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Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(3) Table of Contents

12  3   1    The CGC Is Moving!
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  3   1    Keystone Symposia: Molecular Helminthology
12  3   2    Notice of 1993 International C. elegans Meeting.
12  3   3    Parasitic Filariae are Nemotodes, Too!
12  3   4    Postdoctoral Fellowships Available
12  3   5    Postdoctoral Position Opening is Strasbourg, France
12  3   5    Postdoctoral Position
12  3   5    Opps (Erratum)
12  3   6    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  3   10   The Liberation of the Isthmus: A Laser Screen
                   Leon Avery
12  3   11   Esterase Expression Patterns in Wild Nematode Species
                   Guofeng Xie, Latha Ravi and Eric Aamodt
12  3   11   A Simple Procedure for Capturing Wild Nematodes
                   Guofeng Xie, Latha Ravi and Eric Aamodt
12  3   12   Histochemically Stain the Mother but Spare the Babies
                   Guofeng Xie and Eric Aamodt
12  3   13   Selection of Mutants Based on Histochemical Staining Patterns
                   Guofeng Xie, Latha Ravi, Stephanie Jones, Yiwen Jia,
                   Joseph Culotti, Michel Hamelin and Eric Aamodt
12  3   14   Non-Radioactive Labeling of C. elegans Protein Extracts for
                   Sonya Gettner, Cynthia Kenyon and Louis Reichardt
12  3   15   A Method for RNA Isolation from Ascaris Eggs and Embryos
                   A. Spicher
12  3   17   Another (lambda) Vector for cDNA Library
                   Ichi Maruyama
12  3   18   A Method for Direct DNA Sequence Analysis of PCR Amplified
             DNA That Works Very Well
                   Kyon-Soo Hong and Monica Driscoll
12  3   20   The Genome Map of C. elegans
                   Alan Coulson, Yuko Kozono, Bart Lutterbach, Ratna
                   Shownkeen, John Sulston and Bob Waterston
12  3   22   Sequencing the C. elegans Genome: Progress Towards the First
             1 MB
                   Zijin Du, Mark Vaudin, Tony Favello, Nicolette
                   Halloran, Laurita Johnston, Megan Connell, Patty
                   Wohldmann, Yuko Kozono, Chau Huynh Mohammed
                   Jier, LaDeana Hillier, Phillip
12  3   24   A New Way of Looking at the Genome
                   Tom Barnes and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   26   Three Classes of Repeats in the C. elegans Genome: Clues
             About Intron Evolution?
                   Shai Shaham, Michael Hengartner and Bob Horvitz
12  3   27   Expressed Sequence Tags of 1000 Clones from a C. elegans
             Embryonic cDNA Library
                   W.R. McCombie, J.M. Kelley, C. Fields, M. FitzGerald,
                   L.A. Aubin, T. Utterback, M. Adams, M. Dubnick, A.
                   Kerlavage and J.C. Venter
12  3   28   Sequencing her-1 Loss-of-Function Mutations
                   Barb Robertson, Marc Perry and Bill Wood
12  3   29   tra-1 gf Mutations Suggest that Regulation of tra-1 Activity
             Involves a Protein/Protein Interaction
                   Mario de Bono, David Zarkower and Jonathan Hodgkin
12  3   30   tra-3 is a Pain
                   Tom Barnes
12  3   31   Molecular Analysis of Mutations in sdc-1, a Gene Required for
             Proper Dosage Compensation and Sex Determination in XX
                   Shannon McCune, Michael Albrecht and Barbara Meyer
12  3   32   Head and Tail of the unc-15, Paramyosin Gene
                   Hiroaki Kagawa and Kazuki Kuroda
12  3   33   unc-51 Gene Required for Axonogenesis Encodes a Novel
             Serine/Threonine Kinase
                   Ken-ichi Ogura, Chantal Wicky, Laurent Magnenat,
                   Heinz Tobler, Ikue Mori, Fritz Muller and Yasumi
12  3   34   unc-101, a Negative Regulator of the Vulval Induction Pathway,
             Encodes a Clathrin Adaptor Protein
                   Juhno Lee, Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
12  3   35   Molecular Analysis of unc-52 Mutants and Revertants Reveals
             Several Modes of Intragenic Suppression
                   Erin Gilchrist and Donald Moerman
12  3   37   lin-31 Acts as a Transcriptional Regulator of Vulval Cell
             Lineages and Encodes a Fork Head/HNF-3 FNA Binding
                   Leilani M. Miller, Maria E. Gallegos and Stuart Kim
12  3   38   The lin-14 3-Untranslated Region and Post-Transcriptional
             Regulation by lin-4
                   Bruce Wightman, Joe Gatto and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   39   A Novel Sequence Element Found in C. elegans Introns May
             Contain Regulatory Information...NOT!
                   Paul Muhlrad, Bao-Khanh Do, Jacob Varkey and Samuel
12  3   40   Touch Neuron Axons Go Dorsal!
                   Michel Hamelin, Youwen Zhou, Ian Scott and Joe
12  3   41   Transformation Rescue of spe-11
                   Heidi Browning and Susan Strome
12  3   42   Transformation Rescue of sup-10
                   Claudia Cummins and Philip Anderson
12  3   43   Embryonic Functions of the pal-1 Gene
                   Lois Edgar, Steve Carr and Bill Wood
12  3   44   PCR Analysis of Deficiencies in the unc-22 Region of C. elegans
                   Jacquie E. Shen, Marco A. Marra and David L. Baillie
12  3   45   The Characterization of the let-653 Gene in the Nematode
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Steven J.M. Jones, Denise V. Clark and David L. Baillie
12  3   46   Characterization of the dpy-20 Gene
                   Dinar Suleman, Denise V. Clark and David L. Baillie
12  3   47   Molecular Analysis of the Cell Death Gene ced-3
                   Shai Shaham and Bob Horvitz
12  3   48   Sequence Analysis of Dominant and Recessive her-1 Mutations
                   Caroline Chamblin and Carol Trent
12  3   49   The Molecular Analysis of unc-60
                   Camela Matheson, Kim McKim, Marcia Wakarchuk and
                   David L. Baillie
12  3   50   Characterization of the Axonal Guidance and Outgrowth Gene
                   W. Li, R.K. Herman and J.E. Shaw
12  3   51   Cloning Calcium Channel Genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Yasuji Sakube, Hideki Ando and Hiroaki Kagawa
12  3   52   Evidence for Monoamine Oxidase in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Walter Weyler
12  3   53   Structure and Expression of the C. elegans Homolog of the
             Mammalian "anti-spreading" Protein, SPARC
                   Jean E. Schwarzbauer and Carol S. Spencer
12  3   54   Searching for ras-like Genes in C. elegans
                   Min Han
12  3   55   A Quest for cdc-2-like Function in C. elegans
                   Simon Galas, Conchita Ferraz, Christian Le Peuch, Alain
                   Devault, Marcel Doree and Danielle Thierry-Mieg
12  3   56   Gamma Tubulin of C. elegans
                   M. Tabish, Harish C. Joshi and Shahid S. Siddiqui
12  3   57   Molecular Cloning of the osm-3 Gene
                   M.A. Shakir and S. Siddiqui
12  3   58   Update on the Cloning of mei-1
                   Shawna Clark-Maguire and Paul E. Mains
12  3   59   Toward Clonin of smg-2
                   Brian Carr, Rock Pulak and Phil Anderson
12  3   60   Identification of C. elegans Genes Encoding Proteins Similar to
             the Valosin/Tat Binding Protein Family
                   W.R. McCombie, J.M. Kelley, M. FitzGerald, C. Fields
                   and T. Utterback
12  3   61   Cloning of the Yeast RAD6 Homologue (UBC-1) in C. elegans
                   David Leggett, Don Jones and E. Peter M. Candido
12  3   62   Isolation and Characterization of Ubiquitin Conjugating Enzyme
             Genes from the Nematode C. elegans
                   Mei Zhen, Donald Jones and E.P.M. Candido
12  3   63   A Ubiquitin Fusion Gene from C. elegans
                   Donald Jones and E. Peter M. Candido
12  3   64   Progress Toward Cloning mes-3
                   Janet Paulsen, Elizabeth Capowski and Susan Strome
12  3   65   Structure/Function Analysis Reveals the Importance of the
             Membrane-Spanning Domains for mec-4 Activity
                   Kyon-Soo Hong, Maud Kinnell and Monica Driscoll
12  3   66   Structure/Function Analysis of the lin-12 Protein
                   Kevin Fitzgerald and Iva Greenwald
12  3   67   ceh-20, a New Homeobox Gene with Extensive Homology to
             the PBX Genes
                   Thomas R. Burglin and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   68   crf-2: a Clone in Search of a Mutant
                   Ann Sluder and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   69   Cloning of the C. elegans Tumor Suppressor Genes lin-19 and
                   Edward T. Kipreos and Edward M. Hedgecock
12  3   70   A raf-1 Proto-Oncogene Homolog Involved in C. elegans Vulval
                   Andy Golden and Paul Sternberg
12  3   71   Homologs of Mammalian Synaptic Vesicle Protein Genes are
             Expressed in the C. elegans Nervous System
                   Michael L. Nonet and Barbara J. Meyer
12  3   72   More on Polycistronic Transcription Units
                   John Spieth, Kris Lea, Glenn Brooke and Tom
12  3   74   Nested Trans-Splicing in the 5 End of the unc-53 Gene:
             PCR-Noise or a Mechanism to Generate Protein Isoforms?
                   Thierry Bogaert
12  3   76   Transcriptional Activity in Ascaris embryos begins just after
                   A. Spicher, A. Etter, H. Tobler and F. Muller
12  3   77   Expression Patterns Produced By 'Promoter Trapping"
                   Jane M. Young and Ian A. Hope
12  3   78   Induction of the Heat Shock Response in Individual Cells of C.
             elegans Using a Laser Microbeam
                   Eve G. Stringham-Durovic and E.P.M. Candido
12  3   80   unc-4 LacZ Expression in A-Type Motor Neurons
                   David M. Miller and Charles J. Niemeyer
12  3   81   Preliminary Analysis of the ceh-13 Expression Pattern
                   C. Wittman, T.R. Burglin, G. Ruvkun, M. Kaderli, G.
                   Tobler and F. Muller
12  3   82   A Novel Member of the POU-Gene Family in C. elegans: ceh-18
             is Expressed By Many Cells But Few Neurons
                   David Greenstein and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   83   The Gene lin-26 is Expressed in the Nuclei of All Hypodermal
             and All Socket and Sheath Cells
                   Michel Labouesse, Erika Hartwieg and Bob Horvitz
12  3   85   Localization of the glp-1 Protein in the Germline and Embryos
                   Sarah Crittenden and Judith Kimble
12  3   86   Feminizing-Element Binding Protein (FEBP)
                   Scott Robertson and Philip Meneely
12  3   87   The Transposabel Element Tc1 Encodes a Protein that
             Specifically Binds to Tc1 DNA Ends
                   J. Chris Vos, Henrri G.A.M. van Luenen, Jose T.M.
                   Groenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
12  3   88   Biochemical Characterization of the DNA Binding Activity of
             TcA, the Putative Transposase of C. elegans Transposable
             Element Tc1
                   Pierre Abad, David Pauron, Martine Cerutti, Gerard
                   Devauchelle and Antoine Dalmasso
12  3   90   The TcA Protein, the Putative Transposase of C. elegans
             Transposable Element Tc1, Binds With a High Affinity to Its
             Specific Sites on Tc1 DNA
                   Pierre Abad, Martine Cerutti, Gerard Devauchelle,
                   David Pauron and Antoine Dalmasso
12  3   92   Forced Expression of the Tc3 ORF (Tc3A) Results in Tc3
                   Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
12  3   93   A Variant Tc4 Element
                   W. Li and J. Shaw
12  3   94   Isolation and Characterization of Balancers for LG III
                   Ann Marie Howell, Helen I. Stewart, Heather-Ann
                   Nethery and David L. Baillie
12  3   95   Cold Sensitive Mutations in C. elegans
                   William J. Jones and Ralph M. Hecht
12  3   96   Effects of Temperature and Oxygen Concentrations on Aging
             and Development in rad-8
                   Naoaki Ishii, Norio Suzuki, Phil Hartman and Kenshi
12  3   97   Mutations in Development of the Excretory Canal Cell
                   Matthew Buechner and Ed Hedgecock
12  3   98   Loose Muscles II
                   John Plenefisch and Edward Hedgecock
12  3   99   A Candidate 1 VPC-Specific Gene in C. elegans
                   Paul S. Kayne and Paul W. Sternberg
12  3   100  mg44, A Maternal Effect Dauer Constitutive Mutation That Also
             Affects Non-Dauer Development
                   Shoshanna Gottlieb and Gary Ruvkun
12  3   101  mec-8: Phenotypic and Suppressor Analysis of a Gene Involved
             in Embryonic Development and Sensory Neuron Development
             and Function
                   Erik A. Lundquist, Claire M. Kari and Robert K.
12  3   102  Why is mec-3 Only Expressed in Anterior Cells Upon
             Asymmetric Cell Division?
                   Jeff Way, Jin-Quan Run, Lili Wang and Alice Wang
12  3   103  pha-4: A New Gene Required for Pharyngeal Development
                   Susan E. Mango, Eric J. Lambie and Judith Kimble
12  3   104  Unusual Interactions and Strange Smls
                   Thomas R. Clandinin and Paul E. Mains
12  3   105  Mutants That Fail to Avoid Touch to the Nose
                   Joshua M. Kaplan, Erika Hartweig and Bob Horvitz
12  3   106  Update on rol-3 and Its Suppressors
                   William Bradley Barbazuk and David L. Baillie
12  3   107  Suppressing unc-4
                   David M. Miller and Pritha Chitkara
12  3   109  Feminizing Triploid Males
                   Philip Meneely
12  3   110  Hermaphrodite Sex Myoblasts Are Repelled By a Male Gonad
                   Leslie DeLong and Michael J. Stern
12  3   111  Cell Fusions During Development
                   Benjamin Podbilewicz and John White
12  3   112  Cortical and Cytoplasmic Flow in Early C. elegans Embryos
                   Steven Hird and John White
12  3   114  Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci For Life Span and Fertility
                   Anne Brooks, Tom Johnson and Ted Hutchinson
12  3   116  Towards Genetic Understanding of Habituation in C. elegans
                   R. Hosono
12  3   117  WBG Subscriber List
12  3   138  Author Index
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