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Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(5) Table of Contents

14  5   1   C. elegans II.

14  5   2   Positions Available.

14  5   3   Postdoctoral Position
             G.A. Schad

14  5   3   Postdoctoral Position
             Yang Shi

14  5   4   Request for Species List.
             David Fitch

14  5   5   CGC Bibliographic References.
             Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14  5   11  Status of the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC).
             Robert Herman and Theresa Stiernagle

14  5   12  CGC Genetic Map and Nomenclature Subcontract.
             Jonathan Hodgkin, Richard Durbin and Sylvia Martinelli

14  5   14  The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: Towards
             The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Consortium

14  5   16  FireLab 1997 Vector Supplement.
             Andrew Fire and Si-Qun Xu

14  5   18  An Alternative Single Cell Marker for Mosaic Analysis:
            Visualization of Extrachromosomal Arrays by GFP.
             Aidyl Gonzalex-Serricchio and Paul Sternberg

14  5   20  "It's a Boy!" - Using GFP to Sex Embryos and Young Worms.
             Matthew R. Wallenfang, Melanie A. Dunn and Geraldine

14  5   21  New Balancers for LG II.
             Mark L. Edgley, Carolyn Turner and Donald L. Riddle

14  5   22  New RNA in situ Fixative.
             Brian Harfe and Andrew Fire

14  5   23  Another Fixation Method for Immunohistochemistry Using 
            Whole Worms.
             Michael Nonet

14  5   24  A Cosmid Transgenic Library for C. elegans - Another
             Diana Janke, Jacquie Schein, The Ha, Norman Franz,
             Nigel O'Neil, Greg Vatcher, Helen Stewart, Lynnette
             Kuervers, David Baillie and Ann Rose

14  5   25  SupeCosmid Strikes Again.
             Greg P. Vatcher, Nigel O'Neil, Lynnette M. Kuervers

14  5   26  Temperature Sensitive smg Mutations as a Tool to Engineer
            Conditional Expression...A Progress Report.
             Staci Getz, SiQun Run and Andrew Fire

14  5   27  Psst! Wanna Buy a Clock?
             Bernard Lakowski and Siegfried Hekimi

14  5   28  Desperate about Getting the Tc1 to Jump Out from Your
            Favourite Gene? Try First to Mutagenize Your Tc1
            Insertion Strain with Trimethylpsoralen/UV.
             Satis Sookhareea, Pascale Dufourcq and Michel Labouesse

14  5   29  Mutations via Gene Conversion.
             Jonathan Zalevsky and Anne Villeneuve

14  5   30  Visualizing the Embryogenesis of C. elegans.
             Hiroaki Kitano

14  5   32  Polymorphisms Between Strains N2 and DP13 Associated with
            Satellite-Like Repeats.
             Andrew Hahn and Scott Emmons

14  5   33  Mosaic Analysis of let-60 Suggests a Limited Role for Ras
            in Later Development in C. elegans.
             John Yochem, Meera Sundaram and Min Han

14  5   34  C. elegans Homologs of ralGDS, AF-6, Cdc25 and
            Phospholipase C?Interact with Let-60.
             Ken-ichi kariya, Mitsushige Shibatohge, Yasuhiro
             Watari, Masahiro Goshima, Yanhong Liao, Robert Barstead
             and Tohru Kataoka

14  5   36  A Possible Genetic Interaction Between lin-18 and
             Debra Wiland and Wendy S. Katz

14  5   37  Early Axonal Outgrowth of the Nerve Ring: Serial Section
            Reconstruction of the Wild Type Embryo.
             C.R. Norris, I.A. Bazykina, D.H. Hall and E.M.

14  5   38  egl-36 Mutations Reveal a New Role for S6 in
            Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels.
             Duncan Johnstone, Aguan Wei, Lawrence Salkoff and James
             H. Thomas

14  5   40  A Genetic Screen for Mutations Affecting D Neuron Synapse
            Formation and Synaptic Plasticity.
             Mei Zhen and Yishi Jin

14  5   41  The syd-1(ju2)II Gene May Be Required for Type D
            Motorneuron Synaptic Specificity.
             Steven Hallam and Yishi Jin

14  5   42  Death Defying Acts I.
             Dewey Royal, Mary Anne Royal and Monica Driscoll

14  5   43  Death Defying Acts II.
             Keli Xu, Nektarios Tavernarakis and Monica Driscoll

14  5   44  New Alleles of unc-96?
             Tina Tinley, Christine Alberico, David Baillie and Guy

14  5   45  Which Is the First  Egg or Chicken?
             Hiroaki Kagawa, Chisaki Ishida and Yasuji Sakube

14  5   46  Cetwist-Like1, A Novel Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Protein 
            That Is Active in the M Lineage.
             Brian Harfe and Andrew Fire

14  5   48  Isolation and Characterization of Factors That Interact
            with C. elegans MyoD.
             Morgan Park, Robert Littlejohn and Michael Krause

14  5   49  exc Gene Interactions.
             Matthew Buechner and Ed Hedgecock

14  5   50  The par-4 Gene Encodes a Protein Kinase That Is
            Cortically Distributed in Early Embryos.
             Jennifer Watts, Diane Morton, Jennifer Bestman, Su Guo,
             Lisa Matthews and Ken Kemphues

14  5   51  The zyg-9 Gene Encodes a Component of the Meiotic and
            Mitotic Spindles.
             Lisa Matthews, Danielle Thierr-Mieg and Ken Kemphues

14  5   52  Acute Ethanol Exposure Induces Nondisjunction of the X
            Chromosome During Spermatogenesis.
             Lisa C. Lyons and Ralph Hecht

14  5   53  How Does a Large Extracellular Matrix Protein Affect
             Bruce Vogel and Ed Hedgecock

14  5   54  Some Insights Into the Post-Transcriptional Regulation of
            lin-14 by lin-4: What It Is Not.
             Phil Olsen and Victor Ambros

14  5   55  Downsizing LIN-14 - Identification of Protein Domains
            Associated with LIN-14 Function, Nuclear Localization and
            Chromosome Association.
             Yang Hong and Victor Ambros

14  5   56  Temporal Regulation of the Heterochronic Gene lin-28 by
            lin-4 and lin-14.
             Eric G. Moss and Victor Ambros

14  5   57  Dauer Formation and Life Temperatures Above 25C.
             Michael Ailion and James H. Thomas

14  5   58  sma-6 Is Involved in Body Size Determination and Tail
             Srikant Krishna, Daniel Collins and Richard W. Padgett

14  5   59  Cloning, Physical Mapping and Identifying in Molecular
            Term of the Body Size Determining Gene lon-2(X) by Using
            a Modified Transposon Tagging.
             Tibor Vellai and Andras Fodor

14  5   60  Antisense Knockouts of Genes Involved in RNA Processing.
             Carol J. Williams, Tao Huang, Lei Xu and Tom Blumenthal

14  5   61  A New Mutation That Is Synthetic Lethal with mec-8.
             Caroline A. Spike and Robert K. Herman

14  5   62  her-1 Strikes Back.
             Weiqing Li, Adrian Streit, Barbara Robertson and Bill

14  5   64  Good Old Boys: Investigating Superior Male Endurance and
            Small Size in Stanford Worms.
             Jonathan Hodgkin

14  5   65  Regulated Nuclear Entry of the Homeodomain Transcription 
            Factor MAB-18.
             Yinhua Zhang, Henrique Ferreira and S.W. Emmons

14  5   66  vab-1 Encodes an Eph Family Receptor Tyrosine Kinase That
            Functions in Hypodermal Morphogenesis.
             Sean George and Andrew Chisholm

14  5   67  An Islet-Class LIM Homeobox Gene Expressed in Head
            Neurons and in the Gonad.
             Oliver Hobert, Yanxia Liu and Gary Ruvkin

14  5   68  Rescue of unc-32 by a Fragment Encoding Vacuolar Proton
             Claire Bonnerot, Nathalie Pujol and Danielle

14  5   69  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 6. No Effect of
            Royal Jelly Extract Water Solutions in Concentration
            1:100 000 000.
             Vladimir V. Bakaev

14  5   70  Cellular Expression of the unc-116 Gene Encoding Kinesin
            Heavy Chain.
             M.Y. Ali, M.A. Shakir, Z.K. Siddiqui, M.L.A. Khan and
             S.S. Siddiqui

14  5   71  Transcriptionally-Repressed Germline Blastomeres Lack a
            Specific Subpopulation of Phosphorylated RNA Polymerase
             Geraldine Seydoux and Melanie A. Dunn

14  5   72  A C. elegans Dioxin Receptor.
             Jo Anne Powell-Coffman and Bill Wood

14  5   73  unc-3 Gene Encodes the C. elegans Homologue of the
            Mammalian Transcription Factor O/E-1.
             Brinda C. Prasad and Randall R. Reed

14  5   74  unc-3 Encodes a Transcription Factor Expressed in
            Excitatory Motor Neurons and the Chemosensory Neuron ASI.
             Todd Starich, Robert K. Herman, Jocelyn Shaw and Sean

14  5   75  unc-62 Is Rescued by Skp-1-Like Sequences.
             Daniel Weaver, L. Edgar and Bill Wood

14  5   76  mig-15 Encodes a Novel Ser/Thr Protein Kinase of the
            Ste-20/p65PAK Family.
             Xiaoping Zhu and Edward Hedgecock

14  5   77  Author Index.

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