Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(4): 4b

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Another Tektronix 4014 Emulator

Phil Morgan

It will not come as a surprise that yet another computer system can 
be used to access the contig libnraries, but I thought I'd send it in 
for the sake of completeness.  The Amiga can be used for this purpose 
and is considerably easier than the IBM based system Smarterm 240 (at 
least in my hands).  The emulator for the Amiga is called A-Talk III 
and is specifically for a Tektronix 4014.  The settings are the same 
as described for the IBM.  The nice thing about the Amiga is that it 
is multi-tasking so you can access the library while your really big 
time consuming program is running in the background.  In addition, 
since the Amiga supports an IBM (MS-DOS) domain on its hard drive, if 
you're married to IBMness you can also access the library from this 
domain using Smarterm.  I haven't tried it, but I think you could 
access the library through two numbers at the same time (need two 
modems) since the machine is multi-tasking.