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Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(3) Table of Contents

11  3   1    Announcements and News
11  3   1    Postdoctoral Fellowship
                   Robert J. Scmookler Reis
11  3   2    Telnet Access to the MIT Contig Database
11  3   2    Focusing Device for Time-Lapse Video Recording
                   Paul Mains
11  3   3    Macintosh Screen Saver
                   Mark Edgley
11  3   3    CGC Bibliography in Filemaker Version 2.0 for Macintosh,
             Memory Mate TSR for IBM-compatibles
11  3   4    New Versions of the CGC Bibliography and Strain List
11  3   5    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
11  3   8    Genome Map
                   Alan Coulson, John Sulston, Ratna Shownkeen and
                   Robert Waterston
11  3   10   F2 Transformation Rescue of mup-2
                   Phuay Yee Goh and Thierry Bogaert
11  3   12   Are All F1 Rollers Created Equal?  (The Effect of DNA  
             Concentration and Other Variables on Germline
                   C. Mello and V. Ambros
11  3   13   Mosaic Expression of vit Transgene
                   Peg MacMorris, John Spieth, Susan Greenspoon, Sherryl
                   Broverman  and Tom Blumenthal
11  3   14   Linking an Array to a Free Duplication
                   Claire Kari, Andrew Fire and Bob Herman
11  3   15   The C. elegans MyoD Homologue as an Early Marker for  Body
             Wall Muscle Lineages
                   Andrew Fire, Susan White Harrison, Harold Weintraub
                   and Mike Krause
11  3   16   A Type IV Collage Gene in Ascaris suum
                   Jonathan Pettitt and Barry Kingston
11  3   17   Spectrin Genes in C. elegans?
                   Dawn H. Giebelhaus, Shawna D. Clark and Paul E.
11  3   18   Neurotransmitter Synthesis in Worms: An Aromatic Amino  
             Acid Hydroxylase Gene in C. elegans
                   Curtis M. Loer and Cynthia Kenyon
11  3   20   Isolation of a C. elegans Cysteine Protease Gene
                   Celeste Ray and James H. McKerrow
11  3   21   elt-1: A C. elegans Homolog of an Erythrocyte- Specific
             Transcription Factor Gene
                   John Spieth, Yhong-Hee Shim, Kris Lea and Tom
11  3   22   Cloning, Mapping and Splicing of the Tropomyosin Gene,
             tmy-1, of Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Koken Sugimoto and Hiroaki Kagawa
11  3   23   lin-3 and a "Poxy Little Contig"
                   Russell Hill and Paul Sternberg
11  3   24   Molecular Cloning of let-60
                   Min Han, Hiro Mori and Paul Sternberg
11  3   25   Analysis of the rol-6 Trans-Splice Acceptor Site in vivo
                   Ruey Fen Liou, Richard Conrad, Jim Kramer and Tom
11  3   26   Genetic Analysis and Cloning of the Axon Outgrowth  Genes
             unc-34 and unc-76
                   Laird Bloom and Bob Horvitz
11  3   27   unc-4 is a Homeobox is unc-4
                   David M. Miller, Michelle Dubois, Medeva Ghee and
                   Laura Wilson
11  3   28   The Cloning and Preliminary Molecular Characterization of
                   Michael L. Nonet and Barbara J. Meyer
11  3   29   Analysis of par-2 cDNA
                   Diane Levitan and Dan Stinchcomb
11  3   30   fem-2, unc-45 and daf-7
                   Dave Pilgrim
11  3   31   Searching for Laminin Chain Genes
                   William Wadsworth and Lei Gong
11  3   32   The unc-52 Gene Encodes a Cell Adhesion Molecule
                   Teresa M. Rogalski and Donald G. Moerman
11  3   33   An SH3 Motif in the Cytoplasmic Domain of the unc-5 Protein?
                   E. Hedgecock, B. Stern, J. Culotti, C. Leung-Hagesteijn
                   and A. Spence
11  3   34   Cloning the daf-4 Gene
                   Miguel Estevez, Patrice Albert and D.L. Riddle
11  3   35   The daf-12 Gene Encodes a Protein Homologous to the Steroid
             Hormone Receptor Superfamily
                   W.H. Yeh and D.L. Riddle
11  3   36   Hormone Receptor Genes in C. elegans: Sifting the Wheat from
             the Chaff
                   Ann Sluder, Sho Gottlieb and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   37   Identification of the Molecular Lesion of the smg-Suppressible
             lin-29 allele
                   Ann E. Rougvie and Victor Ambros
11  3   38   Touch Cell-Specific Expression and Developmental Regulation
             of the mec-7 beta-tubulin Gene in C. elegans
                   Shohei Mitani and Marty Chalfie
11  3   40   What Turns On mec-7?
                   Michel Hamelin and Joe Culotti
11  3   41   Sequence Analysis of mec-7 Mutations
                   Cathy Savage and Marty Chalfie
11  3   43   Molecular Analysis of mec-3 in C. elegans and C. briggsae
                   Ding Xue and Marty Chalfie
11  3   44   mec-4 and deg-1, Genes that can Mutate to Induce Neuronal
             Degeneration, are Highly Homologous
                   Monica Driscoll and Marty Chalfie
11  3   46   How Other Heterochronic Genes Control the lin-14 Temporal
                   Prema Arasu and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   47   The lin-14 Gene Appears to Code for Two Proteins, One of
             Which Accumulates Predominantly in Seam Cell Nuclei
                   Bruce Wightman, Prema Arasu and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   48   lin-14, an Orphan, but We Love It Anyway
                   Thomas Brglin, Joe Gatto, Bruce Wightman and Gary
11  3   49   unc-86 Protein: Location in Time, Space and Cell Lineage
                   Michael Finney and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   50   Update on Early Embryonic Transcription
                   Irene Schauer and W.B. Wood
11  3   51   Mutations in the Sex Determination Function of dpy-29 Cause
             Inappropriate Overexpression of her-1 Transcripts in XX
                   Bob Klein and Barbara J. Meyer
11  3   52   dpy(y130): A New Maternal-Effect Gene Essential for the XX
             Mode of Dosage Compensation
                   David Hsu and Barbara Meyer
11  3   53   Mapping of Fluoride-Resistant Mutants
                   Isao Katsura, Kazunori Kondo and Kenzo Kaneko
11  3   54   Reinterpretation of Spontaneous Chromosome I Duplications
                   K.S. McKim, R.E. Rosenbluth and A.M. Rose
11  3   56   In Search of Celibate Old Dullards
                   Katharine Liu, Yvonne Hajdu, Helen Chamberlin and
                   Paul Sternberg
11  3   57   Fine-Mapping of the Tc1-Activating Factor mut-5
                   Anne-Marie Gruter and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
11  3   58   sli-1, A Gene that Interacts with let-23 in Vulval Induction
                   Gregg D. Jongeward and Paul W. Sternberg
11  3   60   An Update on lin-15 Genetics and Cloning
                   Linda S. Huang and Paul W. Sternberg
11  3   61   mab-5 and mig-1 are Required for the Same Phases of the
             Posterior Migration of QL
                   Naomi Tamar Robinson, Joshua Niclas and Cynthia
11  3   63   mu16 Affects Postdeirid Formation
                   Jeanne Harris, David Waring and Cynthia Kenyon
11  3   64   mes Update
                   Beth Capowski, Carol Garvin, Paula Martin and Susan
11  3   65   Some Observations on the Behavioural Phenotypes of egl-5
                   Andrew Chisholm
11  3   66   New Dauer-Defective Genes Defining Late Steps in the Genetic
             Pathway for Dauer Larva Formation
                   W.H. Yeh and D.L. Riddle
11  3   67   Cell Autonomous Defects in Muscle Differentiation
                   Edward Hedgecock
11  3   68   Suppressors of the lin-10 Vulvaless Phenotype
                   Stuart Kim, Dianne Parry, Kyuson Yun, Jonathan Heuer
                   and Bob Horvitz
11  3   69   A Chemosensory Mutant of C. elegans
                   M.A. Shakir and Shahid Siddiqui
11  3   70   Mutants Affecting DD and VD Motor Neurons
                   Shahid S. Siddiqui
11  3   72   Suppressors of unc-52
                   Erin Gilchrist and Don Moerman
11  3   73   Asymmetry and Antiworms
                   Bill Wood
11  3   74   The Structure of the Developing Vulva in the L4
                   J.G. White, E. Southgate and D. Kershaw
11  3   75   The Structure of the Developing Uterus in the L4
                   J.G. White, E. Southgate and D. Kershaw
11  3   76   Fan and Ray Formation in the Male
                   Scott W. Emmons and Iman Kassem
11  3   78   Fluorescent Detection of mRNA by Whole-Mount in situ
             Hybridization:  Only Ten Points of Light
                   David Greenstein and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   79   Immunofluorescence Tips: Hydrogen Peroxide and Permanent
                   Michael Finney and Gary Ruvkun
11  3   80   WBG Subscriber Directory Update
11  3   83   Author Index
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