Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(1): 19 (September 1, 1991)

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Transposon Tagging of unc-51 Gene

Ken-ichi Ogura, Ikue Mori, Yasumi Ohshima

Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812, Japan

In unc-51 mutants, several neurons have abnormally guided axons (HSN, C. Desai et al. Nature. 336 (1988) 638-646; PDE, amphid and phasmid neurons, E. Hedgecock et al. Dev. Biol. 111 (1985) 158-170 etc.). Several unc mutants were found among progenies of mutator strain RW7097 .One of them did not complement unc-51 ( e369 ),and it was tentatively named as UF. UF reverted at a high frequency. These results suggested that UF carried Tc1 insertion in the unc-51 gene. To analyze the function of unc-51 gene, we tried to clone this gene with Tc1 probe. To reduce the number of Tc1 copies, UF was crossed with N2 ten times. This strain was named unc-51 ( ks38 ::T c1 ).Southern blot analysis showed that the unc-51 ( ks38 ::T c1 )contained about ten extra Tc1s when compared with N2 .To find a Tc1 which had inserted into the unc-51 gene, RFLP analysis was done with flanking DNA of extra Tc1s .One clone hybridized with a 4.3kb EcoRI fragment in unc-51 ( ks38 ::T c1 ),but with a 2.7kb EcoRI fragment in revertants and N2 .This DNA fragment may contain a part of unc-51 gene. To map the DNA fragment, we are sending this clone to MRC. If this clone is mapped near the unc-51 gene, we will try to clone cDNA and to analyze the genomic and cDNA clones.