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Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(2) Table of Contents

Trans-NIH Coordinating Committee for Non-Mammalian Models. 1
Jill Carrington
East Coast Worm Meeting. 2
2000 West Coast C. elegans Meeting. 2
Midwest Worm Meeting 2000. 2
Japanese C. elegans Meeting 2000. 3
Shohei Mitani
Ver midi III. 3
Nathalie Pujol and Jonathan Ewbank
Practical Course Announcement. 3
Jonathan Hodgkin
Opportunities at Exelixis. 4
Functional Genomics at the Sanger Centre: Positions Available. 5
Postdoctoral Position: The Sanger Centre. 5
Postdoctoral Position: McGhee Lab. 6
Postdoctoral Position at Novartis. 6
Postdoctoral Position Available - Yale University. 7
Frank Slack
Technician/Research Assistant Position Available. 7
Frank Slack
C. elegans: A Practical Approach. 8
Ian A. Hope
CGC Bibliographic References. 9
Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
Optimizing the Use of Heat-Shock Sense + Antisense Constructs to Obtain a Heritable Interfering Element. 23
Morris F. Maduro and Joel H. Rothman
snip-SNPs II: Mapping Using Bulked Segregant Analysis. 24
Stephen R. Wicks and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
Protocol for Antibody Staining Mitotic and Meiotic Chromosomes in the Gonad. 26
Annette Chan and Barbara J. Meyer
A Genetic Link Between RNAi, Transposon Silencing and Cosuppression. 28
Rene F. Ketting and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
A Set of PCR Primers for RNAi Studies for 766 Germ Line Genes. 29
Valerie Reinke, Monica Colaiacovo, Gillian Stanfield, Anne M. Villeneuve and Stuart K. Kim
Insertional Polymorphisms of rte-1 Retrotransposon in Wild-Type C. elegans Strains. 30
Eugene Berezikov, Svetlana Scherbik and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
unc-23 Encodes a Protein Highly Similar to Mammalian BAG-2 (BCL2-Associated Athanogene 2), a Chaperone Regulator. 32
Poupak Rahmani and Donald Moerman
The unc-112 Gene Encodes a Novel Component of Cell-Matrix Adhesion Structures. 33
Teresa Rogalski, Gregory Mullen and Donald Moerman
Fourth Tropomyosin Isoform of Caenorhabditis elegans Expresses in the Pharynx and Gut and Is Essential for Development. 34
Akwasi Anyanful, Yasuji Sakube and Hiroaki Kagawa
Maternal UNC-45 May Have a Role in Early Embryos Independent of Muscle Function. 35
Wanyuan Ao and Dave Pilgrim
Mammalian Growth Factors in C. elegans (and vice versa). 36
Marina Tarsitano, Manuela Mangogna, Tetsunari Fukushige, Massimo Signore, Gabriella Minchiotti, Paolo Bazzicalupo, Jim McGhee and Graziella Persico
C. elegans RAD51 Promoter Is Activated After Gamma-Irradiation. 38
Cinzia Rinaldo, Paolo Bazzicalupo, Sara Ederle, Massimo Hilliard and Adriana La Volpe
Domains Involved in Self-Association of C. elegans RAD51: Binding to DNA Is Necessary for the Self-Association. 39
Cinzia Rinaldo, Marinella Mastrogiacomo, Sara Ederle and Adriana La Volpe
The Function of the Putative Cargo Receptor ERGIC-53 in the Worm. 40
F. Kuhn, H.P. Hauri, A. Friedlein and H.W. Lahm
sgs-1, A Gene Encoding an Adenylyl Cyclase Involved in Ga(s) Signalling, Is an Essential Gene. 41
Celine Moorman, Hendrik C. Korswagen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
A Large Number of C. elegans Kinesins May Be Involved in Chromosomal Movement in Caenorhabditis elegans. 42
M. Yusuf Ali and Shahid S. Siddiqui
Reversal of Anterior/Posterior Polarity in 1-Cell Embryos Arrested in Meiosis-Implications for how Embryonic Polarity Is Established. 43
Matthew R. Wallenfang and Geraldine Seydoux
In vitro Translational Run-Off of Heterochronic Gene mRNA. 44
Kathy Seggerson and Eric Moss
dpy-18 Corresponds to a Prolyl 4-Hydroxylse Collagen Modifying Enzyme. 46
Alan Winter and Tony Page
e917 Is an Inversion that Should Balance the Center of LG V. 47
Barbara Robertson, Kimberly Van Auken and Bill Wood
Genetic Markers in Oscheius/Dolichorhabditis sp. CEW1: Why so many X-linked Uncs? 48
M.-L. Dichtel, M.-A. Felix and P.W. Sternberg
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 13. A Positive Effect of Dicaine. 49
Vladimir B. Bakaev
Author Index. 50

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