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Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(3) Table of Contents

10  3   1    Notes from the CGC
10  3   1    Double Mutants Needed for the CGC Strain Collection
10  3   1    Nematode Sequence Database
10  3   1    BITNET Addresses and FAX Numbers
10  3   2    Call for C. elegans Cloned Genes
                   Chris Link
10  3   2    Referencing, Crossreferencing, and Creating Reference Lists
             with Microsoft Word
                   J.A. Lewis
10  3   3    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
10  3   6    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
10  3   7    Thirty Something
                   William McCoubrey, Kim Nordstrom and Philip
10  3   8    dpy-29 and tra V: Jekyll and Hyde?
                   John Plenefisch, Leslie DeLong and Barbara Meyer
10  3   9    A New her-1(sd) Mutation
                   Anne Villeneuve, Stuart Kim and Barbara Meyer
10  3   10   Stalking the dpy-21 Null Phenotype
                   Leslie DeLong, Martha Soto and Barbara Meyer
10  3   11   Further Analysis of ct31 X, A Locus Affecting Sex
             Determination and Dosage Compensation
                   Kimberly Tanner, Sean Burgess, Carol Trent and W.B.
10  3   12   Dosage Studies at the fog-1 Locus
                   Kathy Barton and Judith Kimble
10  3   14   fem-3(gf) mutations are single base pair changes in the 3'
             untranslated region of fem-3
                   Julie Ahringer and Judith Kimble
10  3   15   Preliminary Results on Transcriptional Regulation of fem-3 and
             Molecular Confirmation of the Hodgkin Regulatory Pathway
                   T. Rosenquist and J. Kimble
10  3   16   Molecular Characterization of tra-2 Gain-of-Function Alleles
                   Peter Okkema, Patricia Kuwabara and Judith Kimble
10  3   18   Update on her-1 Transcripts
                   Carol Trent and W.B. Wood
10  3   19   Searching for XX-XO Mosaics
                   Robert K. Herman and Claire K. Kari
10  3   21   Analysis of tra-1 Mosaic Intestines by in situ Hybridization with
             a vit-5 Probe
                   Craig P. Hunter and W.B. Wood
10  3   22   Looking for Male-Specific Proteins
                   Christian Ehrenfels, Chris Link and W.B. Wood
10  3   23   Yolk Proteins and Lipids
                   William Sharrock
10  3   25   Analysis of vit-2 Promoter Mutations in Stable Transformants
                   Susan Greenspoon, Sherryl Broverman, John Spieth,
                   Jerry Cane, Peg MacMorris and Tom Blumenthal
10  3   26   ced-3 and ced-4 Germline Transformation
                   Junying Yuan and Bob Horvitz
10  3   27   More Blue Worms
                   Steven Stone and Jocelyn Shaw
10  3   28   One Homologous Transformed Line
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
10  3   29   Tissue Specific Enhancers and Promoters Control Myosin
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
10  3   31   Localization of mec-3 Expression Using mec-3 - lacZ Fusions,
             and Functional Organization of mec-3
                   Jeff Way and Marty Chalfie
10  3   32   lin-11 Contains a Homeodomain that is Highly Homologous to
             that of mec-3
                   Gwen Freyd, Stuart Kim, Thomas Burglin, Gary Ruvkun
                   and Bob Horvitz
10  3   34   Cloning of C. elegans Homeobox-Containing Genes
                   Thomas R. Burglin and Gary B. Ruvkun
10  3   36   Homeo Box Containing Genes in Ascaris lumbricoides and C.
                   A. Spicher, D. Schaller, C. Wittmann, F. Muller and H.
10  3   37   mec-7 Encodes a ?tubulin
                   Cathy Savage, Michel Hamelin, Joe Culotti, Alan
                   Coulson, Donna Albertson and Marty Chalfie
10  3   39   Update on the unc-6 Gene Sequence
                   N. Ishii, B. Stern, E. Hedgecock and J. Culotti
10  3   40   More unc-5 Sequence
                   C. Leung-Hagesteijn, J. Culotti, B. Stern, E. Hedgecock
                   and A. Spence
10  3   41   Notes on the DNA Sequence of Most of the ben-1 Gene
                   Monica Driscoll, Elke Bergholz and Martin Chalfie
10  3   42   unc-86 has Extended Homology to Mammalian Transcription
                   Michael Finney and Gary Ruvkun
10  3   44   lin-12 and glp-1 Encode Very Similar Potential Transmembrane
                   John Yochem and Iva Greenwald
10  3   45   Head Piece of Paramyosin and Progress of Tropomyosin Gene
                   Keiko Gengyo, Koken Sugimoto and Hiroaki Kagawa
10  3   46   The deg-1 Gene May Encode a Membrane Protein
                   Eve Wolinsky and Marty Chalfie
10  3   47   The daf-1 Gene May Encode a Protein Kinase
                   Laura Georgi, Miguel Estevez and Don Riddle
10  3   48   cha-1 and Other Aldicarb-Resistant Mutants: An Update
                   Aixa Alfonxo-Pizarro and Jim Rand
10  3   49   Characterization of Genes Affecting Acetylcholine Levels and
             Cloning of unc-18
                   Ryuji Hosono
10  3   51   Cloning of the unc-104 Gene by Transposon (Tc1) Tagging
                   Ayyamperumal Jeyaprakash, Toinette Hartshorne,
                   Rodrigo Franco, Edward Hedgecock and Anthony
10  3   52   Cloning of Putative Opsin Genes of C. elegans
                   John Boom, Kevin Lobo, Michael J. Smith and A.H. (Jay)
10  3   53   Molecular Cloning of dpy-5
                   Joe Babity and Ann Rose
10  3   54   Some unc-31 Sequence
                   Roger Hoskins
10  3   55   The Limits of fem-1
                   Andrew M. Spence
10  3   56   Molecular Cloning of unc-93
                   Joshua Z. Levin and Bob Horvitz
10  3   58   Identification of a Transposon Insertion in lon-2
                   Gwen Freyd and Bob Horvitz
10  3   59   Progress on the Genetics and Cloning of lin-3
                   Russell Hill and Paul Sternberg
10  3   60   Isolation of Tyrosine Kinase Sequences by a Rapid Screening
                   Alexander Kamb, Harold Varmus and Cynthia Kenyon
10  3   62   Zinc Finger Proteins in Worms?
                   Dave Pilgrim
10  3   63   Characterization of G-proteins in C. elegans
                   Loesje van der Voorn, Hidde L. Ploegh and Ronald H.A.
10  3   64   Identification and Isolation of Telomeres in Ascaris lumbricoides
             and C. elegans
                   F. Muller, C. Wicky, P. Crottet and H. Tobler
10  3   65   Information Content of C. elegans Introns
                   Chris Fields
10  3   67   The Genome Map
                   Alan Coulson, John Sulston, Yuji Kohara, Donna
                   Albertson, Rita Fishpool, Leon Avery, Robert Waterston,
                   Humaira Ameer
10  3   71   Reckless Wanderings and Decomposed YAC's
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
10  3   72   Sequence of Tc1 Tightly Linked to a Mutator
                   Ikue Mori, Don Moerman and Bob Waterston
10  3   74   Is Tc1 Transposition Regulated on the Transcriptional Level?
                   Luc L.M.G. Beckers and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
10  3   75   Analysis of Tc1 Excision in vitro
                   Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
10  3   76   Transcription in Dauer Larvae
                   Brian Dalley and Miriam Golomb
10  3   77   The Actin Gene is Transcribed in 4-8 Cell Ascaris Embryos
                   Peter J. Cleavinger, Jim W. McDowell and Karen J.
10  3   78   Trans-Splicing in Ascaris
                   Tim Nilsen, Christine Faser and Karen Bennett
10  3   79   A New Trans-Spliced Leader in C. elegans
                   Xin-Yun Huang and David I. Hirsh
10  3   80   Early Embryonic Transcription in C. elegans
                   Irene Schauer and W.B. Wood
10  3   82   Embryonic cDNA Expression Libraries
                   Irene Schauer and W.B. Wood
10  3   83   Mutant RNA Polymerase II is Super-Resistant to ?amanitin
                   Miriam Golomb
10  3   84   A Novel ama-1 Mutation That May Eliminate RNA Polymerase
             II Sensitivity to ?amanitin
                   Teresa M. Rogalski and Donald L. Riddle
10  3   86   A Paraquat Sensitive Mutant, mev-1
                   Naoaki Ishii, Kiyoko Takahashi, Satoru Tomita, Tetsuo
                   Keino and Kenshi Suzuki
10  3   87   Mutations that Cause Convulsions Against an Anesthetic,
                   Hideki Ando and Hiroaki Kagawa
10  3   88   Mutations that Affect Sensory Ray Morphology
                   Scott E. Baird, Kerry Willis and Scott W. Emmons
10  3   90   "Sixless" Males
                   Scott E. Baird and Scott W. Emmons
10  3   91   Cod and Mab Mutants
                   Cheng Song, Leslie Barber and Paul Sternberg
10  3   92   Observations on mab-10
                   Chris Link
10  3   94   Update on the Analysis of EMS Induced Mutations on LGV
                   Robert C. Johnsen and David L. Baillie
10  3   95   Genetic Effects of Neutrons on C. elegans
                   Gregory Nelson, Tamara Marshall, Wayne Schubert and
                   Meyrick Peak
10  3   97   ct45, a Mutation at a Haploinsufficient Locus?
                   Paul E. Mains and W.B. Wood
10  3   99   Two New ced Genes: ced-5 and ced-6
                   Ronald E. Ellis and Bob Horvitz
10  3   100  Studies of the Multivulva Gene lin-34
                   Greg Beitel and Bob Horvitz
10  3   101  Isolation and Characterization of Grandchildless Mutants in C.
                   Paula Martin, Carol Garvin and Susan Strome
10  3   102  Identification of Mutants that Show Ectopic Wheat Germ
             Agglutinin Binding
                   Chris Link
10  3   104  A Story of Two Kinky Mup's
                   Phuay Yee Goh and Thierry Bogaert
10  3   106  Muscle Positioning and Attachment Mutants
                   E. Hedgecock
10  3   108  Paramyosin Phosphorylation, Part II
                   Lawrence A. Schriefer and Robert H. Waterston
10  3   109  Genes and Proteins of the Muscle Dense-Bodies
                   Robert Barstead, Lawrence Kleiman and Robert
10  3   110  Migratory Genes Seek Their Homes Across the Pond
                   Jim Manser
10  3   112  pal-1 Specifies the Fate of V6 Selectively Blocking or Overriding
             Signals from T
                   David Waring and Cynthia Kenyon
10  3   114  Localization of mab-5 RNA
                   Michael Weir, Michael Costa and Cynthia Kenyon
10  3   116  A Mutation that Causes Certain Asymmetric Cell Divisions to
             Reverse Polarity
                   Michael Herman and Bob Horvitz
10  3   119  lin-43, A New Cell Cycle Gene?
                   Susan Euling and Victor Ambros
10  3   120  Erratum for the Embryonic Cell Lineage
                   Curtis Loer, David Waring, Cynthia Kenyon and John
10  3   122  Body Wall Contacts Help Arrange the Hermaphrodite Gonad
                   E. Hedgecock, J. Culotti and D. Hall
10  3   124  Four Events in the Life of a Worm
                   Victor Ambros and Zhongchi Liu
10  3   125  Temporal Control of Dauer Larva Formation by Heterochronic
             Genes in C. elegans
                   Zhongchi Liu and Victor Ambros
10  3   127  Vulval Induction in the Shanghai-1 Nematode Strain
                   Paul Sternberg
10  3   128  Interaction of Vulvaless Genes: Hyperinduction and
             Allele-specific Interactions
                   Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
10  3   130  Evidence for Cell Autonomy of lin-12 Function in the Anchor
             Cell/Ventral Uterine Precursor Cell Fate Decision
                   Geraldine Seydoux and Iva Greenwald
10  3   132  Suppressors of lin-15 Multivulva Phenotype Define New Genes
             Involved in the C. elegans Vulval Induction
                   Raffi Aroian, Min Han, Ron Rogge and Paul Sternberg
10  3   133  A Screen for Suppressors of the Vulvaless Phenotype of
                   Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
10  3   134  Is it lin or is it let?
                   Scott Clark and Bob Horvitz
10  3   135  Suppressors of clr-1(e1745ts) Identify a New Gene Involved in
             Sex Myoblast Migrations
                   Michael J. Stern and Bob Horvitz
10  3   137  Informational Suppression by Male-abnormal Mutations: New
             Names, New Data
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
10  3   138  Expression and Evolution of the tRNATrp Gene Family
                   Kazunori Kondo and Robert H. Waterston
10  3   139  Refining the Map of the Far Right End of the X Chromosome
                   Anne M. Villeneuve and Barbara J. Meyer
10  3   140  Male Recombination in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Monique-Claire Zetka and Ann Rose
10  3   141  Effect of Deficiencies in LGV (left) on Recombination
                   Raja E. Rosenbluth, Robert C. Johnsen and David L.
10  3   143  Some Observations on Meiosis
                   Donna G. Albertson
10  3   144  Free Duplications and Maternal Rescue
                   Anne M. Villeneuve and Barbara J. Meyer
10  3   146  Tests for Maternal and Paternal Chromosomal Imprinting
                   Herbert Haack and Jonathan Hodgkin
10  3   147  Development of the Egg-Laying Circuit
                   C. Li and Marty Chalfie
10  3   149  mec-6 Mutations Suppress Neuronal Degeneration
                   Marty Chalfie
10  3   150  The deg-1 Degenerations: A Matter of Timing
                   Marty Chalfie
10  3   151  Update of unc-104: A Mutation Affecting Chemical Synapse
                   David H. Hall and Ed Hedgecock
10  3   153  A Glimpse at the Early Stages of Development of the
             Postembryonic Ventral Cord Motor Neurones
                   J.G. White, E. Southgate and J.N. Thomson
10  3   154  Transformation of Differentiated Cells by Laser-Induced Cell
                   Leon Avery
10  3   155  AF1, A Sequences Bioactive Neuropeptide Isolated from the
             Nematode, Ascaris suum
                   Cynthia Cowden, Antony O.W. Stretton and Ralph E.
10  3   157  Effects of UV Radiation on Embryonic DNA Synthesis and Cell
             Division (Subtitle: Tough Guy Polymerases from the Worm?)
                   Betty-Ann Svendsen, Jennifer Reddy and Phil Hartman
10  3   158  Embryonic Expression of a Nuclear Antigen Immunologically
             Related to the Drosophila Engrailed Product
                   Joel H. Rothman
10  3   159  Microinjection of Lucifer Yellow into Early Blastomeres of C.
                   Olaf Bossinger and Einhard Schierenberg
10  3   160  Laser Manipulation During Early Embryogenesis of
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Bernd Junkersdorf and Einhard Schierenberg
10  3   161  Centrifugation of Early C. elegans Embryos
                   Petra Schlicht and Einhard Schierenberg
10  3   162  In vitro Assay for the Resumption of Development in Third
             Stage (L3) Larvae of the Dog Hookworm Ancylostoma caninum
                   John M. Hawdon and G.A. Schad
10  3   164  BITNET Addresses and FAX Numbers
10  3   165  WBG Subscriber List
10  3   167  Osmotic Avoidance Mutants with Normal Sensory Endings
                   Jim Thomas and Bob Horvitz
10  3   169  The Caenorhabditis briggsae Genome Contains a Homologue
             of the C. elegans C9 Repetitive DNA Family
                   Adriana La Volpe
10  3   171  Author Index
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