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Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(3) Table of Contents

14   3   1   Classic Reprints Still Available!
                  Theresa Stiernagle

14   3   1   The CGC Has Worm Movies!
                  Theresa Stiernagle

14   3   2   Worm Research and New Zealand, Too!
                  Chuck Shoemaker

14   3   2   Postdoctoral Positions.
                  Yuji Kohara

14   3   3   CGC Bibliographic References.
                  Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14   3   9   The C. elegans cDNA Project: A Progress Report.
                  Yuji Kohara, Tomoko Motohashi, Hiroaki Tabara, Hisako
                  Watanabe, Akiko Sugimoto, Masako Sano and Akiko Miyata

14   3   10  Easy RNA Isolation from C. elegans: A TRIZOL Based Method.
                  Rebecca D. Burdine and Michael J. Stern

14   3   11  Long Range PCR to the Rescue.
                  Ed Maryon and Phil Anderson

14   3   12  Further Adventures with Antisense RNA: A Tool for Studying
             Zygotic Gene Expression, Too.
                  Patricia E. Kuwabara

14   3   14  A Word to the Wise About Moving C. elegans Eggs.
                  Diana Janke, Norman Franz and David Baillie

14   3   15  Tissue-Specific Expression and RNA Binding Specificity of
             the C. elegans Homologue of the Spliceosome-Associated
             Protein SAP 49.
                  Yoshima Tanaka, Atsunori Ohta and Hiroshi Sakamoto

14   3   16  Male Life Span Shortened by Male-Male Interactions.
                  David Gems and Don Riddle

14   3   17  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans.  4. The Effect of
             Extract from Royal Jelly During Prereproductive Period.
                  Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   3   18  Preliminary Characterization of a Maternal-Effect Mutant
             Defective in Gastrulation Initiation.
                  Jennifer Knight and Bill Wood

14   3   19  Regulation and Expression of the Cysteine Protease Gene
                  Collette Britton, Celeste Ray, Curtis Loer and James
                  H. McKerrow

14   3   20  Regulation of Cell and Stage Specific Expression of the
             Cuticle Collagen Gene dpy-7.
                  John Gilleard, Dave Barry and Iain Johnstone

14   3   21  elt-3: A New GATA Transcription Factor from C. elegans.
                  John Gilleard

14   3   22  Isolation and Classification of C. elegans Mutants with the
             Endomitotic Oocytes (Emo) Phenotype.
                  Thanh Dang, Jim McCarter, Mai Thao Le, Ross Francis and
                  Tim Schedl

14   3   23  Double Strand DNA Repair in C. elegans.
                  Henri G.A.M. van Luenen, Philip S. Hartman and Ronald
                  H.A. Plasterk

14   3   24  New News on New Giant C. elegans Worms.
                  Einhard Schierenberg

14   3   25  Cephalobus spec. Shows a Different Pattern of Gut Induction
             and Differentiation.
                  Oliver Wiegner and Einhard Schierenberg

14   3   26  Is There Regenerative Capacity in the Enoplida (Nematoda)?
                  Roy Douglas Pearson

14   3   27  Does a Retinoic Acid Receptor Function as an X Signal
                  Ilil Carmi, Jennifer Kopczynski and Barbara Meyer

14   3   28  EGL-17 Is an FGF-Like Protein Required Specifically for Sex
             Myoblast Migration.
                  Rebecca D. Burdine and Michael J. Stern

14   3   29  let-60 ras Is Required in the Sex Myoblasts to Control
             Precise Positioning.
                  Meera Sundaram, John Yochem and Min Han

14   3   30  Protein Interactions Between the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
             LET-23, LIN-7 and LIN-2.
                  Susan M. Kaech and Stuart K. Kim

14   3   32  Expression of daf-7 in ASI Neurons.
                  Peifeng Ren, Patrice S. Albert and Donald Riddle

14   3   33  daf-14 Encodes Yet Another Homolog of Drosophila Mad.
                  Takao Inoue and James H. Thomas

14   3   34  Small Differences Between sma-2, sma-3 and sma-4.
                  Cathy Savage and Richard W. Padgett

14   3   35  TGF-B Superfamily Signaling in C. elegans.
                  Srikant Krishna and Richard W. Padgett

14   3   36  Regulation of the Expression of a C. elegans Pax-6 Homolog,
             mab-18, by HOX Genes and TGF-B Signaling.
                  Yinhua Zhang and Scott W. Emmons

14   3   37  A C. elegans Synaptic Vesicle Amine Transporter.
                  Janet Duerr, Angie Duke and Jim Rand

14   3   38  Two Novel Inhibitory Amino Acid Receptors Formed by
             Alternative Splicing Possess Identical Extracellular
                  David Laughton, George Lunt and Adrian Wolstenholme

14   3   40  Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor in C. elegans.
                  Takeshi Ishihara and Isao Katsura

14   3   41  An Activating Mutation in the G Protein Gene gsa-1 Results
             in Neural Degeneration.
                  Hendrik C. Korswagen, Jong-Hyuk Park, Yasumi Ohshima
                  and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

14   3   42  Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptors in Caenorhabditis
                  Howard A. Baylis, Teiichi Furuichi, Fumio Yoshikawa,
                  Hiroyuki Yoneshima, Katzuhiko Mikoshiba and David B.

14   3   43  acr-2, acr-3: A Pair of Linked Genes on Chromosome X
             Encoding non-a Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits
             (ACR-2, ACR-3) Capable of Functional Co-Expression in
             Xenopus Oocytes with UNC-38 to Yield Small Amplitude
             Cationic Currents.
                  David B. Sattelle, Kazuhiko Matsuda, Michael D. Squire,
                  Camilla Tornoe, Howard A. Baylis, John T. Fleming and
                  Eric A. Barnard

14   3   44  An Extensive Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (nAChR) Gene
             Family in Caenorhabditis elegans.
                  Nigel P. Mongan, Howard A. Baylis and David B. Sattelle

14   3   45  Functional Expression in Xenopus Oocytes of
             Hetero-oligomeric Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors of
             Caenorhabditis elegans.
                  Katzuhiko Matsuda, Howard A. Baylis, Michael D. Squire,
                  John T. Fleming, John A. Lewis and David B. Sattelle

14   3   46  DEG-3 -- Electrophysiology at Last.
                  Boaz Gillo and Millet Treinin

14   3   47  unc-8 Revealed.
                  Nektarios Tavernarakis, Shiliang Wang, Wayne Shreffler
                  and Monica Driscoll

14   3   48  unc-103 Encodes a K+ Channel that Functions Downstream of
                  David J. Reiner, Tomoyuki Uekusa, Kiyoji Nishiwaki,
                  Masaatsu K. Uchida, Johji Miwa, Irwin Levitan and James
                  H. Thomas

14   3   49  avr-15 Encodes a Glutamate-Gated Chloride Channel Subunit.
                  Joe Dent and Leon Avery

14   3   50  egl-19(n2368sd) May Cause Myotonia by Affecting
             Voltage-Dependent Inactivation of L-Type Ca2+ Channels.
                  Raymond Lee and Leon Avery

14   3   51  ceh-22 and pha-1 Mutations Have Synergistic Effects on
             Pharyngeal Muscle Gene Expression.
                  Peter Okkema, David Moons and Andrew Fire

14   3   52  A Screen for Mutations Eliminating Posterior Body
             Contractions of the Defecation Cycle Reveals a Complex Locus
             on LG V.
                  Paola Dal Santo and Erik M. Jorgensen

14   3   53  Three Classes of New egl-2 Alleles May Reveal Structural and
             Functional Aspects of the Gene Product.
                  David Weinshenker and James H. Thomas

14   3   54  Cloning and Characterization of unc-45: Another Protein
                  Dave Pilgrim and Lee Venolia

14   3   55  Mutations of lev-11 in the Tropomyosin Gene tmy-1 of C.
                  Kyoko Takuwa and Hiroaki Kagawa

14   3   56  UNC-119 Is a Novel Functionally-Conserved Neuronal Protein.
                  Morris Maduro and Dave Pilgrim

14   3   57  The unc-14 Gene Is Expressed in Neurons with a Pattern
             Similar to that of the unc-51 Gene.
                  Ken-ichi Ogura, Megumi Shirakawa, Tom Barnes, Siegfried
                  Hekimi and Yasumi Ohshima

14   3   58  The C. elegans vab-8 Gene Encodes Two Kinesin-Related
             Proteins Necessary for Axon Outgrowth and Cell Migration.
                  Ming-shiu Hung, Fred Wolf, Bruce Wightman, Gian Garriga
                  and Jeffrey C. Way

14   3   59  UNC-6 Gradients Provide Hierarchical Netrin Guidance Cues
             for Dorsoventral Positioning of Cells and Nerves.
                  William G. Wadsworth, Xing-Cong Ren, Eileen Ruppert and
                  Edward Hedgecock

14   3   60  The Worm Laminin y Gene.
                  Gautam Kao, Eileen Ruppert, Chen-cheng Huang and Bill

14   3   61  cdh-3 Is Required for hyp10 Morphogenesis.
                  Jonathan Pettitt, William B. Wood and Ronald H.A.

14   3   62  The pvl-1 Gene Encodes an armadillo/b-catenin-Related
             Protein Involved in Vulval Induction.
                  David M. Eisenmann and Stuart K. Km

14   3   63  Author Index

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