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Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5) Table of Contents

11  5   1    The 1991 C. elegans Meeting
                   Marty Chalfie, Cynthia Kenyon, Scott Emmons and Phil
11  5   1    Second Contig Database in Boston
                   Thomas Burglin
11  5   2    C. elegans Scientists Visited to Japan in 1990
                   Hiroaki Kagawa
11  5   2    Genetic Mapping with Tc1 Polymorphisms Detected by PCR
                   Benjamin D. Williams, Bertold Schrank and Robert
11  5   3    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
11  5   7    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
11  5   9    The CGC Catalog
                   Mark Edgley
11  5   11   On the Impending Transfer of Genetics Center Services
                   Don Riddle and Mark Edgley
11  5   12   Genome Project Database
                   Jean Thierry-Mieg and Richard Durbin
11  5   13   Genome Sequencing
                   Sulston, Coulson, Craxton, Shownkeen, Hawkins,
                   Metzstein, Ainscough, Staden, Durbin, Thierry-Mieg,
                   Waterston, Wilson, Lutterbach, Kozono, Du, Qui, Green
                   and Weigelt
11  5   14   YAC Nightmares
                   G. Cangiano and A. La Volpe
11  5   15   The Genome Map of C. elegans
                   Yuko Kozono, Bart Lutterbach, Bob Waterston, Alan
                   Coulson, Ratna Shownkeen and John Sulston
11  5   18   lin-22: Trying to Clone a Gene from HELL
                   Lisa Wrischnik and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   19   Cloning daf-10 and osm-1
                   Steven Stone and Jocelyn Shaw
11  5   20   The Cloning of a Putative C. elegans Cyclin B Gene Using the
             Polymerase Chain Reaction
                   James Richards, Joseph Temenak and Karen Bennett
11  5   21   Molecular cloning of lin-3 and transgenic lin-3 Muvs
                   Russell Hill and Paul Sternberg
11  5   22   Cloning the Heterochronic Gene lin-4 by Polymorphism
             Mapping and Transformation Rescue
                   Rosalind C. Lee, Rhonda L. Feinbaum and Victor
11  5   23   fem-2, unc-45, and daf-7 - Part II
                   Dave Pilgrim
11  5   24   A raf Proto-Oncogene Homologue in C. elegans
                   Andy Golden and Paul Sternberg
11  5   25   A Cloned PCR Product Amplified from C. elegans Genomic
             DNA Shares Amino Acid Homology with Germline-Specific
             Helicases, Vasa and PL10
                   Deborah Lynn Roussell and Karen Bennett
11  5   26   Other Helicases We Have Cloned (Including an eIF-4A-like PCR
             Product from C. elegans)
                   Deborah Lynn Roussell, Catherine Christoffersen and
                   Karen Bennett
11  5   27   Cloning and Sequencing of the C. elegans Cu-Zn Superoxide
                   P.L. Larsen
11  5   28   bli-4 Encodes a Protein Structurally Related to the Yeast Serine
             Endoprotease Kex2
                   Ken Peters and Ann Rose
11  5   29   Characterization and Sequence Analysis of an Elongation Factor
             2-Like (EF2-L) Gene - An Update
                   Esther N. Ofulue, Peter Candido and Don Jones
11  5   30   sdc-1 Encodes a Zinc Finger Protein
                   Michael L. Nonet and Barbara J. Meyer
11  5   31   The Axonal Outgrowth Gene unc-76 Encodes an Unfamiliar
                   Laird Bloom and Bob Horvitz
11  5   32   Comparison of the unc-104 Protein "Motor" Domain with
             Members of the Kinesin Family of Proteins
                   Anthony Otsuka, Lan Tang, Pratumtip
                   Boontrakulpoontatwee, Yu Yong Zhang and Kristi
11  5   33   A Comment on ceh-9
                   Thomas R. Brglin
11  5   34   Amber-Suppressible Alleles That Are Not Amber Mutations
                   Greg Beitel and Bob Horvitz
11  5   35   Descriptive Analysis of Some Repeated Elements
                   G. Naclerio and A. La Volpe
11  5   36   Mutations in dpy-2 and dpy-10
                   Adam Levy, Jie Yang and Jim Kramer
11  5   38   The alpha2(IV) Basement Membrane Collagen mRNA is
             Alternatively Spliced Using Unusual 5' Donor Signals
                   Jim Kramer and Jeff Johnson
11  5   39   Progress on the Molecular Characterization of the unc-44 Gene
                   Anthony Otsuka, Bin Yang, Lan Tang and Kyu-Hwang
11  5   40   Analysis of Mutation Sites in EMS-Induced TPA-Resistant
                   Y. Tabuse, T. Sano and J. Miwa
11  5   41   myo-2 Contains Both an Enhancer and a Promoter Specific for
             Pharyngeal Muscle
                   Peter Okkema and Andrew Fire
11  5   42   pal-1, a Homeobox Gene that Regulates a Homeobox Gene
                   David Waring and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   43   A Zinc Finger Protein that Binds the unc-54 Enhancer and
                   Verena Plunger and Andrew Fire
11  5   44   Protein Binding and cis-Elements in the mec-3 Promoter
                   Ding Xue and Marty Chalfie
11  5   45   The act-4 Feminizing Element or: Sex and the Single-Stranded
                   Scott M. Robertson, Dean Fraga and Philip Meneely
11  5   46   Seeking Trans- and Cis- Regulators of Transposon Tc1
                   King-Lau Chow and Scott W. Emmons
11  5   47   Fingering tra-1
                   David Zarkower and Jonathan Hodgkin
11  5   48   A Putative Nuclear Hormone Receptor Gene is Expressed
             During Early Embryogenesis
                   Ann Sluder, Kim McCall and Gary Ruvkun
11  5   49   Sequences for Maintenance of mec-3 Expression
                   Jeff Way and Jie Zhang
11  5   50   Studies on HSP16 Expression in Transgenic C. elegans Using
             lacZ Fusions
                   Eve Stringham, Don Jones and Peter Candido
11  5   52   lin-11-lacZ Fusion Gene is Expressed in Vulval Cells and
                   Gwen Freyd and Bob Horvitz
11  5   53   unc-31 Update
                   David Livingstone
11  5   55   Further lacZ Expression Vectors
                   Thomas R. Brglin, Brenda Reinhart and Gary Ruvkun
11  5   56   A Way to Clone C. elegans Telomeres
                   Chantal Wicky, Heinz Tobler and Fritz Mller
11  5   57   Chromatin Elimination in Ascaris lumbricoides Takes Place
             Within a Short, Precisely Defined Chromosomal DNA Segment
                   Fritz Mller, Chantal Wicky and Heinz Tobler
11  5   58   The Spliced Leader RNA Genes from a Brazilian Free-Living
             Soil Nematode
                   Carlos E. Winter and Tom Blumenthal
11  5   59   PAT Element Sequence Suggesting a Retroid Transposition
                   Yves de Chastonay, Heinz Felder, Christopher Link,
                   Fritz Muller and Heinz Tobler
11  5   60   Worldwidewildworms: An Update
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
11  5   61   High Frequency Reversion of Tc1 Alleles of unc-22 Involves
             Gene Conversion from the Homologous Chromosome
                   Ronald H.A. Plasterk
11  5   63   On Sequence Requirements for Tc1 Excision
                   Andrew Fire and Susan White Harrison
11  5   65   Insertion of Tc1 Into Targeted Genes
                   Alice Rushforth, Bonnie Saari and Phil Anderson
11  5   66   Echolocation in Worms
                   Tom Barnes
11  5   67   Of Rollers and Twitchers
                   Andrew Fire and Susan White Harrison
11  5   68   Fusing Nonhomologous Free Duplications
                   R.K. Herman and C.K. Kari
11  5   69   Social Behavior in bor-1 Mutants Depends on Bacterial Smell
                   M. Wayne Davis and Leon Avery
11  5   70   Electron Microscopy of Basal Laminae in epi-1 Mutants
                   David Hall and Edward Hedgecock
11  5   71   Maternal Effect Lethal Mutants Lacking Gut Granules
                   Jocelyn Shaw, Theresa Stiernagle and Chris Sigurdson
11  5   72   The Effect of him Mutations on Recombination and Segregation
                   K.S. McKim and A.M. Rose
11  5   74   Essential Genes in the dpy-14 unc-29 Region
                   K.S. McKim and A.M. Rose
11  5   76   New Alleles of lin-4
                   Rhonda L. Feinbaum and Victor Ambros
11  5   77   lin-25, a Gene Involved in Vulval Cell Fate Determination
                   Simon Tuck and Iva Greenwald
11  5   78   A mab-5 Complex?
                   Bruce Wang and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   79   Positional Information and mab-5 Expression in the Embryo
                   Deborah Cowing and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   81   A Putative mab-5(gf) Allele, e1751, is a Large Duplication of the  
             Entire Gene which may Alter the mab-5 Promoter Region
                   Stephen Salser and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   82   Expression of mab-5 Under the Heat Shock Promoter Mimics
             the Effect  of a Putative mab-5(gf) Mutation on the Q
             Neuroblast Migrations
                   Stephen Salser and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   83   Asymmetric Expression of a mab-5/LacZ Fusion in the Q
                   Stephen Salser and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   84   egl-20: A Gene Which Determines Both the Extent and Direction
             of Migration of the Q Descendents
                   Jeanne Harris, Monica Gerber and Cynthia Kenyon
11  5   86   mec-8 Interacts with unc-52 and is Essential for Embryogenesis
                   R.K. Herman
11  5   87   How to Make a mes of the Germ Line
                   Beth Capowski and Susan Strome
11  5   89   skn-1 ("skinhead"): A Maternal-Effect Mutant in which the
             Pharynx and  Intestine have been Replaced by Extra
             Hypodermal Cells
                   Bruce Bowerman and James R. Priess
11  5   90   smg Gene Products Degrade Aberrant mRNA
                   Rock Pulak and Phil Anderson
11  5   91   "Synthetic Dominance": Dominant Mutations Dependent on a
             smg  Mutant Background
                   Rock Pulak, Beth De Stasio and Phil Anderson
11  5   92   Dominant Suppressors of glp-1(e2142)
                   Ann Marie Howell and James R. Priess
11  5   93   In Search of the Amorph Phenotype of unc-32
                   Danielle Thierry-Mieg and Andrew Spence
11  5   95   More on unc-101
                   Junho Lee, Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
11  5   96   Embryonic Behaviors and Molting in unc-104 Mutants
                   Ed Hedgecock and David Hall
11  5   98   unc-120 Another Gene with Effects on Muscle
                   Ian M. Caldicott and Robert H. Waterston
11  5   99   Molt Specifc Changes in the Hypodermal Cytoskeleton and the  
             Origin of Annuli
                   Bruce W. Draper and James R. Priess
11  5   100  Effects of Okadaic Acid and Mezerein on C. elegans
                   Ken-ichiro Higashi and Johji Miwa
11  5   101  WBG Subscriber List
11  5   113  Author Index
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