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Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(4) Table of Contents

14    4   1     Eleventh International C. elegans Meeting.

14    4   2     Two Faculty Positions / Department of Biology /
                Indiana University, Bloomington

14    4   3     Postdoctoral Position
                    David Zarkower

14    4   3     Postdoctoral Position:  Department of Pathobiology /
                University of Pennsylvania
                    Dr. G.A. Schad

14    4   4     Postdoctoral Position
                    Steven L. McIntire

14    4   4     Postdoctoral position available, U. Colorado, Boulder
                    Chris Link

14    4   5     Positions Available
                    Michael Basson

14    4   5     Postdoctoral Fellowship
                    Benjamin Podbilewicz

14    4   6     CGC Bibliographic References.
                    Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14    4   13    The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: Another Progress
                    The C. elegans Genome Consortium

14    4   14    C. elegans and C. briggsae Arrayed Genomic DNA Libraries.
                    Washington University School of Medicine Genome      
                    Sequencing Center and The Sanger Centre

14    4   15    JADE: A Network Access to the Worm Data.
                    Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg and Lincoln D. Stein

14    4   16    Tc1-Sequenced Tagged Sites, An Update.
                    Hendrik C. Korswagen, Richard M. Durbin, Miriam T.
                    Smits and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

14    4   18    Target Site Selection by the Tc1A Transposase.
                    Rene F. Ketting, Sylvia E.J. Fischer and Ronald H.A.

14    4   20    Transposon Insertion Display: A Rapid Method to Identify
                Mutated Genes in a Forward Genetic Screen.
                    Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

14    4   21    Fluorescent Staining of Live Worms Using SYTO Nucleic
                Acid-Binding Dyes.
                    Katherine L. Hill and Steven W. L'Hernault

14    4   22    Partial Rescue and Further Characterization of him-3.
                    Monique Zetka and Fritz Muller

14    4   23    The Role of HIM-14, a Putative MutS Homolog, in Crossover
                Formation During Meiosis.
                    Jonathan Zalevsky and Anne Villeneuve

14    4   24    Expression of KLP-3, a Kinesin with a C-Terminal Motor, Is
                in the Pharynx and Sphincter Cells.
                    L.A. Khan, Z.K. Siddiqui, K. Nishikawa and S.S.

14    4   25    Molecular Identification of the Core-Associated Proteins in
                C. elegans Thick Filaments.
                    Feizhou Liu, Chris C. Bauer, Irving Ortiz, Richard G.
                    Cook and Henry F. Epstein

14    4   26    Lithium Arrests Embryonic Development of C. elegans.
                    Yo Tabuse

14    4   27    kin-15 and kin-16 Deletion Mutants Exhibit Reduced
                Fecundity and Delayed Growth at Reduced Penetrance.
                    William R. Morgan

14    4   28    Detection of Ser/Thr Protein Phosphatase Activities in C.
                    Tamas Zeke, Pal Gergely and Viktor Dombradi

14    4   30    Stewed Q's - Delayed Hatching and Q Cell Migration.
                    Lee Honigberg, Steve Salser and Cynthia Kenyon

14    4   31    Rescue of dpy-17.
                    Anne M. Smardon and Eleanor M. Maine

14    4   32    Ectopic Expression of the Extracellular Matrix Protein
                SPARC During Early Larval Stages Can Suppress the Rol
                    Jean E. Schwarzbauer

14    4   33    ImmunoEM Study of MH27 Reveals Sticky Junctions.
                    David H. Hall

14    4   34    Large Communication Channels in C. elegans Embryos.
                    Oliver Wiegner, Olaf Bossinger and Einhard Schierenberg

14    4   35    Gut Differentiation in C. elegans.
                    Olaf Bossinger and Susan Strome

14    4   36    Gutsy Competition in Cephalobus - More Than Just a Gut
                    Oliver Wiegner and Einhard Schierenberg

14    4   37    Immune Defense of Nematodes: Novel Members of ASABF Family,
                and Their Homologs in C. elegans.
                    Yusuke Kato

14    4   38    Search for Homologs of Drosophila Ecdysone Response Genes
                in the Parasitic Nematode Dirofilaria immitis.
                    Kirsten Crossgrove and Claude V. Maina

14    4   40    Cuticulin Genes Organization in Ascaris lumbricoides.
                    Mohammed Timinouni, Claudia Paiva Nunes and Paolo

14    4   41    RFLPs in Pristionchus pacificus Populations.
                    Isabel Schlak and Ralf J. Sommer

14    4   42    Vulva-Defective Mutants from Pristionchus pacificus.
                    Andreas Eizinger, Kwang-Zin Lee, Carola Weise, Isabel
                    Schlak and Ralf J. Sommer

14    4   43    Evolution of Vulva Formation: Part VIII: Changes of
                Developmental Mechanisms in the Absence of Changes in the
                Cell Lineage During the Evolution of Vulva Formation in the
                Diplogastridae (Nematoda).
                    Ralf J. Sommer

14    4   44    gap-1 Encodes a GTPase Activating Protein that Inhibits
                Vulval Induction.
                    Alex Hajnal, Charles Whitfield and Stuart K. Kim

14    4   46    Mapping the C. elegans Src Homologue, src-1.
                    Jennifer Dignan Hogan and John Collins

14    4   47    Classifying daf-2 Mutants.
                    David Gems, Amy Sutton, Mark Sundermeyer, Kevin King,
                    Patrice Albert, Pam Larsen and Don Riddle

14    4   48    daf-2 Controls Several Aspects of Dauer Formation
                    Javier Apfeld and Cynthia Kenyon

14    4   50    An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 5. The Effect of
                Royal Jelly Extract Water Solutions in Different
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14    4   51    Is the Dauer an Alternative Larval Stage?
                    Chris Link

14    4   52    daf-21, A Gene Required in Several Chemosensory
                Transduction Pathways, Encodes HSP-90.
                    Elizabeth A. Malone and James H. Thomas

14    4   53    Genetic Screens to Elucidate the TGF-B Signaling Pathway.
                    Cathy Savage, Srikant Krishna, Stephen Cohen, Dan
                    Collins, Sapana Patel, Guangcheng Cao and Richard W.

14    4   54    egl-17::GFP Is Expressed in Primary Vulval Cell Lineages.
                    Rebecca D. Burdine and Michael J. Stern

14    4   55    FGF Is Essential to the Worm.
                    Regine Roubin, Marie-Claude Voinier, Daniel Birnbaum,
                    Greg Vatcher, David Baillie and Danielle Thierry-Mieg

14    4   56    Genes that Interact with the C. elegans Wnt Gene lin-44 to
                Control Cell Polarity.
                    Michael Herman, Claire Kari and Bob Herman

14    4   58    The egl-20 Gene Encodes a Wnt Protein Involved in Cell
                Migration and Cell Polarity.
                    Jennifer Whangbo, Jeanne Harris, Gregg Jongeward and
                    Cynthia Kenyon

14    4   59    Are There Different Cell Division Machines in Different
                    Philippe Chanal and Michel Labouesse

14    4   60    Some Precious Hermaphrodites Have Gone Missing: Transgenic
                Arrays of her-1 V Promoter Fragments Induce Dominant sdc
                    Marc Perry, Nimerta Rajwans and Richard Ikegami

14    4   62    Mutations Defining Two or Three New Heterochronic Genes
                that Affect the Timing of Hypodermal Cell Development.
                    Michael Basson and Bob Horvitz

14    4   63    The Heterochronic Mutation n2853 Is an Allele of let-7:
                Complementation, Molecular Analysis, and Rescue.
                    F. Slack, B. Reinhart and G. Ruvkun

14    4   64    Fine Structure Analysis of the C. elegans Temporal Gradient
                Generating lin-14/lin-4 RNA Duplex.
                    Ilho Ha and Gary Ruvkun

14    4   65    unc-1: An Update.
                    Shanta Sabnis, Phil Morgan and Margaret Sedensky

14    4   66    The Ryanodine Receptor Gene ryr-1 Rescued unc-68 Mutation.
                    Yasuji Sakube and Hiroaki Kagawa

14    4   67    LIM-Homeobox Genes in the Worm.
                    Oliver Hobert, Yanxia Liu and Gary Ruvkun

14    4   68    ttx-3 Is a LIM-Homeobox Gene and Controls AIY Function in
                the Thermotactic Pathway.
                    Oliver Hobert, Ikue Mori, Yukiko Yamashita, Hidehiro
                    Honda, Yasumi Ohshima, Yanxia Liu and Gary Ruvkun

14    4   69    Ligand-Gated Chloride Channel Is Necessary for Correct
                    Manabi Fujiwara, Takeshi Ishihara and Isao Katsura

14    4   70    UNC-8 and DEL-1: Two Degenerins Expressed in Motor Neurons
                May Modulate Locomotion.
                    Nektarios Tavernarakis, Wayne Shreffler, Shiliang Wang
                    and Monica Driscoll

14    4   71    Further Characterization of the unc-8 Suppressor Locus,
                    Wayne Shreffler, Nektarios Tavernarakis and Monica

14    4   72    exp-2 Encodes a Potassium Channel.
                    M. Wayne Davis, Joe Dent and Leon Avery

14    4   73    unc-43 Encodes a Calcium/Calmodulin Protein Kinase and
                Interacts with Ion Channel Genes.
                    David J. Reiner, Hong Tian and James H. Thomas

14    4   74    Serotonin-Independent Neuromuscular Targets of Fluoxetine
                    Robert K.M. Choy and James H. Thomas

14    4   75    Acetylcholine Is an Important Neurotransmitter for the
                Regulation of Egg-Laying.
                    David Ramirez and William Schafer

14    4   76    UNC-6 and the Dorsoventral Positioning of Cells and Nerves.
                    Xing-Cong Ren, Eileen Ruppert and William G. Wadsworth

14    4   77    A Model for SDQR Pathway Selection.
                    Xing-Cong Ren, Eileen Ruppert and William G. Wadsworth

14    4   78    Author Index.

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