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Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(5) Table of Contents

12  5   1    Announcement of the Ninth International C. elegans Meeting
12  5   1    1993 Genetic Map of C. elegans
12  5   2    Position Open
12  5   3    Worm Research at New England Biolabs
12  5   4    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
12  5   9    ACEDB is Hungry
                   Salome Henderson, Danielle and Jean Thierry-Mieg
12  5   10   Internet Network Access to the ACEDB Database
                   J. Michael Cherry
12  5   11   Sharing Strain Lists by Gopher
                   Leon Avery and Bob Herman
12  5   12   The Genome Map of C. elegans
                   Alan Coulson, Yuko Kozono, Bart Lutterbach, Ratna
                   Shownkeen, John Sulston and Bob Waterston
12  5   14   Update on the Rhabditida Collection
                   David H. A. Fitch and Scott W. Emmons
12  5   15   Ancient Origin of the Tc1 Transposon Family
                   A.R. Radice, B. Bugaj, D.H.A. Fitch and S.W. Emmons
12  5   16   ncl-1 to the Rescue
                   David Waring
12  5   17   A Genetic Toolkit for C. elegans
                   David Baillie, Don Riddle, Mark Edgley and Ann Rose
12  5   20   Transposon Induced Deletion Mutagenesis, a General Method
                   Annegien Broeks, Richard Zwaal and Ronald H.A.
12  5   21   Construction of a Tc1 Insertional Mutant Bank of C. elegans
                   Yoshiki Andachi and Yuji Kohara
12  5   22   Tc1 Transposase has Separate Domains for Site-Specific and
             General DNA Binding
                   J. Chris Vos, Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald
                   H.A. Plasterk
12  5   23   Sequence Specificity for Somatic Tc3 Integration
                   Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
12  5   24   Splicing of Tc3 from unc-22 Transcripts
                   Michelle Mills, Jeremy Glasner and John Collins
12  5   25   More on smg-Dependent Dominance and the Role of Disruptive
             Polypeptide Fragments
                   Brian Cali and Phil Anderson
12  5   26   Genetic Evidence that smg-6 is an Essential Gene
                   Brian Cali and Phil Anderson
12  5   27   A New Component of the EMS-ABa Blastomere Interaction
                   Caroline Goutte and James R. Priess
12  5   28   Another Cold Fusion Story?
                   J. Priess, B. Bowerman, B. Draper and C. Mello
12  5   29   Integrin Interactions
                   Matthew Buechner and Ed Hedgecock
12  5   30   epi-1, a Laminin A Gene in C. elegans
                   Keiichiro Joh and Edward M. Hedgecock
12  5   31   Cloning the Maternal Effect Lethal Gene gut-2:  A Progress
                   Melinda Moseley and Jocelyn Shaw
12  5   32   Searching for Mutations that Alter the Cleavage Pattern
                   Lesilee Simpson Rose and Ken Kemphues
12  5   34   Gene with Early, Cell Lineage Specific Expression is
             Homologous to Fork Head
                   Ian A. Hope
12  5   35   A lac-Z Fusion Expressed in the C Lineage
                   Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire
12  5   36   ceh-23, a Homeobox Gene Expressed in the Amphids
                   Bruce Wang and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   37   Cell-Signals and pal-1 Regulate the Expression of mab-5
                   S. Salser and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   38   It's All in the Timing; Initiation and Maintenance of Homeotic
             Gene Expression
                   Craig Hunter and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   39   The mu38 Mutation Disrupts a System Required to Maintain
             Stable Repression of Homeotic Genes
                   Julin Maloof and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   40   The C. elegans HOM Cluster Specifies Anteroposterior Body
                   Bruce Wang and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   42   Sequence Analysis of mab-5 Alleles (and a Little Q Biology)
                   S. Salser and C. Kenyon
12  5   43   Combinatorial Activity of lin-39 and mab-5 Controls the Fusion
             of the Pn.p Cells With the Lateral Hypodermis in C. elegans
                   Michael M. Mueller-Immergluck and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   44   mab-5 Expression in M is not Dependent on Position
                   Deborah Cowing and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   45   Updated Map Positions of sel Genes
                   Meera Sundaram and Iva Greenwald
12  5   46   sel-10 Mutations Appear to Bypass Partially the Requirement
             for lin-12 Activity
                   Meera Sundaram and Iva Greenwald
12  5   48   sum-1, a New Gene Involved in Vulva Formation
                   Diane Levitan and Iva Greenwald
12  5   49   More on lin-25
                   Simon Tuck and Iva Greenwald
12  5   50   Rescue of lin-13, a Gene Involved in Vulval Fate Determination
                   Gautam Kao and Iva Greenwald
12  5   51   Laser Ablations in the Somatic Gonad
                   Cathy Savage, Geraldine Seydoux and Iva Greenwald
12  5   52   lin-12 Mediates Induction of Ventral Uterine Specialization by
             the Anchor Cell
                   Anna P. Newman and Paul W. Sternberg
12  5   54   More Analysis of unc-101: Physical Basis of unc-101 Mutations
             and Rescue of unc-101 Mutations by the Mammalian Homolog
                   Junho Lee, Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
12  5   55   Suppressing a Suppressor: Cosmid Rescue of sli-1
                   Charles H. Yoon, Gregg Jongeward, Junho Lee and Paul
12  5   56   Preliminary Genetic, Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization
             of spe-5, a Gene Required for Maturation of a Sperm Specific
                   Khaled A. Machaca and Steven W. L'Hernault
12  5   57   Preliminary Biophysical Characterization of Ion Channels in C.
             elegans Sperm Membranes
                   Louis DeFelice, Khaled A. Machaca and Steven
12  5   58   Update on the Structure/Function Analysis of mec-4
                   Kyonsoo Hong and Monica Driscoll
12  5   59   Killer on the Loose: Ectopic Expression of mec-4(d)
                   Maud Kinnell, Si Qun Xu, Harbinder Singh, Andy Fire
                   and Monica Driscoll
12  5   60   The Use of unc-76/lacZ Fusions to Label Specific C. elegans
                   Laird Bloom, Erika Hartweig and Bob Horvitz
12  5   61   Development of a Procedure for Primary Neuronal Culture
                   Laird Bloom and Bob Horvitz
12  5   62   Electrical Signatures of Pharyngeal Function
                   David Raizen and Leon Avery
12  5   64   eat-11, egl-30 and Muscle Excitation
                   Leon Avery
12  5   65   An eat With a Sequence
                   Raymond Lee and Leon Avery
12  5   66   Serotonin Modulates Foraging and Head-Withdrawal Behaviors
                   Daniel Elkes and Joshua Kaplan
12  5   67   5-HT (Serotonin) Metabolism: Identification of a
             Developmentally Regulated 5-HT N-acetyltransferase
                   Richard Muimo and R. Elwyn Isaac
12  5   68   Effects of Dopamine and a Dopamine Antagonist on Behavior
                   William R. Schafer and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   69   Structural Analysis of D Motoneurons in unc-55 Mutants
                   Jeffrey A. Plunkett and Bill Walthall
12  5   70   The Contribution of the DD mns to Locomotory Behavior
                   W.W. Walthall
12  5   71   Dominant Mutations in unc-37 Suppress the unc-4 Neuronal
             Wiring Defect (or bkn-1 Bites the Dust)
                   David M. Miller, Charles J. Niemeyer and Pritha
12  5   72   Novel Conserved Functions of Neurons
                   Tom Barnes and Gary Ruvkun
12  5   73   Thermotaxis of the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans: An
                   Ikue Mori, Hidehiro Honda, Junko Miyake and Yasumi
12  5   74   Mapping and Sequencing of the Ryanodine Receptor Gene ryr-1
             in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Yasuji Sakube and Hiroaki Kagawa
12  5   75   The p21 ras-related rho Subfamily from Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Weining Chen, Seow Fong Yap, Julian Blanc and Louis
12  5   76   pim-1 Related Kinases (prk) in Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Sandra Youngman and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
12  5   77   Troponin I and C Genes of Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Sin'ichi Kitamura, Kazuki Kuroda, Takasi Obinata and
                   Hiroaki Kagawa
12  5   78   Analysis of the Expression Pattern of ubc-2
                   Mei Zhen and E.P.M. Candido
12  5   79   A Ubiquitin-like cDNA from C. elegans
                   Don Jones and E. Peter M. Candido
12  5   80   The Activity of Ubiquitin Gene Promoters in Transgenic C.
                   Don Jones, Eve Stringham and E. Peter M. Candido
12  5   82   A Worm Homolog of TGF-B
                   Mark D. Yandell, Marc Perry and William B. Wood
12  5   83   Isolating the Cyclin Genes of Caenorhabditis elegans and
             Ascaris lumbricoides
                   Monique Kreutzer, James Richards and Karen Bennett
12  5   84   Progress with in situ Hybridization to Nematode Embryos
                   Karen L. Bennett
12  5   85   The cdc2 Gene Family in C. elegans
                   Sander van den Heuvel, Li-Huei Tsai and Ed Harlow
12  5   86   Physical Mapping of Deficiency Breakpoints near unc-3 by
             fluorescent in situ Hybridization
                   Sean Eddy
12  5   87   Alignment of the Physical and Genetic Maps in the dpy-14
                   Sheldon McKay and Ann Rose
12  5   88   Additional Lethal Alleles and at Least One New Gene in the
             unc-22(IV) Region
                   M.A. Marra, J.E. Schein and D.L.Baillie
12  5   89   Mapping of the rec-1 Mutation
                   Monique-Claire Zetka and Ann M. Rose
12  5   90   Transgenic hsp16-lacZ Strains of C. elegans as Biological
             Monitors of Environmental Stress
                   Eve G. Stringham and E. Peter M. Candido
12  5   92   Differential Effects of Dauer-Defective Mutations in L1-Specific
             Surface Antigen Switching
                   David G. Grenache and Samuel M. Politz
12  5   94   A Mutation Which Doubles C. elegans Life Span (Imagine Being
                   Adam Rudner, Ramon Tabtiang and Cynthia Kenyon
12  5   95   "All's Well That Ends Well"
                   Chantal Wicky, Heinz Tobler and Fritz Muller
12  5   96   Author Index
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