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Worm Breeder's Gazette 9(3) Table of Contents

9   3   1    CGC Bibliographic References Update
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   3   7    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
9   3   8    Announcement of a "New" Journal
                   J. Kimble
9   3   8    Video Recorder Wanted
                   P. Mains
9   3   8    1987 Worm Meeting
                   J. Hodgkin and Organizing Committee
9   3   9    A Plea for Nomenclature
                   Various Anonymous People
9   3   10   A Simple Method for Decontaminating Worm Stocks
                   J. Way and M. Chalfie
9   3   11   Of Computers, Strains and Worms
                   J. Thomas, L. Avery, B. Meyer, B. Horvitz and troupe
9   3   13   Was C. elegans Originally Associated with an Invertebrate?
                   G.O. Poinar, Jr.
9   3   14   Genetics of Mutator Strains
                   B. Saari, J. Collins and P. Anderson
9   3   16   The Gene Structures of Mutator-Induced Mutations
                   J. Collins, B. Forbes and P. Anderson
9   3   17   Mutator Mapped
                   M. Finney and B. Horvitz
9   3   18   Mutators Necessary for Germ-Line Transposition and Excision
             of Tc1 can Transpose
                   I. Mori, D. Moerman and B. Waterston
9   3   20   Activation of Tc1 Excision
                   D. Moerman, I. Mori and B. Waterston
9   3   21   Genetic and Molecular Characterization of mec-14
                   N. Hom, J. Way and M. Chalfie
9   3   22   Molecular Cloning of tra-2
                   P. Okkema and J. Kimble
9   3   23   Transposon Tagging of unc-44 and dpy (rh1007)
                   V.I. Wheaton, A.J. Otsuka and E.M. Hedgecock
9   3   24   Molecular Analysis of the tpa-1 Locus
                   Y. Tabuse, K. Nishiwaki and J. Miwa
9   3   25   Progress Towards Isolation of the sqt-1 Gene
                   J. Kramer, J. Baxter, C. Basch and B. Edgar
9   3   27   Spontaneous Uncs
                   R. Hoskins
9   3   28   Spontaneous daf and dpy Mutants Isolated from Mutator
                   P.S. Albert and D.L. Riddle
9   3   29   Burrowing, Spontaneous Mutants, etc. with Another Wildtype
                   R. Cassada
9   3   30   mut-2 and Spontaneous mec Mutations
                   P. Brickman, P. Josephson, S. Shaham, C. Savage, M.
                   Penn, C. Ferguson and M. Chalfie
9   3   31   Tc1-Induced Lethal Mutations on LGIV (Right) and LGV (Left)
                   D.V. Clark, K. McKim and D.L. Baillie
9   3   32   A Spontaneous Mutation Affects the Genes unc-13 and unc-15
                   R. Hoskins and B. Waterston
9   3   33   mab-5 Levels Can Determine the Size of the Ray Domain
                   C. Kenyon
9   3   33   A Subtle Neural Connectivity Mutant - unc-13
                   I. Maruyama and L. Nawrocki
9   3   34   An Efficient Selection for fog-1 Alleles
                   K. Barton, S. Maples and J. Kimble
9   3   35   Formaldehyde Mutagenesis: Dose Response Curve and Analysis
             of Recessive Lethals Recovered Over eT1(III;V)
                   R.C. Johnsen and D.L. Baillie
9   3   36   Differential Gamete Sensitivity to Gamma-Irradiation in C.
                   L.M. Turner, R.E. Rosenbluth and D.L. Baillie
9   3   37   A Screen for Recessive Lethals in the unc-60(V) Region
                   K.S. McKim, M.F.P. Heschl, R.E. Rosenbluth and D.L.
9   3   38   Continuation of the Saturation Screen for EMS Induced
             Recessive Lethals on LGV (Left)
                   R.C. Johnsen and D.L. Baillie
9   3   39   Progress in Mapping a Gene Affecting Adult Surface Antigen
                   S.M. Politz and S. Savely
9   3   40   The Endpoints of Spontaneous unc-54 Deletions are not
             Associated with Substantial Direct Repeats
                   R. Pulak and P. Anderson
9   3   42   The Isolation of unc-45 Lethal Mutations
                   L. Venolia and R.H. Waterston
9   3   43   Duplications of the ama-1 IV Gene
                   T.M. Rogalski, A.M.E. Bullerjahn and D.L. Riddle
9   3   44   Fine Structure Map of an Essential Gene, ama-1
                   A.M.E. Bullerjahn and D.L. Riddle
9   3   45   Lethal Alleles of "Visible" Genes
                   A.M. Howell and A.M. Rose
9   3   46   Suppressors of bli-6(mn4) IV
                   M. Winter and R. Herman
9   3   47   y9: An XO-Specific Lethal Mutation that Suppresses the Known
             XX-Specific Lethal Mutations
                   L. Miller and B. Meyer
9   3   49   More About X-Linked Gene Expression in X-Duplication and
             X-Dependent Dpy Strains
                   P. Meneely
9   3   50   Suppressors of her-1(n695sd)
                   J. Plenefisch and B. Meyer
9   3   51   A Maintenance Function for her-1 in Control of Vitellogenin
             Synthesis and Oogenesis in XO Adults
                   P. Schedin, P. Jonas and W.B. Wood
9   3   52   Is sup-26 a Regulator of her-1?
                   J. Manser, C. Trent and W.B. Wood
9   3   54   More About tra Genes
                   J. Hodgkin
9   3   55   Genome Mapping
                   D. Albertson, A. Coulson, R. Fishpool, C. Randolph, J.
                   Sulston and Worm Cloners Everywhere
9   3   56   C. elegans cDNA Libraries
                   J. Ahringer, D. Lawson, T. Rosenquist and J. Kimble
9   3   57   Are Leader Sequences Spliced onto Actin mRNAs?
                   M. Krause and D. Hirsh
9   3   58   Further Analysis of C. elegans Introns
                   C. Fields, D. Hirsh and T. Blumenthal
9   3   59   Progress in Sequencing of the unc-15 Paramyosin Gene
                   K. Gengyo and H. Kagawa
9   3   60   Cloning a Gene Encoding a Protein in the Muscle Dense Bodies
                   R. Barstead and R. Waterston
9   3   61   Molecular Analysis of ama-1 IV, the Gene Encoding the
             alpha-amanitin Sensitive Subunit of C. elegans RNA Polymerase
                   D.McK. Bird and D.L. Riddle
9   3   63   Developmental Localization of a Sperm-Specific Protein and
             Isolation of Its Gene
                   B.A. Sosnowski and S. Ward
9   3   64   tRNATrp Suppressors of C. elegans
                   K. Kondo, J.A. Hodgkin, J. Gallante and B. Waterston
9   3   65   Initiator Methionine tRNA Genes of C. elegans
                   M. Khosla and B.M. Honda
9   3   66   Sequences Homologous to 5S rRNA in the rDNA Repeat of
             Meloidogyne arenaria
                   H. Vahidi, J. Curran, D.W. Nelson, J.M. Webster and
                   B.M. Honda
9   3   67   5S DNA Transcription in vitro
                   D.W. Nelson and B.M. Honda
9   3   68   A Consensus Sequence 5' of C. elegans Core Histone Genes
                   S. Roberts, S. Emmons and G. Childs
9   3   69   The Heptamers in the Vitellogenin Promoters: An Update
                   E. Zucker, J. Cane and T. Blumenthal
9   3   70   Potential Secondary Structures at the 5' Ends of Vitellogenin
                   E. Zucker and T. Blumenthal
9   3   72   Update on a Heat Inducible Hsp70 Gene
                   M.F.P. Heschl and D.L. Baillie
9   3   73   Nuclease Hypersensitive Sites of the 16 kd Heat Shock Genes
             of C. elegans
                   D. Dixon, D. Jones and P. Candido
9   3   75   Reintroduced Myosin Genes are Correctly Expressed
                   A. Fire and R. Waterston
9   3   76   Injection Miscellany
                   A. Fire
9   3   78   sup-7 Transformation Vectors
                   R. Waterston and A. Fire
9   3   80   Two Loci That May Interact During Early Embryogenesis
                   P. Mains, I. Sulston and W.B. Wood
9   3   82   P-Granule Gene Screen
                   I. Schauer, B. Hall and W.B. Wood
9   3   83   Localization and Segregation of Lineage-Specific Cleavage
             Potential in Embryos of C. elegans
                   E. Schierenberg
9   3   85   The Critical Times Microfilaments are Needed to Generate
             Asymmetries in the First Cell Division of C. elegans
                   D. Hill and S. Strome
9   3   87   Determining the Onset and Early Functions of Zygotic
                   M. Costa and K. Kemphues
9   3   88   Estimating the Number of Maternally Expressed Genes in C.
                   K. Kemphues, M. Kusch and N. Wolf
9   3   90   Cell Interactions and dth-1
                   J.R. Priess
9   3   91   More Observations on Embryonic Cell Migration Mutants
                   J. Manser and W.B. Wood
9   3   92   The Curious Origin of Z5
                   E. Hedgecock
9   3   94   More News About glp-1
                   J. Austin and J. Kimble
9   3   96   Control of Sexual Dimorphism in the Lateral Hypodermis
                   M. Shen
9   3   98   Genetic and Phenotypic Analysis of Spermatogenesis-Defective
             Mutations in C. elegans
                   S. L'Hernault, D. Shakes and S. Ward
9   3   102  A Cell That Dies During Wild-Type Development Can Become
             a Functional Neuron in a ced-3 Mutant
                   L. Avery and B. Horvitz
9   3   104  Studies of the Male Preanal Equivalence Group P(9-11).p
                   M. Herman and B. Horvitz
9   3   106  Morphogenesis of the Male Tail
                   S. Emmons
9   3   108  MAbs and mabs
                   C. Link and W.B. Wood
9   3   109  More on the Developmental Interaction Between AVM and the
             BDU Neurons
                   B. Walthall, C. Masuoka and M. Chalfie
9   3   110  FMRFamide-Like Immunoreactivity in C. elegans
                   C. Li and M. Chalfie
9   3   112  Localisation of Serotonergic Neurons in the Free-Living
             Nematode, Goodeyus ulmi
                   L. Leach, D.L. Trudgill and P.B. Gahan
9   3   113  Computer Simulation of C. elegans Neurons
                   E. Niebur and P. Erdos
9   3   115  Mutations in cha-1 and unc-17 Suppress the Ace-Lethal
                   J. Rand and C. Johnson
9   3   116  Further Studies on cha-1(cn101)
                   R. Hosono, S. Toshihiro and S. Kuno
9   3   118  Identification of a Microtubule-Based Cytoplasmic Motor in the
             Nematode C. elegans
                   R.J. Lye, M.E. Porter, J.M. Scholey and J.R. McIntosh
9   3   119  Cathepsins Ce1, Ce2 and Ce3 in C. elegans
                   G.J. Sarkis, J.D. Ashcom and L.A. Jacobson
9   3   120  Age-Dependent Decline in Protease Activities in C. elegans
                   G.J. Sarkis, J.M. Hawdon and L.A. Jacobson
9   3   121  A Newly Isolated Wild Type Strain of the Bisexual C. remanei
             from the Soil of India
                   A. Fodor
9   3   122  WBG Subscriber List - Updates, Additions and Corrections
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