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Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(1) Table of Contents

10  1   1    November 1987 Update to C. elegans Genetic Nomenclature
                   D. Riddle, B. Herman, B. Horvitz, B. Waterston and B.
10  1   6    CGC Bibliographic References Update
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
10  1   11   New Strains Available from the CGC - Gene Order
                   M. Edgley and D.L. Riddle
10  1   12   Genome Map
                   A. Coulson, J. Sulston, D. Albertson, R. Fishpool, R.
                   Waterston and H. Ameer
10  1   14   Recombinant Inbred Lines Can be Used to Conveniently Map
             Cloned DNA Fragments
                   T.E. Johnson
10  1   15   Progress in Cloning the age-1 Gene
                   J.E. Shoemaker and T. Johnson
10  1   16   unc-30 on the Map
                   R. Hoskins
10  1   17   Collagens, Cuticles and Chromosome V
                   K. Edwards
10  1   18   Sequencing of dpy-13 IV, a Collagen-like Gene
                   N. von Mende, D.Mck. Bird, P.S. Albert and D.L. Riddle
10  1   19   sqt-1 is A Collagen Gene is sqt-1
                   J. Kramer, J. Johnson, B. Edgar and S. Roberts
10  1   21   Isolation and Characterization of rol-6
                   R. French and J. Kramer
10  1   23   More on Suppressors of bli-6(mn4) IV
                   M. Schuyler, B. Herman and A. Burton
10  1   24   Collagen Gene Families
                   J. Cox, D. Hirsh, B. Rosenzweig, C. Fields, J. Kramer
10  1   26   Genetic characterization and cloning of mec-7.
                   C. Savage and M. Chalfie
10  1   28   The mec-3 Gene Contains a Homeobox
                   J. Way, S. Shaham and M. Chalfie
10  1   29   Cloning of the ben-1 gene
                   M. Driscoll, E. Reilly, E. Bergholz and M. Chalfie
10  1   30   Progress towards Cloning the deg-1 Gene
                   E. Wolinsky and M. Chalfie
10  1   31   Molecular Cloning of ced-4
                   J. Yuan and B. Horvitz
10  1   32   Molecular Cloning of daf-1 IV
                   L.L. Georgi, P.S. Albert and D.L. Riddle
10  1   33   Molecular Cloning of unc-5 While Walking to fem-1
                   A.M. Spence
10  1   34   Molecular Cloning of the unc-5 Gene
                   C.J. Leung-Hagesteijn, B. Stern, E. Hedgecock and J.
10  1   35   Molecular Cloning of the unc-6 Gene
                   N. Ishii, B. Stern, E. Hedgecock and J. Culotti
10  1   36   Molecular Cloning of unc-13
                   I. Maruyama
10  1   38   sup-10 Encodes a Regulatory Myosin Light Chain Protein
                   C. Cummins, J. Levin, D. Albertson, R. Horvitz and P.
10  1   40   Transposon Tagging in Minnesota
                   W. Li, T. Starich, J. Shaw and B. Herman
10  1   41   Progress in tpa-1 Gene Cloning
                   Y. Tabuse, K. Nishiwaki and J. Miwa
10  1   42   Identification and Cloning of Protein Kinase C Gene in C.
                   S. Tomita, Y. Tabuse and J. Miwa
10  1   43   A Lucky Artifact
                   T. Rosenquist and J. Kimble
10  1   44   Dauer Phosphoproteins
                   A. Ray and D.L. Riddle
10  1   45   Genes influencing Acetylcholine Levels
                   R. Hosono and T. Sassa
10  1   46   lin-40 is a Hot Spot for Tc1 Induced Mutations
                   R.C. Johnsen, K.A. Beckenbach and D.L. Baillie
10  1   47   Progress in Cloning a Mutator
                   I. Mori, D. Moerman and Bob Waterston
10  1   48   Activation of Transposable Elements in Mutator Strains
                   J. Collins, B. Forbes, A. Rushforth and P. Anderson
10  1   50   Germline Transposition of Tc2
                   A. Levitt and S. Emmons
10  1   51   Tc4, a New C. elegans Transposon
                   J. Yuan, M. Finney and B. Horvitz
10  1   52   Different Tc1 Elements from the C. elegans Strain Bergerac
                   R.H.A. Plasterk
10  1   54   Revenge of the tRNA Supressors in C. elegans
                   K. Kondo, J. Hodgkin, B. Makovec, H. Ameer and B.
10  1   55   Sequencing ama-1 IV
                   D.McK. Bird and D.L. Riddle
10  1   56   A Pseudogene, hsp70B, of the Heat Shock Inducible hsp70A
                   M.F.P. Heschl and D.L. Baillie
10  1   57   Studies on the C. elegans H1 Histone Family:  A
             Polyadenylated H1 Gene with an Intron, and Evidence for a
             Sperm-specific H1 Transcript
                   M. Sanicola, G. Childs and S. Emmons
10  1   58   Sequence of the Glutathione S-transferase P subunit of C.
             elegans, or A Step Towards the Complete Sequence of the C.
             elegans Genome
                   J. Yochem, K. Weston and Iva Greenwald
10  1   59   Screening C. elegans Expression Libraries with Nerve Specific
             Anti-tubulin Antibodies
                   H. Yasuda and Shahid Siddiqui
10  1   60   Control of unc-54 Expression
                   A. Fire and S. Harrison
10  1   62   Transformation:  DNA and Sex
                   W. McCoubrey and P. Meneely
10  1   64   Effect of a vit-2/vit-6 Fusion Gene on Expression of
             Endogenous vit Genes in Stable Transgenic Lines
                   J. Spieth, P. MacMorris and T. Blumenthal
10  1   66   C. elegans snRNAs
                   J. Thomas and T. Blumenthal
10  1   67   Trans-splicing in C. elegans
                   S. Bektesh, K. Van Doren and D. Hirsh
10  1   69   The Trans-spliced Actin mRNA Leader Sequence is Present on
             a Myosin Light Chain RNA
                   C. Cummins and P. Anderson
10  1   70   Suppressors Involved in Processing of unc-54 mRNA?
                   R. Pulak and P. Anderson
10  1   71   A RNA Duplex Denaturase Activity in C. elegans
                   M. Krause and  H. Weintraub
10  1   72   Transcription in Early Embryos of C. elegans
                   I.E. Schauer and W.B. Wood
10  1   74   Are Dauer Larvae Transcriptionally Active?
                   B. Dalley and M. Golomb
10  1   76   Synchronous Young Ascaris Embryos Are Transcribing
                   B. Dalley, M. Golomb and K. Bennett
10  1   77   Localization of the Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase
             Messenger RNAs by in situ Hybridization Using Asymmetric
             Biotinylated Probes
                   X. Huang and R. Hecht
10  1   78   Rearrangements of Linkage Group I
                   K.S. McKim, A.M. Howell and A.M. Rose
10  1   79   An Autosomal X-linked Duplication
                   R.E. Rosenbluth, R.C. Johnsen and D.L. Baillie
10  1   81   The Extent of nT1(IV;V) Recombination Suppression
                   D.V. Clark and D.L. Baillie
10  1   82   Another Look at 32P mutagenesis
                   R. Hoskins, M.M. Shen and A. Spence
10  1   83   The egl-45 HSN Degenerative Phenotype is Suppressed by
             Certain Egg-Laying Constitutive Mutants
                   G. Garriga, C. Desai and B. Horvitz
10  1   85   unc-104 Mutants Lack Directed Chemical Synapses
                   D.H. Hall and E. Hedgecock
10  1   87   Mutations Affecting the PVP Interneurons
                   H. Bhatt and E. Hedgecock
10  1   89   The Amphid Sensory Neuron ASH Mediates Osmotic
                   J. Thomas and B. Horvitz
10  1   91   Using the Laser to Assign Functions to Neurons in the Head
                   J. Thomas, G. Garriga, L. Avery and B. Horvitz
10  1   93   Preliminary Characterization of DES (Diethylstilbestrol) Mutants
             Isolated after EMS-mutagenesis or DES-mutagenesis
                   P. Goldstein and J. Aun
10  1   94   Isolation and Characterization of Revertants of emb-1(hc57)
                   K. Nishiwaki and J. Miwa
10  1   95   Reversion Analysis of Lethal ama-1 Alleles
                   T.M. Rogalski and D.L. Riddle
10  1   96   Fine-Structure Map of ama-1 IV
                   A.M.E. Bullerjahn and D.L. Riddle
10  1   97   Hydrotherapy Cures Unc-23
                   A.M.E. Bullerjahn and D.L. Riddle
10  1   98   Intragenic Mapping of unc-26(IV)
                   D.L. Charest and D.L. Baillie
10  1   99   A Little Uncoordinated Genetics
                   D. Thierry-Mieg
10  1   100  mei-1(b284):  A Mutation that Specifically Affects Meiotic
                   S.A. Sprunger and K. Kemphues
10  1   102  mei-1 Mutations Suppress Dominant Maternal-effect Embryonic
             Lethality Resulting from Mutations at Two Loci
                   P. Mains, I. Sulston and W.B. Wood
10  1   104  Mutations in a New him Locus Lead to Extreme Defects in
             Chromosome Pairing and Disjunction
                   J.B. Duffy, M. Basl and K. Kemphues
10  1   106  The Genes ces-1 and ces-2 Control Specific Cell Deaths
                   R.E. Ellis and B. Horvitz
10  1   107  A Signal Between Pn.p Cells During Vulval Development
                   P. Sternberg
10  1   108  More About lin-12
                   G. Seydoux and I. Greenwald
10  1   109  lin-29 Activity:  A Tight Threshold May Control the Switch
             from Larval to Adult Seam-Cell Fate
                   A. Papp and V. Ambros
10  1   110  Further Notes on mab-9
                   A. Chisholm
10  1   111  pal-2(e2260), a Mutation Transforming Tail Seam to Body Seam
                   M.M. Shen
10  1   112  Pleotropic Suppression by Morpho-mabs
                   J. Hodgkin, A. Papp and V. Ambros
10  1   113  Invisible Alleles of tra-1 and tra-3
                   J. Hodgkin
10  1   114  A Temperature Sensitive Gain-of-function Allele of tra-1
                   P. Graham, M.K. Barton and J. Kimble
10  1   115  Sex Myoblast Migration and Sex Determination
                   M.J. Stern and B. Horvitz
10  1   117  Mutant Expression of Male Copulatory Bursa Surface Markers
                   C. Link, C. Ehrenfels and W.B. Wood
10  1   118  Graded Initiation of Intestinal Vitellogenin Expression During
             Larval Development of N2 Hermaphrodites
                   P. Schedin and W.B. Wood
10  1   119  A Watched Free Duplication is Rarely Lost; Mosaic Analysis of
                   C.P. Hunter and W.B. Wood
10  1   122  Update on sup-26:  A Negative Regulator of tra-2??
                   J. Manser and W.B. Wood
10  1   124  Some X-linked Deficiencies Masculinize her-1(n695) XX Animals
                   D. Hsu and B. Meyer
10  1   126  The Lethal Phenotype and Temperature Sensitivity of dpy-27
             and dpy-28
                   J. Plenefisch and B. Meyer
10  1   128  sdc-2:  A New Locus Important for Sex Determination and
             Dosage Compensation in XX animals
                   C. Nusbaum and B. Meyer
10  1   130  y63 Suppresses the Dosage Compensation But Not the Sex
             Determination Effects of sdc-1(n485)
                   A. Villeneuve and B. Meyer
10  1   131  xol-1:  A Gene Essential for Male Viability is Involved in Both
             Sex Determination and Dosage Compensation
                   L. Miller, J. Plenefisch and B. Meyer
10  1   133  Developmental Consequences of Brief Microfilament Disruption
             in the First Cell Cycle of C. elegans
                   D. Hill and S. Strome
10  1   134  Do C. elegans Germ Line Granules Contain a Myosin-like
                   K. Kususmi, D. Kiehart and D. Stinchcomb
10  1   135  Competition of Exogenous Methoprene and Precocenes in
             Nematodes:  The End of the Story
                   A. Fodor, T. Timar, S. Hosztafi, I. Kiss and Z. Dinya
10  1   138  A Protocol for Testing Water Insoluble Compounds on
             Caenorhabditis spp.
                   A. Fodor and E. Kulcsar
10  1   139  Worms Under Pressure
                   L. Avery
10  1   140  Fairly Large Scale Oocyte Preparation
                   B. Kennedy, K. Ito and J. McGhee
10  1   141  Preparation and Maintenance of Age-synchronous Mass
                   M. Cruzen and T. Johnson
10  1   142  Announcements
10  1   142  Artifacts in C. elegans cDNA Libraries
                   J. Ahringer and J. Kimble
10  1   142  Second Annual West Coast Caenorhabditis elegans Meeting
                   T. Johnson
10  1   143  WBG Subscriber List
10  1   153  Author Index
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