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Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2) Table of Contents

10  2   1    Nematode Sequence Database (NSDB)
                   Andy Fire, Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
10  2   3    Announcement:  Society of Nematologists Meeting
10  2   4    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
10  2   8    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
10  2   9    C. elegans Trans-spliced Leader Exists as an Sm Precipitable
                   Kevin Van Doren, James Bruzik, Joan Steitz and David
10  2   10   The Presence of the C. elegans Spliced Leader in other
                   Susan Bektesh, Brad Rosenzweig and David Hirsh
10  2   11   The Trans-spliced Leader RNA has Properties of an snRNA
                   Jeffrey Thomas, Rick Conrad and Tom Blumenthal
10  2   13   U2, U4, and U6 snRNA Genes
                   Jeffrey Thomas, Erin Zucker-Aprison and Tom
10  2   14   unc-51 and tRNATrp Amber Suppressors
                   Kazunori Kondo, Jonathan Hodgkin, Robert H.
                   Waterston, Sydney Brenner and Ed Hedgecock
10  2   15   Analysis of the Temperature-sensitive Mutant sdc-1(y67)
                   Anne Villeneuve and Barbara Meyer
10  2   18   More About xol-1:  A Gene that Controls the Male Mode of Sex
             Determination and Dosage Compensation
                   Leilani Miller and Barbara Meyer
10  2   20   Analysis of Phenotype and X-linked Gene Expression of sdc-2
                   Chad Nusbaum and Barbara Meyer
10  2   22   An Autosomal Gene Translocated to the X-Chromosome
             Acquires Dosage Compensation
                   David Hsu and Barbara Meyer
10  2   23   dpy-29:  Yet Another XX-specific Lethal
                   John Plenefisch, Martha Soto, Leslie DeLong and
                   Barbara Meyer
10  2   24   y52 V, A Mutation in a New Gene, Masculinizes XX Animals
                   Leslie DeLong and Barbara Meyer
10  2   25   X-linked Sequences That Cause Sex Transformation of Males
                   William McCoubrey, Kim Nordstrom and Philip
10  2   27   More tra-1 Genetic Mosaics
                   Craig P. Hunter and W.B. Wood
10  2   28   The Number of the Beast:  Progress in Cloning tra-1
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
10  2   29   Molecular Cloning of fem-1
                   Andrew M. Spence
10  2   30   The Continuing Saga of Morpho-mab Suppression:  Suppression
             of a 3' Deletion Mutant of unc-54
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
10  2   31   Suppressors of a Splice Site Defective unc-54 Mutation
                   Brian Carr and Philip Anderson
10  2   32   Antimorphic Mutations in the Head Region of the unc-54
             Myosin Heavy Chain Gene
                   Amy Bejsovec and Philip Anderson
10  2   33   Paramyosin Phosphorylation
                   Lawrence A. Schriefer and Robert H. Waterston
10  2   34   Structure of the Paramyosin Gene, unc-15
                   Hiroaki Kagawa and Keiko Gengyo
10  2   36   Colocalization of Nematode Myofilaments and mRNAs for
             GAPDH and Actin
                   Xinyun Huang and Ralph Hecht
10  2   37   Long Life and Low Fertility:  Mating Effects on Life Span
                   Norma Foltz, Tom Johnson and Jo Ellen Shoemaker
10  2   38   Failure to Find Circadian Rythms in C. elegans
                   Eric Weiss and Bob Edgar
10  2   39   Pharynx Update:  Laser Controls, Serotonin, and Eat Mutants
                   Leon Avery
10  2   41   Sensory Cells for an Endogenous C. elegans Avoidance Factor
                   Jim Thomas and Bob Horvitz
10  2   42   Sensory Neurons, Chemotaxis, and Dauer Formation
                   Cori Bargmann and Bob Horvitz
10  2   44   Tagging Dauer-defective Genes
                   Wen-Hui Yeh and Donald L. Riddle
10  2   45   Of Supermuvs and Supervuls
                   Scott Clark and Bob Horvitz
10  2   46   clr-1 Suppresses the Sex Myoblast Migration Defects of egl-15
             and egl-17 Mutants
                   Michael J. Stern and Bob Horvitz
10  2   48   A Mutation That May Transform the Phasmid Cell PHB into its
             Sister Cell the HSN
                   Gian Garriga and Bob Horvitz
10  2   50   Lineage Alterations in egl-5 Males
                   Andrew Chisholm
10  2   52   Phenotypes Resulting from Deficiencies of the LGII Cluster
                   Francine A. Storfer, Paul E. Mains and William B. Wood
10  2   53   An Allelic Series of mei-1(I)
                   Paul Mains, Ingrid Sulston and W.B. Wood
10  2   55   The emb-1 and emb-3 Gene Functions are Required for the
             Meiosis After Fertilization
                   Kiyoji Nishiwaki and Johji Miwa
10  2   56   New Maternal Mutations Affecting Intestinal Development
                   Diane Morton, Michael Roos and Ken Kemphues
10  2   57   Abnormal Cortical Actin Distribution in One-cell par Embryos
                   Meredith Kusch, Colleen Kirby and Ken Kemphues
10  2   59   Suppressors of par-2
                   Niansheng Cheng and Ken Kemphues
10  2   60   Identification of a zyg-11 Clone
                   Philip W. Carter and Kenneth J. Kemphues
10  2   61   Identification of a Paternal Effect Embryonic Lethal Mutant
                   David Hill, Diane Shakes, Steven L'Hernault, Samuel
                   Ward, Susan Strome
10  2   62   Analysis of Two Loci Required for the Normal Morphology and
             Cellular Localization of a Unique Organelle in Sperm
                   Diane C. Shakes and S. Ward
10  2   63   Sperm Fusion
                   Diane C. Shakes and Samuel Ward
10  2   64   Treatment of Oocytes with Nocodazole in vivo, and Some
             Observations on Fertilization and Early Embryos, etc.
                   Tabitha Doniach
10  2   66   In situ Hybridization to Ascaris Embryos
                   Karen L. Bennett
10  2   67   Analysis of Transcription in Early Ascaris Embryos
                   Peter Cleavinger and Karen Bennett
10  2   69   Genes that can be Mutated to Reveal Hidden Antigenic
             Determinants in the Cuticle
                   Samuel M. Politz, Miguel Estevez, Karl J. Chin and
                   Peter J. O'Brien
10  2   71   Monoclonal Antibodies with Specificity for the L1 Surface
                   Steven G. Donkin and Samuel M. Politz
10  2   73   Duplication and Gene Conversion of Collagen Genes in C.
                   Yang-Seo Cho and James M. Kramer
10  2   74   Isolation and Characterization of Basement Membrane Collagen
             Genes in C. elegans
                   Xiaodu Guo and Jim Kramer
10  2   75   rol-6 and sqt-1 Update
                   Jim Kramer, Randy French and Jeff Johnson
10  2   77   Still More on dpy-13
                   N. von Mende, D. Mck. Bird, P.S. Albert and D.L.
10  2   78   With our Complements . . . sqt-3, rol-4 and lon-3
                   Richard Espey and Kaye Edwards
10  2   80   Lethal alleles of bli-4
                   K. Peters and A.M. Rose
10  2   81   The let-23 Locus and Vulval Induction
                   Raffi Aroian and Paul Sternberg
10  2   82   lin-12 is Required in the Somatic Gonad for Germ Line
                   Geraldine Seydoux and Iva Greenwald
10  2   83   Suppressors of a lin-12 Hypomorph
                   Meera Sundaram and Iva Greenwald
10  2   84   A lin-12 Homolog
                   John Yochem and Iva Greenwald
10  2   85   A Preliminary Molecular Analysis of glp-1
                   Judith Austin and Judith Kimble
10  2   86   Transformation Rescue of glp-1
                   A. Fire and J. Priess
10  2   87   Requirements for Expression of the unc-54 Gene
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
10  2   89   Sense and Antisense Disruption of Muscle Genes
                   A. Fire and S. Harrison
10  2   91   A Few Notes on Transformation Technology
                   Andrew Fire
10  2   93   The Genome Map
                   Alan Coulson, John Sulston, Yuji Kohara, Donna
                   Albertson and Rita Fishpool
10  2   97   Transformation to the Rescue!
                   Ian Hope, Roger Hoskins, Andrew Spence, John Sulston,
                   and Danielle Thierry-Mieg
10  2   99   Transformation Rescue of unc-30 and unc-31
                   Roger Hoskins
10  2   100  New Transgenic Lines Carrying vit Gene Fusions
                   John Spieth, Sherryl Broverman, Peg MacMorris, Susan
                   Greenspoon and Tom Blumenthal
10  2   101  Worms Transformed with an act-4/lacZ Gene
                   Steven Stone and Jocelyn Shaw
10  2   102  Molecular Analysis within the dpy-20 to unc-22 Region of
             Chromosome IV
                   S. Prasad, B. Kuchinka and D.L. Baillie
10  2   103  Molecular Cloning of ced-4, Continued
                   Junying Yuan and Bob Horvitz
10  2   104  Update on the deb-1 Gene
                   Robert Barstead and Robert Waterston
10  2   105  deg-1 is a Large Gene
                   Eve Wolinsky and Marty Chalfie
10  2   107  Numerous Homeobox Containing Genes from Caenorhabditis
                   Nancy Hawkins and Jim McGhee
10  2   108  A Putative mab-5 Deletion Disrupts a Gene Containing a
                   Michael Costa and Cynthia Kenyon
10  2   109  Positioning the Ray/Alae Border
                   Lisa Wrischnik and Cynthia Kenyon
10  2   110  Q Neuroblast Migration in lin-21/mab-5 and lin21/nDf16
                   S.J. Salser and C. Kenyon
10  2   111  Genetics and Molecular Biology of lin-10, a Gene that Specifies
             Pn.p Cell Fates
                   Stuart Kim and Bob Horvitz
10  2   113  The tpa-1 IV Encodes a Protein Kinase C Homolog
                   Yo Tabuse, Kiyoji Nishiwaki and Johji Miwa
10  2   115  More on Phorbol Ester TPA and C. elegans Embryogenesis
                   Ken-ichiro Higashi, Yo Tabuse and Johji Miwa
10  2   116  Tc1 Gymnastics at unc-5 in RW7097
                   Andrew M. Spence
10  2   118  DNA Sequence Analysis of the unc-5 Gene
                   Chungyee Leung-Hagesteijn, Brian Stern, Joe Culotti,
                   and Ed Hedgecock
10  2   120  Partial Sequence of the unc-6 Gene
                   N. Ishii, B. Stern, E. Hedgecock and J. Culotti
10  2   121  The unc-6 Gene is a Little Unstable in Institutional Settings
                   Edward Hedgecock, Joseph Culotti and David Hall
10  2   123  A Jahn-Teller Rule for Worms?
                   E. Hedgecock, J. Culotti and D. Hall
10  2   125  A Novel Protein Encoded in unc-13
                   I. Maruyama
10  2   127  Reconstruction of Nervous System of Another unc-13 Mutant
                   I. Maruyama and L. Nawrocki
10  2   128  Interactions between Neural unc Genes
                   William Nawrocki
10  2   129  Characterisation and Cloning of unc-24
                   William Nawrocki, Eileen Southgate and J. Nichol
10  2   130  Molecular Cloning of the unc-29 and unc-38 Levamisole
             Receptor Genes; RFLP's of These Genes Identified in Gamma
             Ray Mutants
                   J.A. Lewis
10  2   132  Update on Transposon Tagging in Minnesota
                   Wei Li, Todd Starich, Jocelyn Shaw and Bob Herman
10  2   133  A Tublin Tale from Toyohashi:  Two Genes One Polypeptide
                   Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid Siddiqui
10  2   134  Analysis of the Polyubiquitin Gene of C. elegans
                   Roger W. Graham and E. Peter M. Candido
10  2   135  Non-coordinate Expression of 16 Kilodalton Heat Shock Genes
             of C. elegans
                   Don Jones, Dennis K. Dixon and E. Peter M. Candido
10  2   137  An hsp70 Gene Subfamily Encoding Two grp78-like Proteins
                   Mark F.P. Heschl and David L. Baillie
10  2   138  More Formaldehyde Induced Deficiencies in the unc-22 (IV)
                   Denise Clark and David L. Baillie
10  2   139  Strain Identification Using Mitochondria RFLD's
                   Karen Beckenbach, David Baillie and Ann Rose
10  2   140  Wild Isolates and Mating Plug Formation
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
10  2   142  Sequence Identity Between Caenorhabditis and Drosophila
             Transposable Elements
                   L.J. Harris, D.L. Baillie and A.M. Rose
10  2   143  A Tc1 Homologue in Drosophila
                   Ronald H.A. Plasterk
10  2   144  Analysis of Tc1 Transcription
                   Anthony D. Radice, Nour Sherif and Scott Emmons
10  2   145  Foldback Transposon Tc6 has Sequence Similarities to Viroid
             and Virusoid Plant Pathogens, and Encodes a Self-cleaving
                   D.H. Dreyfus and S.W. Emmons
10  2   147  A New Balancer for Chromosome III
                   Judith Austin and Judith Kimble
10  2   148  Duplication Mapping on Linkage Group I
                   K.S. McKim, J. McDowall and A.M. Rose
10  2   150  A Ring Chromosome in C. elegans?
                   Craig P. Hunter and W.B. Wood
10  2   151  Ultraviolet Mutagenesis and Effects of rad-1, 3, & 7
                   Thomas Coohill, Tamara Marshall, Wayne Schubert and
                   Gregory Nelson
10  2   153  g-ray Mutagenesis - A Few Observations
                   Monica Driscoll, Elke Bergholz and Marty Chalfie
10  2   154  Rapid Small Scale Worm RNA Preps
                   Dave Pilgrim
10  2   156  WBG Subscriber List Update
10  2   158  unc-86 Encodes a Homeobox of a New Class
                   Michael Finney and Gary Ruvkun
10  2   159  Author Index
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