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Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4) Table of Contents

13   4    1      Anti-P-Granule Antibodies Are Now Available
                 Through the Hybridoma Bank.
                      Susan Strome and William B. Wood
13   4    1      Positions Available
13   4    3      CGC Bibliographic References
                      Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
13   4    9      An Electronic Discussion Group for C. elegans
                      William R. Morgan
13   4    10     The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project:  A
                 Progress Report.
                      The C. elegans Genome Consortium
13   4    18     The C. elegans cDNA Project:  A Progress Report.
                      Yuji Kohara, Tomoko Motohashi, Akiko
                      Sugimoto, Hisako Watanabe and Hiroaki Tabara
13   4    22     Worm Community System Users Envision Future
                      Laura Shoman, Curt Jamison, Ed Grossman and
                      Bruce Schatz
13   4    23     The First Ever WCS Baby Picture Contest.
                      Curt Jamison and Bruce Schatz
13   4    24     Toward an Electronic Worm Breeder's Gazette.
                      Bob Herman, Theresa Stiernagle and Leon
13   4    26     C. elegans Molecular Genetics and Long PCR.
                      Scott R. Townsend, Cathy Savage, Alyce L.
                      Finelli, Ting Xie and Richard W. Padgett
13   4    27     DNA Fingerprinting in C. elegans - An Approach.
                      Mark Benecke, Jorg T. Epplen and Einhard
13   4    28     Mutagenesis of C. elegans Using
                      Elizabeth De Stasio, Dinesh Stanislaus and
                      Catherine Lephoto
13   4    29     Vectorology I:  New lacZ Vectors ("Building a Better
                 Gene Trap").
                      Andrew Fire and SeQun Xu
13   4    30     Vectorology II:  Green Fluorescent Protein (or "It Isn't
                 Easy Being Green").
                      Andrew Fire, Joohong Ahnn, Geraldine Seydoux
                      and SiQun Xu
13   4    32     Strain Names for non-C. elegans Species.
                      Scott W. Emmons, Armand Leroi and David
13   4    33     18S Ribosomal RNA Gene Phylogeny For Some
                      David H.A. Fitch, Bozena Bugaj-Gaweda and
                      Scott W. Emmons
13   4    34     Evolution of Vulva Formation:  Part IV:  Variation in
                 AC Position Can Cause a Shift of Vulva Formation
                 Towards P(4-6).p.
                      Ralf J. Sommer and Paul W. Sternberg
13   4    35     sum-1 Encodes a Protein Containing Seven
                 Transmembrane Domains.
                      Diane Levitan and Iva Greenwald
13   4    36     Specification of Vulval Cell Fates By Sequential
                 Signalling Pathways.
                      Jeffrey S. Simske and Stuart K. Kim
13   4    38     Reciprocal Changes in Expression of lin-12 and lag-2
                 Prior to Commitment of Z1.ppp and Z4.aaa.
                      Hilary A. Wilkinson, Kevin Fitzgerald and Iva
13   4    39     sel-1, a Negative Regulator of lin-12 and glp-1
                 Activity, Encodes a Novel Extracellular Protein.
                      Barth Grant and Iva Greenwald
13   4    40     Genetic Analysis of sel-10.
                      E. Jane Albert Hubbard and Iva Greenwald
13   4    41     Mutations That Enhance glp-1 Identify Genes Required
                 For Various Aspects of Germline Development.
                      Eleanor Maine, Li Qiao, Jim Lissemore, Pei Shu,
                      Anne Smardon and Melanie Gelber
13   4    42     dx5 and Various Aspects of Gonadogenesis.
                      Marc Ginsburg and Eric Lambie
13   4    43     Some fem-2 Constructs Show Dominant/Negative
                 Feminization of the Germline in Transgenic Worms.
                      Troy Johnson, Petra Jackle and David Pilgrim
13   4    44     FEM-2 Protein Shows Sequence Similarity to a Diverse
                 Group of Protein Phosphatases.
                      Angela McGregor, Dave Hansen and Dave
13   4    45     Possible Involvement of a Predicted RNA-Binding
                 Protein in Primary Sex Determination.
                      Jonathan Hodgkin, Jonathan Zellan and Donna
13   4    46     Mono- and Polycistronic pre-mRNA Splicing in a C.
                 elegans Embryo Extract.
                      Scott Kuersten and Tom Blumenthal
13   4    47     C. elegans U2AF 65.
                      Tom Blumenthal, Kris Lea and Diego Zorio
13   4    48     Cell-Cell Contacts Controlling Early Cell Division
                      Bob Goldstein
13   4    49     Low Temperature Affects Embryonic Handedness
                      Bill Wood, Amy Florance and Dominique
13   4    50     More on Embryonic Function of PAL-1.
                      Lois Edgar, Steve Carr and Bill Wood
13   4    52     Tissue Distribution of the EMB-5 Protein During
                      Kiyoji Nishiwaki, Tohru Sano, Yo Tabuse and
                      Johji Miwa
13   4    53     Maternally-Encoded Factors Are Required to Repress
                 Zygotic pes-10 Expression in the Embryonic Germ
                      Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire
13   4    54     Defects in Cleavage and Partitioning Lead to Cell-Fate
                 Transformations in mes-1 Mutant Embryos.
                      Susan Strome and Paula Martin
13   4    56     Cloning mes-6.
                      Ian Korf and Susan Strome
13   4    57     On Rescuing the Maternal Effect emb-30 Mutant.
                      M. Tabish, M.L.A. Khan and S.S. Siddiqui
13   4    58     A 7.2 kb Genomic Fragment Rescues gut-2.
                      Melinda Moseley and Jocelyn Shaw
13   4    59     Progress on unc-119.
                      Morris Maduro and David Pilgrim
13   4    60     The tpa-1 Gene Encodes Two Forms of a Protein
                 Kinase C Homolog.
                      Yo Tabuse, Tohru Sano and Johji Miwa
13   4    61     Neurofibromatosis 2 Tumor Suppressor Gene
                      Verena Gobel, Per Winge, Michael FitzGerald,
                      Simon Moshiach, Stephen Friend and John
13   4    62     Unknown Pathways:  Signal Transduction From the
                 daf-4 Receptor Ser/Thr Kinase.
                      David Gems and Don Riddle
13   4    63     A Small Update on TGF-B Signalling.
                      Cathy Savage, Scott Townsend, Scott Baird and
                      Richard Padgett
13   4    64     More tolloid Homologs in the Worm.
                      Cathy Savage, Seo Hee Cho, Alyce L. Finelli and
                      Richard W. Padgett
13   4    65     ceg-1 is Very Similar to decapentaplegic.
                      Mark Yandell and Bill Wood
13   4    66     Cloning of C. elegans 14-3-3 and GAP cDNAs By
                 Functional Screening Using the Fission Yeast S. pombe.
                      Seiji Hayashizaki, Yuichi Iino and Masayuki
13   4    67     R-ras 1 and R-ras 2 (TC21) Homologs.
                      Per Winge, Verena Gobel, Stephen Friend and
                      John Fleming
13   4    68     Cloning the Inositol 1,4,5 Triphosphate Receptor.
                      Howard Baylis, Mike Squire and David Sattelle
13   4    69     Cloning, Mammalian Expression and Knockout of a
                 C. elegans Serotonin Receptor.
                      Bjorn Olde, Richard McCombie, Verena Gobel
                      and John Fleming
13   4    70     Molecular Genetics of SNAP-25 in C. elegans.
                      Junho Lee and Barbara Meyer
13   4    71     eat-12 (aka. egl-19) Has Yet Another Name:  pat-5!
                      Raymond Lee and Leon Avery
13   4    72     M3 is an Inhibitory Glutamatergic Pharyngeal
                      Leon Avery, M. Wayne Davis, Winfried Denk,
                      Joe Dent and George Hess
13   4    74     unc-68 Encodes ryr-1, a C. elegans Ryanodine
                      Ed Maryon and Phil Anderson
13   4    75     Studies on the Ryanodine Receptor Gene, ryr-1, kra-1
                 and unc-68 Genes in the LG V.
                      Yasuji Sakube, Tatsuji Ikeda and Hiroaki
13   4    76     Sequence Analysis of the lev-1 Dominant Alleles (x21,
                 x61) Predict Alterations in the Ionic Selectivity of the
                      John T. Fleming, Michael Squire, David B.
                      Sattelle and James A. Lewis
13   4    78     Molecular Cloning and Functional Expression of a C.
                 elegans Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit
                      Michael Squire, Camilla Tornoe, Howard Baylis,
                      John Fleming, Eric Barnard and David Sattelle
13   4    79     Neuronal Degeneration Caused by Mutations of an
                 Acetylcholine Receptor in C. elegans.
                      Millet Treinin and Marty Chalfie.
13   4    80     The deg-1(u506) Mutation Disrupts an Extracellular
                 Domain Possibly Required For Channel Gating.
                      Jaime Garcia-Anoveros and Marty Chalfie
13   4    81     Enhancers of unc-8 Mutations.
                      Wayne Shreffler, Kambiz Shekdar and Eve
13   4    82     mec-6 May Encode a Degenerin.
                      Charles Ma, Guoquiang Gu and Marty Chalfie
13   4    83     mec-2:  A Putative Regulator of Membrane
                      Mingxia Huang and Marty Chalfie
13   4    84     An Additional Regulatory Sequence For mec-3
                      Lili Wang and Jeff Way
13   4    84     Defining Sequences That Rescue vab-8, and Extra
                 Vulval Blips in vab-8.
                      Ming-shiu Hung, Sharon Sokol and Jeff Way
13   4    85     mec-5 Encodes a Collagen Needed For Touch
                      Guoqiang Gu, Chris William and Marty Chalfie
13   4    86     Different mec-9 Transcripts Are Expressed in Touch
                 Cells and Ventral Cord Motor Neurons.
                      Hongping Du and Marty Chalfie
13   4    87     Monoclonal Antibodies Against Caenorhabditis
                 elegans Extracellular Matrix.
                      Myeongwoo Lee, Annemarie A. Vance, Anthony
                      J. Otsuka and Hou Tak Cheung
13   4    88     Analysis of the Worm Laminin B Gene.
                      Gautam Kao, Edward Hedgecock and Bill
13   4    89     An HLH-1 Reversion Screen.
                      Lihsia Chen, Michael Krause and Andrew Fire
13   4    90     CEH-22 and Expression of myo-2:  Necessary?,
                      Peter Okkema, Marianne de Vroomen, Ronald
                      H.A. Plasterk and Andy Fire
13   4    91     ceh-24, a New NK Class Homeodomain Gene.
                      Brian Harfe, Pete Okkema and Andy Fire
13   4    92     Looking For M in All the Wrong Places.
                      Ilan Zipkin and Cynthia Kenyon
13   4    94     Correlating the Physical and Genetic Maps on
                 Chromosome III (Left) -  A First Step.
                      Diana Collins, Helen I. Stewart and David L.
13   4    95     A New Set of Deficiencies and 88 New Essential Genes
                 Have Been Identified on LGIII(left) in Caenorhabditis
                      H. Stewart, D. Collins and D. Baillie
13   4    96     New Deficiencies on LGIII.
                      Heinke Schnabel and Ralf Schnabel
13   4    97     Update on Deficiency Screens.
                      Joohong Ahnn and Andrew Fire
13   4    98     A Defined Set of Lethal Mutations at the Right End of
                 the LGII Cluster.
                      William G. Kelly and Andrew Fire
13   4    100    Mapping of C. elegans Telomeres:  Terminal
                 Deficiencies Needed.
                      Monique Zetka, Chantal Wicky and Fritz Muller
13   4    101    Author Index

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