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Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(3) Table of Contents

13      3    1      Announcement of the Tenth International C. elegans
13      3    2      Postdoctoral Positions
13      3    5      CGC Bibliographic References
                          Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
13      3    11     The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: A Progress
                          The C. elegans Genome Consortium
13      3    14     Reverse Genetics Using Transposon Tc1: A Progress
                          Ronald H.A. Plasterk and Marianne de Vroomen
13      3    16     An ACEDB For the Macintosh User Group
                          Greg Beitel and H.R. Horvitz
13      3    17     Three Families of Reverse Transcriptase Elements in C.
                          Sean Eddy
13      3    18     The Structure of the C. elegans Genome and Implications
                    For Function
                          Tom Barnes
13      3    19     Genome Parametrics, or Look, I Can Use Query and
                          Tom Barnes
13      3    20     Some Notes on Mapping Contigs Using Molecular
                    Analysis of Deficiences
                          Frans Tax and Jim Thomas
13      3    21     Use of an Expression Library to Clone Genes by
                          R.E. Palmer and P.W. Sternberg
13      3    22     Tc4 and Tc5: What Makes Them Move and Why It Matters
                          Christ Parham, Kristie Butze, Joanna Beinhorn and
                          John Collins
13      3    23     Interactions Between mei-1 and the unc-116 Kinesin
                          Paul E. Mains
13      3    24     Identification of par-1 Gene by Injecting in
                    vitro-transcribed anti-sense RNA
                          Su Guo and Kenneth Kemphues
13      3    25     Asymmetric PAR-2 at First Cleavage
                          Lynn Boyd, Diane Levitan and Ken Kemphues
13      3    26     PAR-3 is a Novel Maternally Encoded Protein
                          Bijan Etemad-Moghadam and Kenneth Kemphues
13      3    27     zu170 Defines a New Gene, par-6, and Can Act as a
                    Suppressor of par-2
                          Jennifer Watts and Ken Kemphues
13      3    28     Analysis of zyg-1, a Gene Required During the First
                    Embryonic Divisions and For Formation of a Functional
                          Cathy Caron and Kenneth Kemphues
13      3    29     A Potential C. elegans E2F Homolog: Is it zyg-9?
                          Lisa Matthews and Simon Galas
13      3    30     Localization of SKN-1 Protein to Posterior Blastomere in
                    the Early C. elegans Embryo
                          Bill Maske, Silvi Lommel and Bruce Bowerman
13      3    31     A Molecular Approach to Identify skn-1-Responsive Genes
                    in the Early C. elegans Embryo
                          Stephen H. Chamberlain and Bruce Bowerman
13      3    32     The Maternal Gene skn-4 and the Specification of Ventral
                    Blastomere Fates in the Early C. elegans Embryo
                          Bruce Bowerman, Paula R. Martin, Christopher J.
                          Thorpe and Christopher A. Shelton
13      3    33     pes-10 RNA and Protein Are Expressed Transiently in
                    Each Somatic Lineage in the Pre-Gastrulation Embryo
                          Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire
13      3    34     Characterization of the let-502 Gene
                          Andreas Wissman, James D. McGhee and Paul E.
13      3    35     mab-3 YAC Rescue
                          David Zarkower, Mario de Bono and Jonathan
13      3    36     Direct Interaction Between FEM-3 and a Carboxy-Terminal
                    Fragment of TRA-2A
                          Arun Mehra, Linda Heck, Patricia Kuwabara and
                          Andrew Spence
13      3    37     The laf-1 Gene Functions in the 3'UTR-Mediated
                    Translational Repression of the Sex Determination Gene,
                          Elizabeth Goodwin and Judith Kimble
13      3    38     Evidence For Interactions Between the Sex Determination
                    and Dosage Compensation Pathways in the Germline
                          Patricia E. Kuwabara
13      3    39     DPY-27: A Protein Required For Dosage Compensation is
                    Associated With the X Chromosome in XX Animals
                          Pao-Tien Chuang, Donna Albertson and Barbara
13      3    40     Somatic Regulation of Germ-line Development.  
                    Introduction and Part I; Mitotic Proliferation
                          Jim McCarter and Tim Schedl
13      3    41     Part II; Non-Autonomy of Hermaphrodite Germ-line Sex
                          Jim McCarter and Tim Schedl
13      3    42     Part III; Oocyte Meiotic Prophase Arrest
                          Jim McCarter and Tim Schedl
13      3    44     Programmed Cell Death in the C. elegans Germ Line
                          Michael Hengartner, Erika Hartwieg and Bob Horvitz
13      3    46     DAD-1, An Evolutionarily Conserved Suppressor of
                    Programmed Cell Death in Vertebrates and Caenorhabditis
                          Asako Sugimoto, Rebecca R. Hozak, Torahiko
                          Nakashima, Takeharu Nishimoto and Joel H.
13      3    47     Cytology of Degenerin-Induced Cell Death in the PVM
                          David H. Hall, Guoqiang Gu, Lei Gong, Monica
                          Driscoll and Martin Chalfie
13      3    48     mec-12 Encodes the Acetylated alpha Tubulin TBA-3 That
                    Mediates Touch Sensitivity and the Formation of 15
                    Protofilament (pf) Microtubules in the Six T
                          Tetsunari Fukushige and Shahid S. Siddiqui
13      3    49     cej-1 Encodes a Novel Protein With Poly-Threonine Motif
                          M.L.A. Khan, M. Tabish, T. Fukushige, S. Tsukita, M.
                          Itoh, Sh. Tsukita and S.S. Siddiqui
13      3    50     The Annexins of C. elegans: A Novel Splice Varient May
                    Be Subject To Control By Phosphorylation
                          C.E. Creutz, S.L. Snyder and S.N. Daigle
13      3    51     What Snakes and Worms Have In Common: Disintegrins
                          Benjamin Podbilewicz
13      3    52     Characterization of the C. elegans Basement
                    Membrane-Associated Protein SPARC
                          Frederique Musset-Bilal, Carol S. Ryan and Jean E.
13      3    53     Cloning mua-3: Some Observations on the New Molecular
                          John Plenefisch and Edward Hedgecock
13      3    54     Identification of Sequence Alterations in unc-52 Mutants
                    and Revertants
                          Teresa M. Rogalski, Erin J. Gilchrist and Donald G.
13      3    56     Two Tropomyosins Expressed in Body Wall and the Third
                    Did In Pharynx of Caenorhabditis elegans
                          H. Imadzu, Y. Sakube and H. Kagawa
13      3    57     Function of a Domain of the Myosin Heavy Chain
                    Implicated in Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
                          Craig A. Almeida, Kerry E. Swift and John J. Collins
13      3    58     Molecular Analysis of unc-103
                          Tomoyuki Uekusa, Kiyoji Nishiwaki, Masaatsu K.
                          Uchida and Johji Miwa
13      3    59     mab-5 Expression Repeatedly Switches ON and OFF in the
                    V5 Lineage
                          S. Salser and C. Kenyon
13      3    60     Activity of the polyray-1 Maintenance Gene Must Be
                    Overcome To Allow For Correct Temporal Expression of
                    HOM-C Genes
                          Julin Maloof and Cynthia Kenyon
13      3    61     A polyray Suppressor
                          Julin Maloof and Cynthia Kenyon
13      3    62     The Effects of Homeotic Genes on vit-lacZ Expression
                          Peg MacMorris and Tom Blumenthal
13      3    63     Expression Studies of the Putative Caenorhabditis elegans
                    cyclin A and B Genes
                          Monique A. Kreutzer, James P. Richards and Karen
                          L. Bennett
13      3    64     Molecular Characterization of sma-2
                          Cathy Savage, Scott Townsend, Alyce L. Finelli and
                          Richard W. Padgett
13      3    65     daf-28(sa191) Defines a New Step in the Dauer Epistasis
                          Elizabeth A. Malone and James H. Thomas
13      3    66     Suppressors of daf-11 Identify New daf-d Genes
                          Wendy Schackwitz and James H. Thomas
13      3    67     Toward Molecular Cloning of tax-4, a Gene Necessary For
                    Both Thermo- and Chemotactic Response of C. elegans
                          Hidetoshi Komatsu, Ikue Mori and Yasumi Ohshima
13      3    68     Analysis of the Neuarl Curcuit Regulating Thermotactic
                    Responses of C. elegans
                          Ikue Mori and Yasumi Ohshima
13      3    69     The C. elegans pgp-3 Gene Is Involved In Resistance To
                    the Drugs Chloroquine and Colchicine
                          A. Broeks and R.H.A. Plasterk
13      3    70     Mutations Affecting Amphid Structure Impart Ivermectin
                          Carl Johnson, Peter Hunt and Warwick Grant
13      3    72     Dominant Ivermectin Resistance Mutations
                          Peter Hunt, Warwick Grant and Carl Johnson
13      3    74     The Men's Room: Evidence That GABA Acts as an
                    Inhibitory Neurotransmitter For the Male Sphincter Muscle
                          David J. Reiner and James H. Thomas
13      3    76     The Behavioral Response of C. elegans to Volatile
                          Mike Crowder and Tim Schedl
13      3    77     The unc-8 Suppressor Locus sup-40 Regulates Ion Channel
                    Function in Motorneurons, Hypodermis and Developing
                          Wayne Shreffler, Mei Hsu and Eve Wolinsky
13      3    78     Molecular Cloning and Genomic Mapping of a Calcium
                    Channal alpha1 subunit
                          Eleanor Mathews and Terry P. Snutch
13      3    79     A Calcium Channel Required For Adaptation to Dopamine
                          William R. Schafer and Cynthia Kenyon
13      3    80     An Axon That Says "Yes" To Drugs
                          Bruce Wightman and Gian Garriga
13      3    81     The unc-40 Axon Guidance Gene Encodes a
                    Transmembrane Receptor With Extracellular Fibronectin
                    and Immunoglobulin Domains
                          Shirley Chan, Ming-Wan Su, Hong Zhang, Joe Culotti
                          and Ed Hedgecock
13      3    82     Suppressors of unc-5-Induced Reorientation of the Touch
                    Receptor Axons
                          Antonio Colavita and Joe Culotti
13      3    83     Two Mutations That Perturb Cell Attachments
                          Carolyn Norris and Edward Hedgecock
13      3    84     mig-5, A Gene Required For Both Cell Migration and Cell
                    Fate Determination
                          Chaobo Guo and Edward Hedgecock
13      3    85     daf-12(=mig-7) Mutations Cause Heterochronic Delays in
                    Cell Migration and Cell Lineage, and Perturb Dauer
                          Adam Antebi and Ed Hedgecock
13      3    86     Mutations Causing Cysts in the Excretory Canals
                          Matthew Buechner and Ed Hedgecock
13      3    87     hch-1 Rescued
                          Ryuichi Hishida, Takeshi Ishihara, Kazunori Kondo
                          and Isao Katsura
13      3    88     vab-8 Rescued: Another Gene Involved In Controlling Cell
                          Ming-Shiu Hung and Jeffrey C. Way
13      3    89     unc-107/vab-8 Mutants Are Defective in Posterior-Directed
                    Axonal Outgrowth and Cell Migration
                          Bruce Wightman, Scott Clark, Anna Taskar, Wayne
                          Forrester, Villu Maricq, Jen Zallen, Cori Bargmann
                          and Gian Garriga
13      3    90     Asymmetric Expression of mec-3
                          Lili Wang and Jeffrey C. Way
13      3    91     The Expression Pattern of a Cdc42-lacZ Fusion
                          Rob van Weeghel, Ming-Shiu Hung, Jin-Quan Run,
                          Joe Culloti and Jeff Way
13      3    92     Functions of vab-3 and lin-17 in the Male B Lineage
                          Helen M. Chamberlin and Paul W. Sternberg
13      3    94     lin-44 Encodes a Wnt Protein
                          Michael A. Herman, Jocelyn E. Shaw, Larissa L.
                          Vassilieva and Robert K. Herman
13      3    95     wnt Homologs in Caenorhabditis elegans
                          Supriya Shivakumer, Gregg Jongeward, Cynthia
                          Kenyon and Harold Varmus
13      3    96     Molecular Analysis of lin-19 (A Member of a Novel Gene
                    Family) & lin-23 (Encoding a Protein with B-Transducin
                    Repeats and a Xenopus Ortholog)
                          Edward T. Kipreos and Edward M. Hedgecock
13      3    97     Identification of An Egg-Laying Defective Mutant With An
                    Abnormal Contact Between the Anchor Cell and the
                    Vulval Precursor Cells
                          R.E. Palmer, K. Tietze and P.W. Sternberg
13      3    98     K252a Compound Induced Multiple Anchor Cells in N2
                          Mitsunobu Hara and Min Han
13      3    99     Isolation and Analysis of lin-3 Suppressors
                          Jing Liu and Paul W. Sternberg
13      3    100    Induction of the Uterine  Fate By the Anchor Cell Results
                    in lin-11-lacZ Expression and Requires egl-29
                          Anna P. Newman and Paul W. Sternberg
13      3    101    lin-1 Vul and Let Alleles: Gain or Reduction-Of-Function
                          Greg Beitel and Bob Horvitz
13      3    102    Searching For Downstream Genes in the Vulval Induction
                          Andy Golden and Paul W. Sternberg
13      3    103    Molecular Genetic Analysis of the sur-2 Gene Defined By
                    Suppressors of a Gain Of Function let-60 ras Allele
                          Natasha Singh, John Yochem and Min Han
13      3    104    Roles of let-60 ras and sur-3 in Vulval Development and
                    Sex Myoblast Migration
                          Meera Sundaram and Min Han
13      3    105    let-60 ras Involvement in egl-15-Mediated Processes
                          Michael J. Stern and Estella Chen
13      3    106    Molecular Analysis of clr-1, A Negative Regulator of the
                    FGFR in C. elegans
                          Michelle Kokel, Leslie DeLong and Michael J. Stern
13      3    107    Evolution of Vulva Formation: Part III: Minimizing the
                    Equivalence Group
                          Ralf J. Sommer and Paul W. Sternberg
13      3    108    New Hermaphroditic Species of Oscheius (Andrassy, 1976)
                    (Rhabditidae, Nematoda)
                          Lynn Carta, Kelly Thomas and Paul Sternberg
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