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Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(2) Table of Contents

9   2   1    CGC News
                   M. Edgley
9   2   2    CGC Bibliographic References Update
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   2   8    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   2   10   A Suggested Nomenclature for Cloned C. elegans Genomic
                   S. Ward and other discussants
9   2   11   A Drosophila Heat Shock Promotor Functions in C. elegans
                   A. Fire
9   2   13   Transgenic Twitchers
                   A. Fire and D. Moerman
9   2   16   A Portion of unc-22 is Homologous to Protein Kinases
                   G. Benian, I. Mori, D. Moerman, and B. Waterston
9   2   18   More Sequenced unc-54 Mutations
                   J. Kiff, D. Moerman, and B. Waterston
9   2   19   Isolation of a Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Gene
             from the Nematode, C. elegans
                   P.O. Yarbrough, M.A. Hayden, L.A. Dunn, P.S.
                   Vermersch, M.R. Klass and R.M. Hecht
9   2   21   Molecular Cloning of fem-3
                   T. Rosenquist and J. Kimble
9   2   22   Progress in Cloning unc-44 and Other Genes Using Transposon
                   V.I. Wheaton, A.J. Otsuka, and E.M. Hedgecock
9   2   24   Progress on Cloning C. elegans H1
                   M. Sanicola, S.B. Roberts, G. Childs, and S.W. Emmons
9   2   25   Progress in the Cloning of ced-3 and ced-4
                   J. Yuan and B. Horvitz
9   2   26   Update of MSP Gene Organization
                   S. Ward, D. Burke, E. Hogan, J. Sulston, A. Coulson, D.
                   Albertson, M. Klass, and D. Ammons
9   2   27   Physical Map of the Genome
                   A. Coulson, John Sulston, et al.
9   2   28   The "lin-12 Contig"
                   I. Greenwald, A. Coulson, J. Sulston, and J. Priess
9   2   29   Progress in Mapping Genes
                   D. Albertson, R. Fishpool, A. Coulson, and J. Sulston
9   2   30   A Candidate myo-3 Hypomorphic Allele
                   R.H. Waterston
9   2   31   Putative Cis-Acting Nematode 5S DNA Sequences
                   D.W. Nelson and B.M. Honda
9   2   32   Identification of Repetitive DNA Families
                   A. La Volpe and P. Bazzicalupo
9   2   33   A Polymorphic Foldback Family in C. elegans
                   D.H. Dreyfus and S.W. Emmons
9   2   34   Evidence for a Second Transposon in C. elegans
                   A. Levitt and S. Emmons
9   2   35   Barney - A Repetitive Element in C. briggsae with Tc1
                   L.J. Harris and A.M. Rose
9   2   36   Isolation of a Panagrellus Transposon
                   C. Link and W.B. Wood
9   2   37   Observations on Tc1 Somatic Excision and Target Sequence
                   K-S. Ruan and S.W. Emmons
9   2   38   An Update on Tc1 Insertion Site Specificity
                   I. Mori, G. Benian, D. Moerman, and B. Waterston
9   2   39   Full Length Abundant Message and Protein from unc-15 Tc1
                   S.D. Rioux and R.H. Waterston
9   2   40   Tc1 Excision from unc-54
                   D. Eide and P. Anderson
9   2   42   Tc1 Transposition Occurs in Both Germlines
                   D. Moerman
9   2   43   Transposition of Tc1 in Two Strains of Bristol
                   T. Starr, L.J. Harris, J.M. Babity, and A.M. Rose
9   2   44   Observations on Strains with High Tc1 Copy Number
                   J. Hodgkin
9   2   45   Correlation of lin-14 mRNA Levels and Structures with lin-14
             Gene Activity in Mutant and Wild-Type Development
                   G. Ruvkun, V. Ambros, J. Giusto, and B. Horvitz
9   2   47   Yolk-Associated RNAs in C. elegans
                   B. Sharrock and M. Sutherlin
9   2   49   Variants of Ascaris with Mirror Image Neuronal Morphologies
                   C.D. Johnson, P. Sithigorngul, and A.O.W. Stretton
9   2   52   A CCK-like Neuropeptide in Ascaris
                   C. Cowden and A.O.W. Stretton
9   2   53   Immunocytochemical and Autoradiographic Studies of Putative
             Gabanergic Neurons in Ascaris
                   J. Guastella, C.D. Johnson, and A.O.W. Stretton
9   2   55   Identified GABAergic Neurons and the Immunocytochemical
             Identification of Mutations Affecting Axonal Outgrowth and
             GABA Expression in C. elegans
                   S.L. McIntire, H.R. Horvitz, and J.G. White
9   2   57   Effects of Pharyngeal Neuron Ablation on Pumping
                   L. Avery and B. Horvitz
9   2   59   Changing the Position of the Gonad Alters Vulval Cell Fates,
             Muscle Cell Migration, and the Position of Synapse Forrmation
             by the HSN Neurons
                   J. Thomas and B. Horvitz
9   2   61   The Mutation n703 Prevents Specific Cell Deaths
                   R.E. Ellis, J. Sulston, and B. Horvitz
9   2   62   Lineage Alterations in mab-3 Mutants
                   M. Shen
9   2   63   Update on Mutants Defective in Embryonic Cell Migrations
                   J. Manser and W.B. Wood
9   2   64   Reversal of Cell Division Polarity and Early Cell-Cell Interaction
             in the Embryo of C. elegans
                   E. Schierenberg
9   2   66   Embryonic Gut-Specific Expression and DNA Synthesis
                   L. Edgar and J. McGhee
9   2   67   Sperm DNA Strands Do Not Co-Segregate in the Next
                   K. Ito and J. McGhee
9   2   68   fog-2 and Spermatogenesis in Hermaphrodites
                   T. Schedl, P. Okkema, and J. Kimble
9   2   70   Screens for Maternal-Effect Lethal Mutations Affecting the Gut
                   D. Morton, S. Sprunger, and K. Kemphues
9   2   72   par-2, a Locus Essential for Early Cleavage Patterning and
             Germ-Line Function
                   N. Cheng, D. Morton, and K. Kemphues
9   2   73   Isolation of Maternal Effect Lethal Mutations in mut-2(r459) and
             mut-3(r456) Backgrounds
                   D. Levitan and D. Stinchcomb
9   2   74   Maternal and Zygotic Effects of Dominant ts Embryonic-Lethal
                   P. Mains, I. Sulston, and W.B. Wood
9   2   75   Embryonic Lethals
                   R. Schnabel and H. Schnabel
9   2   76   Embryonic Lethals with Early Defects
                   R. Schnabel and H. Schnabel
9   2   77   An Embryonic Lethal Mutation Affecting Pharynx Development
                   H. Schnabel and R. Schnabel
9   2   78   Three ts Alleles of e2072
                   H. Schnabel and R. Schnabel
9   2   79   An Analysis of Gamma-Induced Lethals Recovered by sDp2
                   R. Mancebo, A.M. Howell, and A. Rose
9   2   80   Saturation Screen for Lethals on Linkage Group V (left)
                   R.C. Johnsen and D.L. Baillie
9   2   81   The Continuing Saga of LGV (left)
                   R.E. Rosenbluth, R.C. Johnsen, and D.L. Baillie
9   2   82   Distribution of Lethal Mutations in LGIV (right)
                   D.V. Clark and D.L. Baillie
9   2   83   Fine Structure Analysis of unc-60V
                   K.S. McKim, L.M. Turner, and D.L. Baillie
9   2   84   unc-60 on eT1
                   K.S. McKim, R.E. Rosenbluth, and D.L. Baillie
9   2   85   Mutations in the ama-1 Gene
                   T.M. Rogalski, A.M.E. Bullerjahn, and C.L. Ritter
9   2   87   Some Properties of Two New X Duplications
                   B. Herman, C. Kari, and M. Winter
9   2   88   Focus of Action of unc-3(+)
                   B. Herman
9   2   89   Sleeping Worms Don't Lie
                   P. Morgan, M. Sedensky, and P. Meneely
9   2   90   Acetylcholinesterase Activity and Dosage Compensation
                   P. Meneely and K. Nordstrom
9   2   91   Effects of Duplicating X-Linked Genes on the General
             Expression of the X Chromosome
                   L. Casson and B. Meyer
9   2   92   A Maternal Effect Mutation That Results in XO-Specific
                   J. Plenefisch and B. Meyer
9   2   94   Some Surprising Sexual Suppression by Morphogenetic Mab
                   J. Hodgkin
9   2   95   An X-Linked Dominant Suppressor of her-1(n695)V that
             Appears to Lower X Chromosome Expression
                   S. Burgess, C. Trent, and W.B. Wood
9   2   97   More on Autosomal Extragenic Suppressors of her-1(n695)V
                   J. Manser, C. Trent, and W.B. Wood
9   2   98   Developmental Effects of Loci Lengthening Life-Span
                   T. Johnson, B. Conley, and M. Bryant
9   2   99   Further Genetic Analyses of a Long Life-Span Mutant Strain
                   D. Friedman and T. Johnson
9   2   100  Analysis of the age-1 Locus by Three-Factor Crosses
                   P. Fitzpatrick and T. Johnson
9   2   102  Isolating Long-Lived Mutants
                   T. Johnson, J. Wagner, and H. Nguyen
9   2   104  Action Spectra and Absence of Photoreactivation in C. elegans
                   C. Keller, J. Calkins, P. Hartman, and C.S. Rupert
9   2   105  More Fun with Heavy Ions
                   G. Nelson and T. Marshall
9   2   107  In Vitro Measurements of C. elegans Myosin Motility on Nitella
             Actin Cables
                   L. Schriefer, M.P. Sheetz, and R. Waterston
9   2   108  Reversed Field Gel Electrophoresis of C. elegans DNA
                   R.H. Waterston
9   2   109  Big DNA
                   M. Finney and B. Horvitz
9   2   110  A Small Inexpensive Laser for Ablating Cells
                   L. Avery, M. Herman, and B. Horvitz
9   2   111  Metamorphosis: Computer-Assisted Rotational Analysis and
             Interspatial Distribution of Nuclear Structures from Serial
             Ultrathin Sections
                   P. Goldstein and M. Voight
9   2   112  Remembrance of Things Passed
                   R. Cassada
9   2   114  Comfort at the Microscope
                   Baillie Lab
9   2   115  Announcements
9   2   117  WBG Subscriber List
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