Worm Breeder's Gazette 16(5)

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Reminder of the 13th International C. elegans Meeting. 1
Paul Sternberg
2001 Genetic Map of C. elegans: Call for Data. 2
Jonathan Hodgkin and Sylvia Martinelli
Practical Course Announcement: 31st Wellcome Trust Advanced Course. 3a
Jonathan Hodgkin, Alan Coulson and Patricia Kuwabara
Ver midi IV. 3b
Nathalie Pujol and Jonathan Ewbank
Center for C. elegans Anatomy Expands its Archives. 4a
David Hall
Postdoctoral Position Available. 4b
Eli Y. Adashi
CGC Bibliographic References. 5
Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
Improved Survivorship of Frozen C. elegans Deletion Mutant Libraries. 18
Andrew M. Beld, David M. Miller and Kevin Strange
Mapping Useful GFP Insertions: Evidence for Local Suppression of Recombination. 20
Jonathan Hodgkin, Alan Coulson, Patricia Kuwabara and Participants in WTAC24 and WTAC27
On the Reproducibility of Large-Scale RNAi Screens. 22
Fabio Piano, Aaron Schetter, Diane Morton, Kris Gunsalus, Valerie Reinke, Stuart Kim and Ken Kemphues
N2(ancestral) Is a Mutant with Reduced Fertility and Longevity. 24
Diana McCulloch and David Gems
Tight-Seal Whole-Cell Patch Clamping of C. elegans Neurons: Erratum. 25
Shawn Lockery and Miriam Goodman
Thiabendazole (with Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Methylene Blue) as a Possible Aid in the "Limited Contamination" Culture of Caenorhabditis elegans. 26
William C. Campbell
Using Caenorhabditis elegans as a Model to Study Autophagy. 28
Willisa Liou
Characterization of rcn-1, a Cacipressin Homologue in C. elegans. 31
Jin Lee, Jaya Bandyopadhyay, Tami Kingsbury, Kyle Cunningham and Joohong Ahnn
Microevolution of Vulval Cell Lineages within Two Nematode Genera: Caenorhabditis and Oscheius. 32
Marie Delattre and Marie-Anne Felix
Promoter Dissection of C. elegans Hox Gene egl-5. 33
Yingqi Teng and Scott W. Emmons
egl-5 Promoter Analysis Provides Clues Toward Understanding Anterior/Posterior Addressing at the Cis-Regulatory Level. 34
Lisa Girard and Paul Sternberg
Reverse Genetic Approach to Identify Genes Required for Thermotaxis in C. elegans. 36
Hitoshi Inada, Hidetoshi Komatsu, Mikihiro Kosaki and Ikue Mori
RNAi Screen and Functional Analysis of Genes Required for Germline Development. 37
Momoyo Hanazawa, Makoto Mochii, Naoto Ueno, Yuji Kohara and Yuichi Iino
Monoclonal Antibody MH33 Recognizes a Gut-Specific Intermediate Filament. 38
Tetsunari Fukushige and Jim McGhee
Transcript Specific RNAi Phenocopies Two Classes of mig-6 Mutant. 39
Takehiro Kawano and Joseph G. Culotti
Identification of Genes Required for Ventralward Axon Guidance in C. elegans. 40
Kazuko Fujisawa and Joe Culotti
All Available Mutations in flp-1 Also Delete daf-10 Sequences, Confounding Phenotype Interpretation. 41
Michael Ailion and James H. Thomas
GLC-3: A Fipronil and BIDN-Sensitive, but Picrotoxinin-Insensitive, L-Glutamate-Gated Chloride Channel Subunit from Caenorhabditis elegans. 42
Lucy Horoszok, Valerie Raymond, David Sattelle and Adrien Wolstenholme
VEGF-Like Receptors in C. elegans. 43
Gratien Dalpe, LiJia Zhang, Enza Colonna, Marina Tarsitano, Paolo Bazzicalupo, Tetsunari Fukushige, Jim McGhee, Joe Culotti and Graziella Persico
smu-2 Affects the Alternative Splicing of unc-52 Pre-mRNA and Is Homologous to a Mammalian Spliceosome-Associated Protein. 44
Angela Spartz, Jocelyn Shaw and Robert Herman
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 18. No Effect of Sodium Fusidine. 45
Vladimir V. Bakaev
n Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 19. A Positive Effect of 1-Butylbiguanide Hydrochloride. 46
Vladimir V. Bakaev
Author Index. 47