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Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(2) Table of Contents

12  2   1    More on the Transfer of the CGC
12  2   1    1992 East Coast Worm Meeting
12  2   2    A European C. elegans Meeting
12  2   3    Midwest Worm Meeting
12  2   3    Meeting Announcement (Neural Mechanisms of Nematode
12  2   4    Positions Available
12  2   5    Postdoctoral or Sabbatical Position Available
12  2   6    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  2   7    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  2   11   The Electronic Gazette
                   Kevin Powell and Bruce Schatz
12  2   12   Availability of WCS (Worm Community System), Release 1
                   Bruce Schatz, Terry Friedman, Ed Grossman, Kevin
                   Powell, Andrey Yeatts, Larry Peterson, Scott Hudson,
                   Samuel Ward
12  2   13   Call for Worms
                   David Fitch, Lynn Carta, W. Kelley Thomas and Mark
12  2   14   Four Worms of a Different Color
                   David H.A. Fitch, Scott E. Baird and Scott W. Emmons
12  2   16   C. elegans cDNA Expression Libraries in lambda gt11
                   Peter Okkema, Verena Plunger and Andrew Fire
12  2   17   Vectors for Ectopic Expression in C. elegans
                   A. Fire, S. White-Harrison, D. Dixon
12  2   18   Use of tra-2(q276) XX Males for Manipulation of X-linked
                   Leon Avery
12  2   19   Use of Digital Image Archiving for Lineaging and 'Retrospective
                   Andrew Fire
12  2   20   Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies to
             C. elegans Extracellular Matrix Components
                   Sherl L. Swartz, Mike J. Allikain, Andy V. Babwah, John
                   R. Bobell, Robb T. Brumfield, Chris W. Burow,
                   Myeong-Woo Lee, Sun Lu,  Todd L. Mathus, Daniel J.
                   Schroen, etc.
12  2   21   Electrophysiology from Worm Neurons
                   David Raizen, Ken Breedlove and Leon Avery
12  2   22   Targeted Insertion and Site-Directed Mutagenesis
                   Stuart K. Kim
12  2   23   Clone Mapping
                   Ratna Shownkeen and Alan Coulson
12  2   24   The Genome Map of C. elegans
                   Alan Coulson, Yuko Kozono, Bart Lutterbach, Ratna
                   Shownkeen,  John Sulston and Bob Waterston
12  2   26   Update on cDNA Sequencing
                   The Sequencing Consortium
12  2   30   Analysis of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans Genome
             Using Expressed Sequence Tags
                   W.R. McCombie, J.M. Kelley, C. Fields, M. FitzGerald,
                   J.D. Gocayne, T. Utterback, M. Adams, M. Dubnick, A.
                   Kerlavage and J.C. Venter
12  2   32   A Mutant Bank of Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Ronald H.A. Plasterk, Jos?T.M. Groenen, Joyce van
12  2   33   Beginnings of the Ends
                   Donna G. Albertson
12  2   35   Do Newly Formed Somatic Telomeres in Ascaris lumbricoides
             Exert a Position Effect on Nearby Located Genes?
                   Y. Huang, H. Tobler and F. Mller
12  2   36   DEAD and DEAH Box RNA Helicase Genes Identified by EST
                   Chris Fields and W. Richard McCombie
12  2   37   RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) and
             Repeated Sequences of Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Hiroaki Kagawa and Hideki Ando
12  2   38   Using Recombination in Yeast to Narrow the lin-31 Locus from
             190 kb to 8.5 kb
                   Leilani M. Miller, Maria E. Gallegos and Stuart K. Kim
12  2   39   Integrated Transgenic Lines Rescue Low Fertility in Age Strains
                   Pat Tedesco and Tom Johnson
12  2   40   Isolation and Characterization of Vulval-Specific cDNA Clones
                   Paul S. Kayne, Shahla Gharib and Paul W. Sternberg
12  2   41   Molecular Cloning of unc-101
                   Junho Lee and Paul Sternberg
12  2   42   Cloning of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase in C. elegans
                   Norio Suzuki, Naoaki Ishii and Kenshi Suzuki
12  2   43   Cloning of Peptide Elongation Factor 1?(EF1? Genes from C.
                   Makoto Koga and Yasumi Ohshima
12  2   44   kin-8 Tyrosine Kinase Gene May Encode a Nerve Growth Factor
             Receptor of C. elegans
                   Makoto Koga and Yasumi Ohshima
12  2   45   The Synthetic Multivulva Gene lin-9 Encodes a Novel Protein
                   Greg Beitel and Bob Horvitz
12  2   46   Dosage Compensation and a Very Small Protein
                   David Hsu and Barbara Meyer
12  2   47   Preliminary Sequence Analysis of the daf-7 Gene
                   D. Pilgrim, R. Johnsen and D. Riddle
12  2   48   A New C. elegans Degenerin Homologue
                   Mingxia Huang and Marty Chalfie
12  2   49   Sequencing tra-1 Amber Alleles
                   David Zarkower and Jonathan Hodgkin
12  2   50   The Sequence of unc-52
                   Teresa Rogalski and Donald Moerman
12  2   52   The lin-4 Enigma
                   Rhonda L. Feinbaum, Rosalind C. Lee and Victor
12  2   54   C. elegans Spectrin/Fodrin-Like Clone Free to a Good Home
                   Curtis M. Loer
12  2   55   The daf-4 Gene Encodes a Receptor Serine Kinase Similar to the
             Activin Receptor
                   Miguel Estevez, Patrice S. Albert and Donald L. Riddle
12  2   56   Identification of ama-1 Mutation Sites Responsible for
             Resistance to ?Amanitin
                   Edward D. Lancy, Carol Moyer and Donald L. Riddle
12  2   57   Mutations in let-23 and dpy-10 Introns Cause Selection of Novel
             Splice Acceptor Sequences
                   Raffi V. Aroian, Adam Levy, Makoto Koga, Yasumi
                   Ohshima,  Jim Kramer and Paul W. Sternberg
12  2   59   Unexpected Splicing of mlc-2::Tc1 mRNAs
                   Alice Rushforth and Phil Anderson
12  2   60   HOM-C Gene Homologies Just Outside of the Homeobox
                   Stephen Salser, Bruce Wang and Cynthia Kenyon
12  2   61   lin-12 Regulation
                   Hilary Wilkinson and Iva Greenwald
12  2   62   Restricted Expression of the Novel Protein-Tyrosine Kinase
             Gene ctk(L5b) in the Large Hypodermal Syncytium (hyp7)
                   William Morgan and Iva Greenwald
12  2   63   PAL-ing Around with nob-2
                   Lois Edgar, Steve Carr and Bill Wood
12  2   64   Most elt-1 mRNA Accumulation in Adults in Dependent Upon
             the Germ Line
                   John Spieth, Kris Lea and Tom Blumenthal
12  2   65   The C. elegans Transcription Factor, ELT-1, Can Activate
             Transcription in Yeast by Interaction with a Synthetic Binding
             Site from its Own Promoter
                   Yhong-Hee Shim, Jos?Bonner and Tom Blumenthal
12  2   65   An Expressing vit/lacZ Fusion
                   John Spieth, Kris Lea and Tom Blumenthal
12  2   66   A Synthetic Sequence Can Replace the rol-6 Outron to Allow
             SL1-Specific Trans-Splicing
                   Rick Conrad and Tom Blumenthal
12  2   67   Ectopic Expression of a her-1 cDNA Masculinizes XX Animals:
             Evidence for a Secreted Product
                   Marc Perry and Bill Wood
12  2   68   Promoting her-1
                   Weiqing Li, Marc Perry and Bill Wood
12  2   69   Protected Sex: Mapping her-1's Exons
                   Barb Robertson, Marc Perry and Bill Wood
12  2   70   Sex Determination and DNA-Binding: An Update
                   Scott M. Robertson, Enrique Patino and Philip M.
12  2   71   The myo-2 Enhancer Contains Multiple Cell-Type Specific
                   Peter Okkema and Andrew Fire
12  2   72   Characterization of a Body Wall Muscle Specific Enhancer
                   Verena Plunger and Andrew Fire
12  2   73   The unc-54 Poly A Addition Site
                   Arash Aryana, Peter Okkema and Andy Fire
12  2   74   Cosmids as Genetic Balancers for the Isolation of Lethal
             Mutations - A New let-253 Allele
                   Michel Labouesse and Bob Horvitz
12  2   75   Pulsed Field Gel Analysis of Duplications
                   Heidi Browning, Miriam Zolan and Susan Strome
12  2   77   Worms In Space
                   G. Nelson, W. Schubert, G. Kazarians, G. Richards, B.
                   Stokes-Whittall, D. Whittall, E.V. Benton, E.R. Benton
                   and R. Henke
12  2   80   Serotonin and Male Mating Behavior in C. elegans
                   Curtis M. Loer and Cynthia Kenyon
12  2   82   Why are Males from Stanford So Virile?
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
12  2   83   Faintly-Staining mec-7-Positive Cells
                   Hongping Du and Marty Chalfie
12  2   84   Neuronal Defects in Pleiotropic srf Mutants
                   Chris Link, Michael Silverman, Moira Breen and
                   Kathleen Watt
12  2   85   The Ethics of Dauer Formation: Two Wrongs Make a Right?
                   Jennifer Vowels and Jim Thomas
12  2   87   How are Pharyngeal Contractions Synchronized?
                   Leon Avery
12  2   88   The Timing of Gut Induction, and a Hint of the Mechanics
                   Bob Goldstein
12  2   89   Reach Out and Touch Someone . . .
                   Judith Austin and Cynthia Kenyon
12  2   91   Is a Kinesin Involved in Setting Up Specific Cell Division Axes
             in the Embryo?
                   Steven Hird and John White
12  2   92   Descendants of the Q Neuroblasts Migrate Too Far When
             Basement Membrane Collagen is Disrupted
                   Naomi Tamar Robinson and Cynthia Kenyon
12  2   93   Is There a Gradient of lin-32 Activity?
                   Connie Zhao and Scott W. Emmons
12  2   94   Cell Ablation Experiments and the Characterization of Cell Fate
             Specification in the ??and ??Equivalence Groups of the
             Male B Lineage
                   Helen M. Chamberlin and Paul W. Sternberg
12  2   96   sli-1 and unc-101 Display a Synthetic Multivulva Phenotype
                   Gregg D. Jongeward, Junho Lee and Paul W. Sternberg
12  2   97   lin-31 Acts Late in the Vulval Development Pathway
                   Barbara Anne Morisseau and Stuart K. Kim
12  2   98   Toxic Waste and the smg Genes
                   Brian Cali and Phil Anderson
12  2   99   him-8, him-5 and him-1 Asymmetrically Affect Recombination
             (Pairing?) of the X Chromosome
                   Sherryl Broverman and Philip Meneely
12  2   99   Transformation Rescue of him-8
                   Sherryl Broverman and Philip Meneely
12  2   100  Mitotic Nondisjunction of a Free Duplication
                   R.K. Herman
12  2   101  Paraquat-Resistance Maps Near the age-1 Locus in Multipoint
             Mapping in Age Recombinant Strains
                   Anne Jensen and Tom Johnson
12  2   102  fog-3: A New Gene Required to Specify that Germ Cells
             Differentiate as Sperm
                   Ronald E. Ellis and Judith Kimble
12  2   103  Update on Suppressors of a Hypomorphic lin-12 Allele
                   Meera Sundaram and Iva Greenwald
12  2   104  Screen for Mutations Affecting the Muv Phenotype of a
             lin-12(d) Mutation
                   Diane Levitan and Iva Greenwald
12  2   105  Looking for Glycosylation Mutants
                   Chris Link and Michelle Enyeart
12  2   106  A Screen for Genetic Loci Required for Body-Wall Muscle
             Development During Embryogenesis
                   Joohong Ahnn and Andrew Fire
12  2   108  C. elegans Larval Lethal Mutations that Cause Gross
             Morphological Changes
                   Isao Katsura, Kazunori Konda and Yuko Kawase
12  2   110  WBG Subscriber List
12  2   130  Author Index
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