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Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(4) Table of Contents

12  4   1    The CGC Has Moved
12  4   2    Results of Worm Plate Survey
                   Andrew Papp
12  4   3    2nd Annual "Friends of the Worm" Dinner
12  4   4    Postdoctoral Research Positions
12  4   7    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
12  4   11   An Update on the Library of Tc1 insertion mutants of
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Ronald H.A. Plasterk, Jose T.M. Groenen and Joyce van
12  4   12   Nonrandom Distribution of Conserved Tc1 Elements in
             High-Copy-Number Strains
                   Robert H. Ebert and Robert J. Shmookler Ries
12  4   14   Structure of Tc1-containing mRNAs
                   Alice Rushford and Phil Anderson
12  4   15   Forced Expression of the Tc3 ORF (Tc3A) Results in Somatic Tc3
                   Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
12  4   16   Reversion Without Excision of Tc3
                   Michelle Mills, Jeremy Glasner and John Collins
12  4   18   Excision of Tc3 and Tc5: Mutator Activities and Footprints
                   John Collins, Michelle Mills, Jason Reynolds and David
12  4   19   Expression Patterns for ORFs Predicted by the C. elegans
             Sequencing Project
                   Andrew Lynch and Ian A. Hope
12  4   20   Promoter Trapping: Results of a Pilot Screen and Isolation of
             Two Embryonically Active Fusions
                   Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire
12  4   21   Two Approaches to Aligning the Genetic and Physical Maps on
             Chromosome I: Cosmid Rescue of Mapped Lethals
                   Thomas Hicks and Ann Rose
12  4   21   Two Approaches to Aligning the Genetic and Physical Maps on
             Chromosome I: PCR Mapping of Potential Deletions
                   Fred Ho, Teresa Liu, Adony Melathopoulos, Alida
                   Janmaat, The Ha, Ruth Salmon and Ann Rose
12  4   22   Even More Evidence for Polycistronic Transcription:
             Polycistronic cDNA Clones
                   John Spieth, Glenn Brooke, Kris Lea and Tom
12  4   24   Narrowing Down fem-2
                   Petra Jackle and Dave Pilgrim
12  4   25   A Structure/Function Study of the let-23 EGF Receptor Gene
                   Raffi V. Aroian, Giovanni M. Lesa and Paul W.
12  4   26   gsa-1 Gene Update: C. elegans Gene for G Protein a(s) Subunit
                   Jong-Hyuk Park, Tokio Tani and Yasumi Ohshima
12  4   27   Molecular Characterization of glp-1 Dominant Suppressors
             Using Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP)
                   Jim Lissemore, Peter Currie, Christine Turk and Eleanor
12  4   28   Identification of the glp-1 Protein on Western Blots
                   Emily Troemel, Sarah Crittenden and Judith Kimble
12  4   29   The Predicted unc-73 Protein has Homology to Yeast cdc24
             Protein and Other Putative Guanine Nucleotide Exchange
                   Rob Steven, Alberto Ruiz, Jorge Mancillas and Joseph
12  4   30   Sequence Analysis of a C. elegans Member of the tolloid/BMP1
                   Alyce L. Finelli, Monica Driscoll and Richard W. Padgett
12  4   32   Cloning of Another forkhead/HNF-3 Homolog in C. elegans
                   Maria Azzaria and James D. McGhee
12  4   33   unc-68 Codes for a Novel Protein that Participates in Muscle
                   Hideki Ando, Ryuji Hosono, Hiroaki Kagawa and
                   Hiroshi Yamamoto
12  4   34   unc-50, a Gene Required for Acetylcholine Receptor Function,
             Encodes an Unfamiliar Protein
                   Michael Hengartner, Nancy Tsung, Jim Lewis and Bob
12  4   35   ced-9 Shows Sequence Similarity to Human Proto-Oncogene
             bcl-2: Conservation of Programmed Cell Death From Worm to
                   Michael Hengartner and Bob Horvitz
12  4   36   A Hot-Spot for Mutations in a Cys-rich Domain of mec-4
             Includes a Site Which, When Mutated, Can Suppress a
             Dominant Death-Inducing Mutation in Cis
                   Kyonsoo Hong and Monica Driscoll
12  4   37   lin-4 Transcript(s)
                   Rosalind Lee, Rhonda Feinbaum and Victor Ambros
12  4   38   glv-1
                   Diane Church and Eric Lambie
12  4   39   Characterization and Cloning the unc-41 Gene
                   S. Harada and R. Hosono
12  4   40   Genes That May Control the Cellular Sensation of Directionality
             with C. elegans
                   Jin-Quan Run, Ming-Shiu Hung, Alice Wang and Jeff
12  4   41   Characterization of the msp-113 Gene Cluster in Strains of
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Robert A. Setterquist, G. Kenneth Smith, David
                   Ammons and George E. Fox
12  4   42   Progress in the Characterization of the msp Gene Family in
             Caenorhabditis vulgariensis
                   Robert A. Setterquist, G. Kenneth Smith, Ramya
                   Natarajan and George E. Fox
12  4   43   More on the Control of the C. elegans ges-1 Gene
                   May Chung, Cay Egan, M. Heschl, C. van Buskirk, Eric
                   Aamodt and Jim McGhee
12  4   44   A 29-bp Within mec-3 Promoter is Sufficient for unc-86
             Mediated Establishment, Cell Cycle Control and Asymmetric
             Cell Division
                   Lili Wan and Jeff Way
12  4   46   myo-2 Enhancer Binding Proteins
                   Peter Okkema and Andy Fire
12  4   47   A Human Gene Functionally Replaces sem-5 in C. elegans
                   Michael J. Stern and Michelle J. Kokel
12  4   48   Development of Experimentally Generated Giant Embryos of
             C. elegans
                   Torger Irle and Einhard Schierenberg
12  4   50   The Pseudocleavage Furrow is Dispensible for Embryonic
                   Melissa Lamb, Lesilee Simpson Rose and Ken
12  4   51   Identification of the Cues Used to Generate Blastomere
             Diversity: The Role of the P2-EMS Interaction in Positioning Gut
             Fate Into E
                   Bob Goldstein
12  4   52   The Anchor Cell Induces Specialization in the Ventral Uterus
                   Anna P. Newman and Paul Sternberg
12  4   53   xol-1 Transcript Analysis and New 'Alleles'
                   Nick Rhind, Shannon McCune and Barbara Meyer
12  4   54   Pharyngeal Pumping Rate: I1, Serotonin, and Basal Pumping
                   David Raizen, Hans Rosenfeldt and Leon Avery
12  4   56   A Cis-Acting Locus That Promotes Recombination Between the
             X Homologos
                   Anne M Villeneuve
12  4   57   Pairing of Homologous Chromosomes Inhibits
             Intrachromosomal Recombination
                   Anne M. Villeneuve
12  4   58   A C. elegans Mitotic Mutant
                   Anne M. Villeneuve
12  4   59   Suppressors of daf-11
                   Wendy S. Schackwitz and James H. Thomas
12  4   60   Evidence for Parallel Processing of Sensory Information:
             Controlling Dauer Formation
                   James H. Thomas and Deborah A. Birnby
12  4   62   Identification of Additional Dauer-Constitutive Mutations Using
             an Unbiased Screen
                   Elizabeth A. Malone and James H. Thomas
12  4   63   Genetic Characterization of srf Heterochronic Mutants Reveals
             a Relationship with ts Dauer-Constitutive Mutants
                   David G. Grenache and Samuel M. Politz
12  4   64   Hello hello, Is There an Echo echo on This Plate plate?
                   Dennis W.C. Liu and James H. Thomas
12  4   66   More Mutants From Mishima
                   Isao Katsura, Takeshi Ishihara, Minoru Kawakami and
                   Ryuichi Hishida
12  4   67   Expression and Localization of the cha-1 and unc-117 Gene
                   He-ping Han, Janet Duerr and Jim Rand
12  4   68   ric-2 Encodes a C. elegans Synaptotagmin Homolog
                   Jim Rand and Kiely Grundahl
12  4   69   Characterization of the C. elegans Ryanodine Receptor
                   Ed Maryon, Young-Kee Kim, Roberto Coronado and
                   Phil Anderson
12  4   70   Alterations in the Cell Structures Due to Mutation of the
             B-integrin Gene pat-3
                   David Hall and Edward Hedgecock
12  4   72   mup-4 Mutations Cause Embryonic Defects in Muscle and
             Hypodermal Organization
                   Beth Gatewood and Elizabeth Bucher
12  4   73   mec-8 and Muscle Cell Attachment
                   Erik A. Lundquist and Robert K. Herman
12  4   74   Author Index
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