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Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(2) Table of Contents

13  2  1    1994 East Coast Worm Meeting
13  2  2    West Coast C. elegans Meeting
13  2  2    A Modest Plea
13  2  3    Postdoctoral Positions
13  2  7    CGC Bibliographic References
               Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman
13  2  12   Easiest Worm Plate Medium
               Eric Lambie
13  2  12   An Update on in situ Hybridization
               Tom Evans, Sam Henderson and Judith Kimble
13  2  13   Some Technical Notes on the Use of GFP
               Marty Chalfie
13  2  14   The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: A Progress Report
               The C. elegans Genome Consortium
13  2  19   C. briggsae Similarities
               The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Consortium
13  2  20   Systematic analysis of C. elegans cDNA - Towards an Expression
            Map of the Genome
               Yuji Kohara, Tomoko Motohashi, Akiko Nishigaki, Akiko
                Sugimoto and Hisako Watanabe
13  2  21   Characterized cDNA Clones in High-Density Grids
               Akiko Sugimoto and Yuji Kohara
13  2  22   In situ Hybridization on Embryos-Analysis of Candidate Clones
            for Differentially Expressed Genes
               Hiroaki Tabara and Yuji Kohara
13  2  23   Cloning C. briggsae Homologues by Synteny
               Patricia Kuwabara and Sheetal Shah
13  2  24   Telomerases in Nematodes
               L. Magnenat, T. Nilsen, H. Tobler and F. Muller
13  2  25   Do Nematodes Have Humoral Anti-Microbial Defences?
               Joyce Moore, Roger Parton and Malcolm W. Kennedy
13  2  26   The Genetics of Strongyloides
               Mark Viney
13  2  28   From Ascaris to C. elegans: A Way to Study Gene Structure and
               Y-J. Huang, H. Tobler and F. Muller
13  2  29   Evolution of Vulva-Formation: Part II: Species With a Central
               Ralf J. Sommer and Paul W. Sternberg
13  2  30   sa62, a Semi-Dominant Allele of let-23
               Wendy S. Katz, Giovanni Lesa and Paul W. Sternberg
13  2  31   Analysis of the 5' Transcriptional Regulatory Regions of the
            let-23 Gene in C. elegans.
               Tomoe Sakai, Makoto Koga and Yasumi Ohshima
13  2  32   Drosophila MAP kinase kinase (MAPKK) Suppressed let-23
            Vulvaless Phenotype and Induced a Normal Vulva
               Makoto Koga and Yasumi Ohshima
13  2  33   lin-36, a Class B Synthetic Multivulva Gene, Encodes a Novel
               Jeffrey H. Thomas and H. Robert Horvitz
13  2  34   lin-36, a Class B Synthetic Multivulva Gene, Acts Cell
               Jeffrey H. Thomas and H. Robert Horvitz
13  2  36   A Variety of Synthetic Dauer-Constitutive Mutations
               Isao Katsura, Norio Suzuki and Takeshi Ishihara
13  2  38   TGF-B Signalling: The Long and the Small of It
               Cathy Savage, Scott Baird and Richard Padgett
13  2  39   daf-4 is Required During Late L2 and Early L4 for Ray and
            Spicule Development
               Scott Baird
13  2  40   The daf-2 Gene Acts in the Adult to Limit Life Span
               Pamela L. Larsen and Donald L. Riddle
13  2  41   The Interacting Proteins of the C. elegans p21 Ras-Related Rho
               Weining Chen, Julian Blanc, Seow Fong Yap and Louis Lim
13  2  42   Feeling Smg About lin-12 Expression
               Hilary Wilkinson and Iva Greenwald
13  2  43   Molecular Identification of a Major Feminizing Site on the X
            Chromosome: fox-1
               Jonathan Hodgkin, Jonathan Zellan and Donna Albertson
13  2  44   The Sex-Determination Signal: Implications of New
            X-Chromosome Duplications
               Chantal Christ Akerib and Barbara J. Meyer
13  2  46   gon-2 Genetics Continues
               Yuanmin Sun and Eric Lambie
13  2  47   A New Gene Required For the Normal Pattern of Germline
            Nuclear Fates
               Lisa Kadyk, Susan Mango and Judith Kimble
13  2  48   A Screen For Proteins That Interact With GLP-1 Ankyrin Repeats
               Henry Roehl and Judith Kimble
13  2  49   The lag-2 Gene Encodes a Protein With Homology to Drosophila
            Delta and is Expressed in the Distal Tip Cell
               Sam Henderson, Dali Gao, Eric Lambie and Judith Kimble
13  2  50   Myogenic vs. Neurogenic Pharyngeal Rhythm, A Debate
               David Raizen and Leon Avery
13  2  52   eat-6 Rescue: Probably a Na/K ATPase alpha Subunit
               M. Wayne Davis and Leon Avery
13  2  53   Making Lethals Live: Conditions Under Which M4- Worms and
            unc-104 Null Mutants are Viable and Fertile
               Leon Avery
13  2  54   Is the Pharynx the Nematode Heart?
               Pete Okkema and Andy Fire
13  2  55   Identification and Characterization of act-5(III), a New
            Conventional Actin Gene in C. elegans
               Lawrence A. Schriefer, James A. Waddle and Robert H.
13  2  56   Actin-Related Proteins in C. elegans
               Paresh V. Shrimankar, Lawrence A. Schriefer and Robert H.
13  2  57   The Troponin C Gene, tnc-1, of Caenorhabditis elegans: Genome
            Structure and Mutation Sites of pat-10
               S. Kitamura, B. Williams, Y. Sakube, S. Matsumoto and H.
13  2  58   The Genome Structure and Expression of Promoter/lacZ Fusion
            Genes of C. elegans Ryanodine Receptor
               Y. Sakube, H. Imadzu and H. Kagawa
13  2  59   Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
               M.C. Hresko, P.V. Shrimankar and R.H. Waterston
13  2  60   C. elegans Homologs of MEF-2, Muscle Specific Transcription
               Daryl Dichoso and Michael Krause
13  2  61   Amyloidosis in Transgenic C. elegans
               Chris Link
13  2  62   About 70% of C. elegans mRNAs are Trans-Spliced and as Many
            as 25% Could Be in Polycistronic Units
               Niansheng Cheng, Diego Zorio, John Spieth and Tom
13  2  64   The Breakpoints of eDf2 and eDp6 and the Physical Mapping of
               Morris Maduro and David Pilgrim
13  2  66   One-Hundred and Thirteen Lethal Mutations on the Left Arm of
            Chromosome III
               Diana Collins, Helen I. Stewart and David L. Baillie
13  2  67   Expression of Epitope-Tagged UNC-6
               Bill Wadsworth and Edward Hedgecock
13  2  68   Other C. elegans Genes Related to unc-7
               Todd Starich and Jocelyn Shaw
13  2  69   unc-25 Encodes a C. elegans Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD)
               Yishi Jin and Bob Horvitz
13  2  70   A Presynaptic Defect in unc-26 Mutants?
               Ken Miller and Jim Rand
13  2  71   The egl-19 Locus Might Encode a Homolog of the Alpha 1
            Subunit of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel
               Leslie Lobel, Raymond Lee, Leon Avery and Bob Horvitz
13  2  72   Probing Touch Cell Biology Using a mec-4/lacZ Fusion Gene
               Lei Gong and Monica Driscoll
13  2  73   More Degenerins in the Worm?
               Harbinder Singh Dhillon and Monica Driscoll
13  2  74   Progress Towards Cloning nob-1 and a Rapid Method For
            Cloning Genomic Sequence Flanking Tc1 Insertions
               Kimberly Van Auken, Mark Yandell, Lois Edgar and William
               B. Wood
13  2  75   emb-27 is Required For Both Embryogenesis and Gametogenesis
               Penny Sadler, Daryl Dishoso, Edwin Buck and Diane Shakes
13  2  76   Cadherin-Related Genes in C. elegans
               Jonathan Pettitt, Shintaro Suzuki and William B. Wood
13  2  77   dif-1 is Homologous to Mitochondrial Transporters
               Julie Ahringer
13  2  78   Cloning of the Ribosomal Protein S19 in Caenorhabditis elegans
               Vincent Bernard, Adrian Etter, Heinz Tobler and Fritz
13  2  79   Chromobox(-es) in C. elegans
               E. Agostoni, F. Hill, C. Wittman, H. Tobler and F. Muller
13  2  80   Characterization of Talin in C. elegans
               Gary Moulder, Ming Ming Huang, Robert Barstead and
               Robert H. Waterston
13  2  81   Looking For Extracellular Matrix Proteinases in C. elegans
               James A. Butler and James M. Kramer
13  2  82   Differences in the Expression of Alternatively Spliced Forms of
            a2(IV) Basement Membrane Collagen
               Marion Sibley and Jim Kramer
13  2  83   Western Blot Analyses of SQT-1 and Its Mutants
               Jie Yang and James Kramer
13  2  84   Identifying Mutations in the bli-4 Gene, a Member of the
            Kex2-like Gene Family
               Colin Thacker, Martin Srayko and Ann Rose
13  2  86   bli-4, a Unique Member of the Kex2-like Endoprotease Family?
               Martin Srayko, Colin Thacker and Ann Rose
13  2  87   Update on C. elegans Cytoplasmic Dynein Heavy Chain
               R.J. Lye and R.H. Waterston
13  2  88   Cloning of the cej-1 Gene Encoding a Novel Cell-Junction Protein
            in Caenorhabditis elegans
               M.L.A. Khan, M. Tabish, T. Fukushige, S. Tsukita, S. Tsukita,
               M. Itoh, H. Yasuda and S.S. Siddiqui
13  2  89   Cloning and Characterization of a C. elegans Homologue of
            14-3-3, a Highly Conserved Gene Thought To Be Involved in
            Intracellular Signalling
               Wenfu Wang and Diane Shakes
13  2  90   Characterization of tcp-1a, a Member of a Novel Multigene
            Family of Cytoplasmic Chaperones
               Michel R. Leroux and E. Peter M. Candido
13  2  91   A Comparison of lin-26 RNA and LIN-26 Protein Expression
            Patterns During Embryogenesis
               Pascale Dufourcq and Michel Labouesse
13  2  92   Cloning of lin-44
               Michael Herman, Jocelyn Shaw and Robert Herman
13  2  93   YAC Rescue of smg-4 and unc-42
               Rachel Aronoff
13  2  94   vab-7 Encodes an even-skipped Homolog
               Julie Ahringer
13  2  95   lin-32, a Gene Specifying Neuroblast Cell Fates, Encodes a bHLH
               Connie Zhao and Scott W. Emmons
13  2  96   hlh-3 A New Basic/Helix-Loop-Helix Protein in C. elegans, Is
            Similar to Genes in the Drosophila and Mouse achaete-scute
               Jeffrey Yuan, Iva Greenwald and Michael Cole
13  2  97   Do P Granules Contain Messenger RNA?
               Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire
13  2  98   What Happens to E When It Doesn't Make Gut?
               Bob Goldstein
13  2  99   Vesicle Accumulation in Gut Morphology Mutants (Gums)
               Eric Lambie, Phoebe Tzou, Darren Mareiniss and Michael
13  2  100  Acetone Extraction of Early C. elegans Embryos Reveals
            Persistent, Phalloidin-Stained Rings From Previous Cell Divisions
               J.A. Waddle and R.H. Waterston
13  2  102  Exploring the Function of ubc-2
               Mei Zhen and E. Peter M. Candido
13  2  103  DNA Bindig Properties of the Tc3 Transposase Protein
               Sean D. Collins, Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A.
13  2  104  Site Directed Mutagenesis of the Tc3 Transposase Gene Suggests
            Functional Conservation Between Retro-Elements, IS Elements
            and the Tc1-Like Family
               Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk
13  2  105  Author Index
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