Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(4): 3a

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Because of the rapid growth of the field (and those long bus rides 
to get to housing), we have decided not to have the next International 
C.  elegans Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor.  The meeting will be held 
instead at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  The meeting dates 
are June 1-5, 1991.  The setting seems equally as pleasant if not more 
so than CSH, and the cost of the meeting should be much cheaper.  In 
addition, the meeting planning office at the University says that it 
can send abstract books to people before the meeting.  We will be 
sending registration materials to subscribers of the Newsletter after 
the New Year and will have additional notices about the meeting in the 
next Newsletter.  We are also looking into reduced air travel for the 
meeting; this will also be described in a later Newsletter.
One final note:  money is going to be tight.  We have applied for 
several grants and will apply for other funds, but nothing is 
guaranteed.  If you know of funds that we can apply for, please let us 
know as soon as possible.  We would like to have as many people attend 
the meeting as possible.
Organizing Committee:  Marty Chalfie, Cynthia Kenyon, Scott Emmons 
and Phil