Worm Breeder's Gazette 17(1)

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C. elegans Researcher Directory. 1
  Leon Avery, Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
Technician/Research Assistant Position Available at Yale University. 1
  Frank Slack
Post-Doctoral Research Opportunity: Functional Genomics Studies in Aging. 2
  Marco Marra
Position at Caltech, CA. 2
  Paul Sternberg
CGC Bibliographic References. 3
  Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
WormBase Update. 28
  WormBase Consortium
Gene Knockout Methods Available Online. 30
  Sheldon McKay, Mark Edgley, Erin Gilchrist, Steven Jones and Don Moerman
Using spe-26 as an Alternative Marker for Rescue by Biolistic Transformation. 31
  Harold E. Smith and Sam Ward
RNAi Feeding to Produce Males. 32
  Darrell J. Killian and E. Jane Albert Hubbard
A Skim Milk-Supplemented Axenic Medium to Support Development and Reproduction of C. elegans. 33
  Hugh F. LaPenotiere, Deborah Y. French, Maria Szilagyi and Eric D. Clegg
A Rapid, PCR-Based Protocol to Create GFP Fusions. 34
  Oliver Hobert
A Vector for Pan-Neuronal smg-1-Dependent Transgene Expression. 36
  Chris Link, Gin Fonte and Andrew Taft
Overexpression of UNC-40 in the Touch Neurons Results in Misdirection of the ALM Axon. 37
  Naomi Levy-Strumpf and Joseph G. Culotti
Identifying Male Fertility Genes by Recombinant Inbred Mapping. 38
  Marc Hammarlund and Erik M. Jorgensen
Natural Variation in Egg-Laying Behavior. 39
  Michael Ailion and James H. Thomas
Understanding the Function of egl-38 and lin-48 Using Heat Shock Promoters hsp16-2 and hsp16-41. 40
  Ashwin Uttam and Helen Chamberlin
Suppressor Screen of egl-38 Egg-Laying Defect to Study the Vulva to Uterus Signalling Pathway. 41
  Vandana Rajakumar and Helen M. Chamberlin
Comparative Study of the ovo-Related gene lin-48 Provides Evidence for the Evolution of Transcriptional Regulation. 42
  Xiaodong Wang and Helen M. Chamberlin
qui-1 Has Been Moleculary Identified and Corresponds to Y45F10B.10. 43
  Massimo A. Hilliard, Ronald H.A. Plasterk and Paolo Bazzicalupo
Common Imprinting for Temperature and Odor Memories. 44
  J.J. Remy
The C. elegans Gastronome: Differential Palates for Mycobacterium smegmatis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 45
  Ming Chih Tsai, Jonathan Lipton, Scott Emmons and John Chan
Arrhythmicity of the Defecation Oscillator in lin-42 Mutants. 46
  Fred Kippert and Mark L. Blaxter
Towards a Pristionchus Genome Map I - P. pacificus BAC Library Construction and End Sequencing of BAC Clones. 48
  Ralf J. Sommer, Taco Jesse, Stephan C. Schuster, Gunther Raddatz, Heike Keller and Christa Lanz
Towards a Pristionchus Genome Map II - Microevolutionary Analysis of the Nematode Genus Pristionchus. 49
  Jagan Srinivasan, Andre Pires da Silva, Arturo Gutierrez, Min Zheng, Hanh Witte, Isabel Kipping and Ralf J. Sommer
Towards a Pristionchus Genome Map III - SNP Searches and Analyses in Pristionchus pacificus. 50
  Jagan Srinivasan, Waltraud Sinz, Alexandra Brand, Hanh Witte, Gunther Raddatz, N. Ram Kumar, Stephan C. Schuster and Ralf J. Sommer
Towards a Pristionchus Genome Map IV - A Genetic Linkage Map of Pristionchus pacificus. 51
  Waltraud Sinz, Jagan Srinivasan, Alexandra Brand, Hanh Witte, Isabel Kipping and Ralf J. Sommer
Simulation of Bacterial Transport in the Pharynx. 52
  Leon Avery
Dye Transport and the Bright Screen. 54
  Leon Avery and Charles Heise
The Map Kinase Phosphatase LIP-1 Is Required for the Meiotic Cell-Cycle Arrest in Developing Oocytes. 55
  Alex Hajnal, Erika Frohli Hoier and Thomas Berset
EGL-15 Promotes Protein Degradation in Muscle by Activating the Ras-MAPK Pathway. 56
  Nate Szewczyk and Lew Jacobson.
Isolation and Characterization of Suppressors of the Ryanodine Receptor Gene unc-68 Mutants. 58
  Ryota Adachi and Hiroaki Kagawa
Sodium-Dependent Neurotransmitter (snf) Genes in C. elegans. 59
  Gregory Mullen, Gary Moulder, Robert Barstead and James Rand
The Serotonin-Synthetic AAADC bas-1 Gene Is C05D2.4. 60
  E. Hare and C. Loer
Cloning of the ceh-13/labial/hox1 Ortholog from C. remanei. 62
  Francois Gautron, Jose Fos, Charles Stoyanov, Adrian Streit and Fritz Muller
ceh-44, a Cut-Like Gene in C. elegans. 63
  N. Pujol, C. Zimmer, T. Burglin and H. Cremer
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 20. A Positive Effect of Ascorbic Acid. 64
  Vladimir V. Bakaev
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 21. No Positive Effect of Vitamin B12. 65
  Vladimir V. Bakaev
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 22. No Positive Effect of Ascorbic Acid in Postreproductive Period. 66
  Vladimir V. Bakaev
An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 23. No Positive Effect of Ascorbic Acid in Reproductive Period. 67
  Vladimir V. Bakaev
Mitochondrial Metabolism in C. elegans. 68
  Marge Sedensky and Phil Morgan
Author Index. 69
  Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman