   Effects of Heavy Ion Irradiation on C. elegans
                   G. Nelson and R. Hammen
9   1   39   Some Chromosome Rearrangements
                   C. Kari, M. Winter, and B. Herman
9   1   40   Update on Linkage Group V (left)
                   R.E. Rosenbluth, L.M. Turner, R.C. Johnson, K.S.
                   McKim, and D.L. Baillie
9   1   42   A Genetic Analysis Of An RNA Polymerase II Subunit Gene
             (ama-1 IV) In C. elegans
                   T.M. Rogalski and D.L. Riddle
9   1   44   Dominant Embryonic-Lethal Mutations
                   P. Mains, I. Sulston, and W.B. Wood
9   1   45   Do Nematodes Sleep Around Under the Influence of Drugs?
                   P. Morgan, M. Sedensky, and P. Meneely
9   1   46   Caffeine-resistant mutants of C. elegans
                   P. Hartman and R. Donlon
9   1   47   Relationship between Phenotypes and ChAT Activity of the
             cha-1 ts Allele cn101
                   R. Hosono, T. Sassa, and Sigeru Kuno
9   1   48   Identification and Mapping of a New tRNATrp Amber
                   K. Kondo, P. Powell-Abel, J. Galante, and R.H.
9   1   49   unc-86 and Nondisjunction
                   M. Finney and B. Horvitz
9   1   51   A Pseudo Wild Type Mutation, sc109, That Suppresses Blister
                   M. Kusch and R.S. Edgar
9   1   52   Differences in adult surface antigens between "wild-type" strains
             of C. elegans
                   K. Chin and S. Politz
9   1   53   Cuticular Collagenous Proteins of Second-Stage Juveniles and
             Adult Females of Meloidogyne incognita
                   S.R. Reddigari, P.L. Jansma, P. Devidas, and R.S. Hussey
9   1   54   Visualization of Microfilaments in C. elegans Oocytes, Zygotes,
             and Gonadal Tissue
                   S. Strome
9   1   55   Ascaris Antibodies Cross React with C. elegans P-granules
                   K. Bennett
9   1   56   An Acid Phosphatase Activity Localized To The Gut of C.
                   C. Beh and J. McGhee
9   1   57   The Phenotype of the HSNs in egl-44 and egl-46 Animals May
             Depend on Interaction with their Targets
                   C. Desai and B. Horvitz
9   1   58   Mosaic Analysis of ced-3 and ced-4
                   J. Yuan and B. Horvitz
9   1   60   sup-17 Interacts with lin-12 in Specifying Cell Fates
                   J.H. Thomas, C. Ferguson, and B. Horvitz
9   1   62   Abnormal Gonadal Reflexion in unc-5 and unc-106 Mutants
                   E. Hedgecock
9   1   64   Early Embryogenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans is Unaffected
             by Phorbol Ester Tumor Promoters
                   Y. Tabuse and J. Miwa
9   1   66   Cell Autonomy of ncl-1 in Genetic Mosaics
                   E. Hedgecock
9   1   68   Nuclear aberrations and loss of synaptonemal complexes in
             response to Diethylstilbestrol in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   P. Goldstein
9   1   69   Another random walk along the sex determination pathway
                   J. Hodgkin
9   1   70   X-Linked Dominant Suppressors Of her-1(n695) V
                   S. Burgess, C. Trent, and W.B. Wood
9   1   70   Autosomal Extragenic Suppressors Of her-1(n695) V
                   J. Manser, C. Trent, and W.B. Wood
9   1   71   Suppression of dpy-22 Male Inviability By X Duplications
                   W.B. Wood
9   1   72   Mosaicism For Expression Of A Single-Copy Vitellogenin Gene
             In Intestines Of Triploid Intersexes
                   P. Schedin and W.B. Wood
9   1   73   Molecular Analysis Of Dosage Compensation Continues
                   L. Donahue, B. Quarantillo, and W.B. Wood
9   1   74   X chromosome expression in X duplications and in some new
                   P. Meneely and K. Nordstrom
9   1   75   Further Steps Towards a Genetic Understanding of Dosage
                   L. De Long, J. Plenefisch, and B. Meyer
9   1   77   More About Dosage Compensation
                   B. Meyer and L. Casson
9   1   78   egl-16: A Gene Which Unites The Sex Determination and
             Dosage Compensation Pathways
                   A. Villeneuve and B. Meyer
9   1   80   Mutants That Pump When Wild-type Worms Don't
                   L. Avery and B. Horvitz
9   1   81   Alterations In The Synaptic Connections Made By VAn Ventral
             Cord Motoneurones In Mutants Of unc-4
                   J.G. White, E. Southgate and J.N. Thomson
9   1   82   Freeze Fracture Studies of C. elegans (Are There Multiple Forms
             of Gap Junctions?)
                   D.H. Hall
9   1   84   Antibodies to vertebrate neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM,
             stain male specific cephalic neurons in C. elegans
                   S. Siddiqui and J. Culotti
9   1   85   More on transgenic worms expressing sup-7 DNA
                   A. Fire
9   1   87   Artificial Insemination
                   M. Shen and A. Fire
9   1   88   Freezing Worms in Soft Agar
                   L. Avery
9   1   89   WBG Subscriber List
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