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Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(5) Table of Contents

13  5   1    Tenth International C. elegans Meeting.

13  5   2    1995 Genetic Map of C. elegans.

13  5   2    Serious Infection of Worm by Mycelial Fungus.
                 Sylvia D. Martinelli

13  5   3    C. elegans Internet Information Servers:  Status and
                 Leon Avery

13  5   3    Call For Comments or Suggestions Concerning the CGC.

13  5   4    Meeting Announcement:  A Survey of C. elegans.

13  5   4    Postdoctoral Fellowship.

13  5   5    CGC Bibliographic References.
                 Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

13  5   11   Notes on Worm Plates; MYOB and a Happier Medium.
                 Eric J. Lambie

13  5   12   Making Worms Sit Still on Plates.
                 Wayne Forrester and Gian Garriga

13  5   13   Plate Ecology.
                 Patrick Phillips

13  5   14   Six-Cysteine Motifs in Nematode Proteins.
                 Mark Blaxter

13  5   16   Changes in Cell Positions and Contacts Underlie the
             Evolution of Ray Pattern.
                 David H.A. Fitch and Scott W. Emmons

13  5   18   PCR Fingerprinting in C. elegans and (More or Less)
             Related Species.
                 Mark Benecke and Einhard Schierenberg

13  5   19   Evolution of Vulva Formation: Part V: Starting Genetics in
             Pristionchus (Diplogasteridae).
                 Ralf J. Sommer, Seong-Youn Kim and Paul W.

13  5   20   lin-31, A Transcriptional Regulator of Vulval Development,
             Is Expressed in Vulval Precursor Cells and Is
             Downregulated By the Anchor Cell Signalling Pathway.
                 Patrick Tan and Stuart K. Kim

13  5   21   ga89: A Temperature-Sensitive, Activating Mutation in
             let-60 ras.
                 David M. Eisenmann and Stuart K. Kim

13  5   22   Suppressors of let-60 Dominant Negative Mutations.
                 Trent Gu and Min Han

13  5   23   Quiet Water Downstream of let-60(ras).
                 Diane Church and Eric Lambie

13  5   24   Mek-2, a Caenorhabditis elegans MAP Kinase Kinase,
             Functions in Ras-Mediated Vulval Induction and Other
             Developmental Events.
                 Yan Wu, Min Han and Kun-Liang Guan

13  5   26   Search For Exploding Vulvae.
                 R.E. Palmer and P.W. Sternberg

13  5   27   Tissue Specific Expression of Tropomyosins of
             Caenorhabditis elegans.
                 Kyoko Takuwa and Hiroaki Kagawa

13  5   28   The mua-1 Gene Encodes a Zinc-Finger Transcription
                 John Plenefisch and Edward Hedgecock

13  5   29   CeMEF-2 Is Expressed in Muscle and Nerve.
                 Morgan Park, Daryl Dichoso, Rey Lee-Llacer, Robert
                 Littlejohn and Michael Krause

13  5   30   Genes Regulating Muscle Activation (Mac).
                 David J. Reiner, David Weinshenker and James H.

13  5   31   unc-43 Pleiotropies Imply Both Neuronal and Muscular
             Sites of Function.
                 David J. Reiner and James H. Thomas

13  5   32   Intracellular Recording From Neurons and Muscles in C.
                 Shawn Lockery

13  5   34   Intracellular Recording From Pharyngeal Muscles.
                 M. Wayne Davis and Leon Avery

13  5   35   Site of Action of Genes That Affect Pharyngeal Muscle
             Excitability: The LEFH.
                 Leon Avery

13  5   36   eat-4 Is a Member of An Ancient Membrane-Associated
             Transporter Protein Family: NERD.
                 Raymond Lee and Leon Avery

13  5   37   A Genomic Fragment Containing a C. elegans Homologof
             Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel Rescued a tax-4 Mutation.
                 Hidetoshi Komatsu, Ikue Mori and Yasumi Ohshima

13  5   38   Embryonic Expression of unc-8 Suppressor sup-42.
                 Wayne Shreffler and Eve Wolinsky

13  5   39   A Screen For Lethal Synaptic Function Mutations.
                 Karen Yook and Erik Jorgensen

13  5   40   Visualization of Presynaptic Terminals Using GFP.
                 Michael L. Nonet

13  5   41   Neuronal Expression of unc-119.
                 Morris maduro and David Pilgrim

13  5   42   Toward Cloning pag-3.
                 Yiwen Jia and Eric Aamodt

13  5   43   Analysis of the 5' Transcriptional Regulatory Region of the
             ace-1 Gene in C. elegans.
                 Emmanuel Culetto, Yann Fedon, Marta Grauso,
                 Jean-Baptiste Berge, Jean-Pierre Toutant and Martine

13  5   44   Nematode Gymnastics: Do They Run and Tumble?
                 Nicol Fitzhugh and James H. Thomas

13  5   45   An Alarming Number of Synthetic Daf-c Mutations.
                 James H. Thomas, Kouichi Iwasaki, Elizabeth Malone
                 and Michael Ailion

13  5   46   G-Protein (gpa) Genes Are Involved in Dauer Larvae
                 Richard R. Zwaal and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

13  5   47   A semaphorin (aka fasciclin IV or collapsin) Gene in C.
                 Peter Roy and Joe Culotti

13  5   48   unc-40 Encodes a Protein Related to the Human DCC
             (Deleted Colorectal Cancer) Protein.
                 Shirly Chan, Ming-Wan Su, Joe Culotti and Ed

13  5   49   Is an Alpha-Integrin Required For HSN Migration?
                 Paul Baum and Gian Garriga

13  5   50   A Screen For Mutations That Disrupt CAN Cell Migrations.
                 Wayne Forrester and Gian Garriga

13  5   51   sy275 Males Have a Defect in the Migration and
             Attachment of the Linker Cell.
                 R.E. Palmer and P.W. Sternberg

13  5   52   Mutations With Extra Turning Phenotype of DTCs.
                 Kiyoji Nishiwaki

13  5   53   vab-8 May Encode a Protein with Kex2 Cleavage Sites.
                 Ming-shiu Hung and Jeff Way

13  5   54   Expression Studies and Progress Towards Identifying
             Substrates For bli-4.
                 Colin Thacker, Martin Srayko, Readman Chiu and Ann

13  5   55   Can bli-4 Complement S. cerevisiae kex2 Mutants?
                 Alana Jones, Charlie Boone, Colin Thacker and Ann

13  5   56   Towards Understanding Reduced Penetrance of Blistering
             in bli-4(e937).
                 Martin Srayko, Colin Thacker and Ann Rose

13  5   57   The Post-Transcriptional Regulation of lin-14 By lin-4
             Continues to Reveal Surprises.
                 Philip Olsen and Victor Ambros

13  5   58   The Heterochronic Gene lin-28 is Cloned.
                 Eric G. Moss and Victor Ambros

13  5   59   Genetic Mosaic and Heterochronic Analyses of Inductions
             Occuring in Early Embryogenesis.
                 Christopher A. Shelton and Bruce Bowerman

13  5   60   daf-12 is a Heterochronic Gene Acting During L2 and L3
             Larval Stages.
                 Adam Antebi and Ed Hedgecock

13  5   62   Phenotypic Analysis of par-2 and par-3 Mutant Embryos.
                 Bruce Bowerman, Bruce Howard, Malene Ingram,
                 Lena Kouzminova, Paula Martin and Ann Schlesinger

13  5   64   Actin-Related Protein Arp-1 and Cell Divisions Remnants
             in C. elegans Embryos.
                 Paresh V. Shrimankar, Lawrence A. Schriefer and
                 Robert H. Waterston

13  5   66   SL1 Performs An Essential Function In Early
                 Kimberly C. Ferguson, Paul J. Heid and Joel H.

13  5   67   emb-5 Homolog in Caenorhabditis briggsae.
                 Ken-ichiro Higashi and Johji Miwa

13  5   68   A Nob Allele at the unc-62 Locus.
                 Daniel C. Weaver, Lois Edgar and William B. Wood

13  5   69   The Adult Sterile Mutant, let-545, Is Likely To Be a
             Mutation in glh-1, a Putative P-Granule Component.
                 Mike Gruidl, Sheldon McKay, Ann Rose and Karen

13  5   70   A Screen For Essential Genes Required For Asymmetric Cell
                 Helen M. Chamberlin and David L. Baillie

13  5   71   lin-49, An Essential Gene Required For Normal F and U
                 Helen M. Chamberlin, Paul W. Sternberg and David
                 L. Baillie

13  5   72   pgp-4, A New Member of the C. elegans P-Glycoprotein
             Gene Family.
                 A. Broeks, D.P.E. Satijn, C. Bontekoe and R.H.A.

13  5   73   A C. elegans Hetero-Oligomeric Chaperonin Related to
             Hsp60/GroEL Contains CCT-1, a Member of a Family of
             Related Proteins.
                 Michel R. Leroux and E. Peter M. Candido

13  5   74   Humans Are Small, Too.
                 Cathy Savage, Scott R. Townsend, Yuan Tu and
                 Richard W. Padgett

13  5   75   Scoping Out Mutants in EXCruciating Detail.
                 Matthew Buechner, Ed Hedgecock and David Hall

13  5   76   BODIPY-ceramide Staining of Plasma Membranes in Living
                 Mike Roth and Leon Avery

13  5   77   Spotting Homozygous End Deficiencies.
                 Kelly Adames, Robert Johnsen and Ann Rose

13  5   78   Correlation of the Genetic and Physical Maps Within the
             rol-3 Region of LGV (left).
                 W. Bradley Barbazuk and David L. Baillie

13  5   80   Selection of Aging Mutants With Heat Shock.
                 Yulong Yang and David L. Wilson

13  5   81   age-1 Thermotolerance May Be Associated With hsp-16
                 Gordon J. Lithgow, Tiffany M. White and Thomas E.

13  5   82   Stress Response and Lifespan
                 Gordon J. Lithgow, Tiffany M. White and Tom E.

13  5   83   A Common Phenotype of Longer Life Mutants In C.
                 Shin Murakami and Thomas E. Johnson

13  5   84   mev-1 Is a Mutant of Premature Aging.
                 Hiroshi Adachi, Hideaki Hosokawa and Naoaki Ishii

13  5   85   Modulation of Amyloid Formation in Transgenic Worms.
                 Chris Link

13  5   86   Expression of osm-3 Kinesin Gene Is Exclusively Limited
             To a Set of 26 Chemosensory Neurons in C. elegans That
             Are Open To The External Environment.
                 M. Tabish, Z.K. Siddiqui, K. Nishikawa and S.S.

13  5   87   The dpy-20 Gene Suppresses Expression of tba-1 (alpha-1)
             Tubulin Gene In a Set of Ventral Cord Excitatory Motor
             Neurons in C. elegans.
                 T. Fukushige and S.S. Siddiqui

13  5   88   Patterns of Expression For Genes Predicted From the C.
             elegans Genomic Sequence.
                 Andrew Lynch, David Briggs and Ian A. Hope

13  5   89   Request For Gene Expression Pattern Information for
                 Ian A. Hope, Sylvia D. Martinelli and Richard Durbin

13  5   90   Shotgun Sequence Analysis of Transposon Tc1 Alleles In
             High Copy Number Strains.
                 Hendrik C. Korswagen, Miriam T. Smits, Richard M.
                 Durbin and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

13  5   91   The C. elegans cDNA Project: A Progress Report.
                 Yuji Kohara, Tomoko Motohashi, Akiko Sugimoto,
                 Hisako Watanabe and Hiroaki Tabara

13  5   97   The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: A Progress
                 The C. elegans Genome

13  5   113  Author Index

13  5    e1  The Caenorhabditis elegans Small GTP-Binding Protein RhoA
             Is Enriched In The Nerve Ring And Sensory Neurons During
             Larval Development
                 Weining CHEN, and Louis LIM

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