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Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(1) Table of Contents

15   1  1   Announcing the '98 Midwest Worm Meeting.
15   1  2   1998 East Coast C. elegans Meeting.
15   1  3   Technician and Post-Doc Positions Available.
               Meera Sundaram
15   1  3   Postdoctoral Position.
               Alan Coulson
15   1  4   Two Postdoctoral Positions
               Howard Baylis and David Sattelle
15   1  5   Positions Open-Exelixis Pharmaceuticals
               Exelixis Pharmaceuticals
15   1  6   CGC Bibliographic References.
               Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
15   1  23  The C. elegans cDNA Project: A Brief Update (as of Sept.
             6, 1997).
               Yuji Kohara, Tadasu Shin-i, Tomoko Motohashi,
               Hiroaki Tabara, Tokie Ohba, Ikuko Sugiura, Masumi
               Obara, Akiko Miyata, Masako Sano, Hiroko Uesugi,
               Hisako Watanabe, Yuko Mitani and Tamami Nagaoka
15   1  24  The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: An Update.
               The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Consortium.
15   1  26  The C. briggsae Physical Map: An Update.
               Jacqueline Schein and The Washington University
               Genome Sequencing Center Staff
15   1  28  YAC Rescue Made Easy.
               Andrew G. Davies and Jocelyn E. Shaw
15   1  29  Cloning the Unclonable Using Representational Difference
               Daniel C. Weaver, Kimberly Van Auken and Bill Wood
15   1  30  Tc1 As a Tool for Transgenesis of Vertebrates.
               Henri G.A.M. van Luenen, Erez Raz, Barbara
               Schaerringer, Wolfgang Driever and Ronald H.A.
15   1  31  A Simple Method for in-vivo Detection of Gut
            Differentiation in Nematodes.
               Oliver Wiegner and Einhard Schierenberg
15   1  32  Optimal Buffer and Storage Conditions for ENU.
               Sara Dorman and Elizabeth De Stasio
15   1  33  smg-Mediated Stage- and Tissue-Specific Expression.
               Richard Zwaal and Leon Avery
15   1  34  Control of Mitochondrial Morphology.
               Marsha Crawley and Dany Adams
15   1  35  Paraquat Mediates Differential Gene Expression in C.
               Wilson Tawe, Marie-Luise Eschbach, Rolf D. Walter
               and Kimberly Henkle-Duehrsen
15   1  36  An Attempt to Slow Agiang in C. elegans. 8. Melatonin
            Reduces Life Span of C. elegans.
               Vladimir V. Bakaev, Anatolii V. Efremov and Vladimir
               N. Anisimov
15   1  37  Aggregation of B Amyloid Peptide Variants in Transgenic
               Chris Link, Amy Fluet and David Fay
15   1  38  Exposure to Sodium Azide Induces Thermotolerance.
               Michelle R. Massie, Kristy Boggs, Annie Reagan,
               Stephanie Gall, Karen E. Stine and Glenn E. White
15   1  39  Halothane, A General Anesthetic, Confers Resistance to
               Bruno van Swinderen, Russell Roberson and Mike
15   1  40  Genetic Characterization of Osmosensation: Analysis and
            Identification of osm-10 Interactors.
               Jonathan Shapiro, Hana Sugimoto and Anne C. Hart
15   1  41  Genetic Analysis of a Polymodal Circuit.
               Vinh Chung, Kenneth Lecointe, Chris Korey and Anne
15   1  42  A C. elegans Model of Huntington's Disease and Other CAG
            Repeat Diseases.
               Peter Faber, Janet Alter, Marcy MacDonald and Anne
15   1  43  Putative Buccalin-Like and Myomodulin-Like Neuropeptides
            in C. elegans.
               Arif Nathoo and Anne Hart
15   1  44  Serotonin and Acetylcholine Act in Parallel to Induce
            Egg Laying.
               David Weinshenker and James H. Thomas
15   1  45  The Egl-c Index.
               Tom Barnes and Siegfried Hekimi
15   1  46  A C. elegans hunchback Homologue, hbl-1.
               David Fay, Heather Stanley, Lois Edgar and Bill Wood
15   1  47  The C. elegans ceh-13 Hox Gene Plays a Role in Anterior
            Hypodermal Patterning During Elongation.
               Karin Brunschwig, Claudia Wittmann, Ralf Schnabel,
               Heinz Tobler and Fritz Muller
15   1  48  The Homeotic Gene lin-39: Regulation and Evolution of
            Nematode Epidermal Cell Fates.
               Andreas Eizinger and Ralf J. Sommer
15   1  49  Wild-Type Expression Pattern of the C. elegans Hox Gene
               Henrique B. Ferreira, Yinhua Zhang and Scott W.
15   1  50  Molecular and Genetic Characterization of sop-1
            (suppressor of pal-1), sop-2, sop-3 and sop-4: Genes for
            Male Ray Development.
               Hong Zhang and Scott Emmons
15   1  51  Genetic Analysis of Dopminergic Neuron Specification in
            the Male Tail.
               Robyn Lints and Scott W. Emmons
15   1  52  The Small Screen Gets Smaller.
               Cathy Savage-Dunn, Steven Cohen, Srikant Krishna and
               Richard W. Padgett
15   1  53  sma-3 Structure/Function Studies.
               Cathy Savage-Dunn, Huang Wang and Richard W. Padgett
15   1  54  dpy-5 Encodes a Cuticle Collagen.
               Colin Thacker and Ann M. Rose
15   1  55  The Growing Family of Kex2/subtilisin-like Proprotein
            Convertases in C. elegans.
               Colin Thacker and Ann M. Rose
15   1  56  sup-17 Encodes an ADAM Protein Related to Drosophila
               Chenhui Wen, Mark M. Metzstein and Iva Greenwald
15   1  58  A Pathway for Vulval Morphogenesis in C. elegans.
               Ranjana Sharma-Kishore and Benjamin Podbilewicz
15   1  60  Rescue of lin-18 by a Predicted Receptor Tyrosine
               Wendy S. Katz
15   1  61  AIR-1 and AIR-2: Two Highly Related, Conserved, and
            Uniquely Localized Serine/Threonine Protein Kinases That
            Are Both Required for the Proper Execution of Cell Cycle
            Events in C. elegans Embryos.
               Jill M. Schumacher, Peter J. Donovan and Andy Golden
15   1  62  The WEE1 Family of Kinases in C. elegans: An Update.
               Mary Kosinski, Neville Ashcroft and Andy Golden
15   1  63  Role of Cc25 Cell Cycle Regulators in C. elegans.
               Neville Ashcroft, Mary Kosinski and Andy Golden
15   1  64  Isolation of Non-Conditional emb-30 Alleles.
               Bryan Koch, Roy Auty, Tokiko Furata, Kim Rose and
               David Greenstein
15   1  65  A C. elegans Homologue of DAZ/boule Is Involved in
            Progression Through Meiosis During Oogenesis.
               Takeshi Karashima, Asako Sugimoto and Masayuki
15   1  66  ooc-5 Mutations Disrupt Oocyte Formation and Division
               Stephen E. Basham and Lesilee S. Rose
15   1  67  Characterization of him-6, A Gene Required for the
            Proper Disjunction of Chromosomes During Meiosis.
               Chantal Wicky, Ann Rose and Fritz Muller
15   1  68  him-8, Spontaneous Males, and Interference.
               Philip Meneely, Anantha Ganta, Jonathan Wong and
               Bret Kean
15   1  69  Is MUT-7 Temperature Sensitive?
               Rene F. Ketting, Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald
               H.A. Plasterk
15   1  70  Functional Analysis of Two unc-60 Gene Products, Members
            of the Actin Depolymerizing Factor/Cofilin Family.
               Shoichiro Ono, Christine Alberico, David L. Baillie
               and Guy M. Benian
15   1  71  Characterization of duf-1: C. elegans First Hypofusion
               Tammar Gattegno and Benjamin Podbilewicz
15   1  72  Are hyp-6 and hyp-7 Interconnected? Some Observations
            from Mosaic Analyses Using SUR-5GFP(NLS).
               Yohn Yochem, Trent Gu and Min Han
15   1  73  Tail Deformity Induced by Coryneform Bacteria: Some
            Mutants Are Really a Pain in the Ass.
               Jonathan Hodgkin and Brit Corneliussen
15   1  74  On the Trail of Two her-1 Relatives.
               Adrian Streit, Weiqing Li, Barbara Robertson,
               Jacquie Schein, Marco Marra and Bill Wood
15   1  75  The C. elegans Sexual Regulator mab-3 Is Related to
            Drosophila Sexual Regulator doublesex.
               Christopher S. Raymond, Caroline E. Shamu, Michael
               M. Shen, Jonathan Hodgkin and David Zarkower
15   1  76  fog-3 Encodes a Novel Protein Regulated by TRA-1A.
               Pei-Jiun Chen, Judith Kimble and Ronald E. Ellis
15   1  77  fog-1 Allele Strengths.
               Amy Shah, Nancy Arno and Ronald Ellis
15   1  78  Isolation and Characterization of fog-1(q253ts)
               Suk-Won Jin, Jeff Nicola and Ronald Ellis
15   1  79  sym-1, A Leucine-Rich Repeat-Containing Gene, Is
            Synthetic Lethal with mec-8.
               Andrew G. Davies, Jocelyn E. Shaw and Robert K.
15   1  80  LIN-42: A Tie to Fly and Mammalian "Clock" Proteins?
               Mili Jeon, Heather Gardner, Eric Miller, Jodie
               Miller and Ann Rougvie
15   1  81  Author Index.

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