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Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(1) Table of Contents

14   1     1    1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting
14   1     2    Midwest C. elegans Meeting

14   1     2    Classic Reprints Anyone?

14   1     3    1995 Worm Meeting Abstracts, Free to Good Homes.
14   1     3    Meeting Announcement: "C. elegans: A Worm for All
14   1     4    Postdoctoral Fellowship
                    Tim Schedl

14   1     4    Postdoctoral Applicants
                    Patty Kuwabara, Jonathan Hodgkin

14   1     5    Obituary: Kevin Van Doren (1955-1995)
                    Jim Lissemore and Eleanor Maine

14   1     7    CGC Bibliographic References
                    Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14   1     17   The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: A Progress
                    The C. elegans Genome Consortium

14   1     20   Gene Expression Pattern Information and Worm Pictures in
                    Sylvia D. Martinelli, Ian A. Hope and Erik L.

14   1     21   News on GFP Variants
                    Yishi Jin and Bob Horvitz

14   1     22   Integration of Extrachromosomal DNA Arrays Into a
                Chromosome by UV-Irradiation.
                    Shotei Mitani

14   1     23   Antisense RNA Inhibition of Zygotic Genes Expressed in
                Muscles and Neurons.
                    Morgan Park and Michael Krause

14   1     24   Tc1 Jumps In Vitro.
                    Chris Vos and Ronald Plasterk

14   1     25   Mapping the mut-2 Mutator.
                    Queta Boese, Joanna Beinhorn and John Collins

14   1     26   Mariner-Like Elements in the Entomoparasitic Nematode
                Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Nematoda : Rhabditida).
                    Eric Grenier, Monique Abadon, Christian Laumond and
                    Pierre Abad

14   1     27   DPY-26 Is a Novel Protein Associated with the X
                Chromosome in XX Animals.
                    Jason Lieb, Beth Capowski, Phil Meneely and Barbara

14   1     28   MES-2 Contains a Highly Conserved Motif Characteristic
                of Proteins Involved in Regulating Gene Expression Via
                Chromatin Structure.
                    Rich Holdeman, Sarah Nehrt and Susan Strome

14   1     30   Protein-Protein Interaction Between FEM-3 and FEM-2, a
                Mg2+-Dependent Protein Phosphatase.
                    Ian Chin Sang and Andrew Spence

14   1     31   FEM-2 Shows Phosphatase Activity In Vitro and In Vivo.
                    Dave Hansen and Dave Pilgrim

14   1     32   Evolution of Vulva Formation: Part VI: 5 vs. 12 Ventral
                Ectoblasts as a Common Theme.
                    Ralf J. Sommer and Paul W. Sternberg

14   1     33   Evolution of Vulva Formation: Part VII: Mutants of
                Pristionchus with Extra or Missing Pn.p-Ectoblasts.
                    Ralf J. Sommer and Paul W. Sternberg

14   1     34   lag-2 Is Not Required for the Secondary Cell Fate in
                Vulval Induction.
                    Susan M. Kaech and Stuart K. Kim

14   1     36   Molecules Involved in Vulval Invagination.
                    Tory Herman and Bob Horvitz

14   1     37   Characterization of the ceh-24 Vulval Enhancer and m8
                    Brian Harfe and Andy Fire

14   1     38   Myotonic Dystrophy Homologs in C. elegans.
                    Christopher Bauer, Sarah Fleming and Henry Epstein

14   1     39   Three-Dimensional Model for Nematode Thick Filament Core.
                    Henry F. Epstein, Guan Ying Lu, Philip R. Deitiker,
                    Irving Ortiz and Michael F. Schmid

14   1     40   Pharyngeal Specific Expression of the Tropomyosin Gene
                tmy-1 of C. elegans.
                    Kyoko Takuwa and Hiroaki Kagawa

14   1     41   Effects of Conus Venoms on the Pharynx.
                    Leon Avery

14   1     42   Dye-Coupling of Wild-Type and eat-5 Pharynxes.
                    Cristin Panzarella and Leon Avery

14   1     43   Intercellular Communication, Embryonic Induction, and
                Endocytosis Into the Gut Primordium Is Inhibited by
                Polysulfated Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Dyes.
                    Olaf Bossinger and Einhard Schierenberg

14   1     44   Genes Controlling Ion Permeability in C. elegans.
                    Wayne Shreffler and Eve Wolinsky

14   1     45   Biochemical Analysis of Transmembrane Topology of MEC-4
                --A Channel Subunit Involved in Mechanosensory Neuron
                Function and Neurodegeneration.
                    C-C. Lai, J. Xue and M. Driscoll

14   1     46   The Expression Pattern of eat-4 and Its Requirement for
                AVM Mediated Touch Sensitivity Support Its Role in
                Glutamergic Neural Transmission.
                    Raymond Lee, Beth Sawin, Leon Avery and Bob Horvitz

14   1     48   The Beta Subunit of the Avermectin Sensitive Glutamate
                Receptor Is Expressed on pm4 Pharyngeal Muscle Cells.
                    David Laughton, George Lunt and Adrian Wolstenholme

14   1     49   Anterior Sensory Defects in mig-1 Mutants.
                    Elizabeth F. Ryder and Joshua M. Kaplan

14   1     50   Cell and Axon Migrations Are Misdirected in dpy-23
                    Paul Baum and Gian Garriga

14   1     51   Does UNC-14 Protein Required for the Axonal Formation
                Directly Interact with UNC-51?
                    Ken-ichi Ogura and Yasumi Ohshima

14   1     52   mig-5 Is a C. elegans Member of the dsh Family.
                    Chaobo Guo and Edward Hedgecock

14   1     53   unc-40-GFP Is Expressed in Cells Undergoing
                Circumferentially-Oriented Migrations on the Epidermis.
                    Shirley Chan, Ming-Wan Su, Hong Zheng, Joe Culotti
                    and Ed Hedgecock

14   1     54   The First Orthogonal Turn of the Migrating Distal Tip
                Cells of C. elegans Is Regulated By Cell-Autonomous
                Expression of the UNC-5 Guidance Receptor.
                    Ming-Wan Su, Youwen Zhou, Jim Kramer, Ed Hedgecock
                    and Joe Culotti

14   1     55   C. elegans Neurexin(s).
                    Jochen Scheel and Edward M. Hedgecock

14   1     56   Rescue of (SK)unc-1.
                    Shanta Sabnis, Margaret Sedensky and Phil Morgan

14   1     57   unc-79 Comes Out of Hiding.
                    Margaret Sedensky and Phil Morgan

14   1     58   Molecular Characterization of unc-84 and unc-83.
                    Chris Malone, Aaron McGee and Min Han

14   1     59   Cosmid Rescue of ego-3.
                    Li Qiao and Eleanor Maine

14   1     60   Pax in Worms.
                    Andrew Chisholm and Bob Horvitz

14   1     62   Pos-1(=skn-2 ?), A Gene Which Shows Localization of Its
                mRNA to the P Lineage During Early Cleavage of C. elegans
                    Hiroaki Tabara, Tomoko Motohashi, Craig Mello, Jim
                    Priess and Yuji Kohara

14   1     63   let-858 Encodes a Conserved Nuclear Protein That Is
                Essential in Both Soma and Germline.
                    William G. Kelly and Andrew Fire

14   1     64   Reporter Transgene Expression in the Germline - A Start.
                    William G. Kelly, SiQun Xu and Andrew Fire

14   1     66   Oocyte Defects Prior to Nuclear Envelope Breakdwon in
                    David Greenstein

14   1     68   Time Course of Oocyte Development, Maturation and
                    Jim McCarter, Bart Bartlett, Thanh Dang, Shelley
                    Weiss and Tim Schedl

14   1     70   ama-1 Antisense Experiments: Embryonic Transcription Is
                Required for Initiation of Gastrulation.
                    Jo Anne Powell-Coffman, Jennifer Knight and Bill Wood

14   1     71   Evidence for a Maternally-Provided Dowry of SL1 Precursor
                    Geraldine Seydoux and Andy Fire

14   1     72   hmp-1 Encodes an alpha-Catenin Required for Morphogenesis
                of the Embryo.
                    Mike Costa, Bill Raich, Jeff Hardin and Jim Priess

14   1     73   flr-4 Is Rescued.
                    Masaya Take-uchi, Minoru Kawakami, Takeshi Ishihara,
                    Misako Urasaki and Isao Katsura

14   1     74   A Multidrug Resistance Associated Protein (MRP) Confers
                Resistance of C. elegans to Heavy Metals.
                    A. Broeks, B. Gerard, M. Dean and R.H.A. Plasterk

14   1     75   Developmental and Nutritional Regulation of Glyoxylate
                Cycle Enzyme mRNA and Protein Expression in C. elegans.
                    Feizhou Liu, Jack D. Thatcher and Henry F. Epstein

14   1     76   C. elegans Makes a Fatty Acid/Retinoid-Binding
                Polyprotein  Wormy Serum Albumin?
                    Alan Cooper, Dong Ma, Larry McReynolds and Malcolm

14   1     78   The Novel Ras-Binding Protein Ach-1 Is Associated with
                    Ken-ichi Kariya, Yuriko Yamawaki-Kataoka, Mitsushige
                    Shibatohge, Tomoyo Okada, Fumi Shima, Yasuhiro
                    Watari, Masahiro Goshima, Kazuhito Akasaka, Noboru
                    Suzuki and Tohru Kataoka

14   1     80   Cloning and Characterization of the C. elegans
                Cyclophilin Isoforms.
                    Antony Page, Kenny MacNiven, Michael Hengartner and
                    Iain Johnstone

14   1     82   The Vps34 Homolog of C. elegans.
                    Vincent Bernard, Lorenz Roggo, Fritz Mueller and
                    Matthias P. Wymann

14   1     83   A C. elegans ELAV-Like Protein (cel-1) Implicated in
                Growth and Differentiation.
                    Craig C. Carson and Jack D. Keene

14   1     84   The C. elegans CCT Chaperonin Complex Contains 8-9
                Subunits and Includes CCT-1 and CCT-5.
                    Michel R. Leroux and E. Peter M. Candido

14   1     85   arf, arf, arf! A Dogged Tail.
                    Tom Barnes and Siegfried Hekimi

14   1     86   Identification of Onchocerciasis-Related Genes in C.
                elegans: Onchocerciasis, Anyone?
                    Tom Barnes and Siegfried Hekimi

14   1     87   How Many PTKs to Organise a Worm?
                    Andrew Oates and Andrew Wilks

14   1     88   Evidence for Proteolytic Processing of a Cuticle Collagen
                in a Plant-Parasitic Nematode.
                    Celeste Ray and Richard S. Hussey

14   1     89   In Vitro Evidences for Telomerase-Mediated Chromosome
                Healing in Nematodes.
                    Laurent Magnenat, Timothy W. Nilsen, Heinz Tobler and
                    Fritz Mueller

14   1     90   Evidence That SMG-5 and SMG-7 Physically Associate In
                    Kirk Anders, Brian Cali and Phil Anderson

14   1     91   In Search of Novel Heterochronic Genes with a COL-19::GFP
                    Juan E. Abrahante and Ann Rougvie

14   1     92   The Cell Death Gene ced-4 Encodes Both Death-Promoting
                and Death-Preventing Transcripts.
                    Shai Shaham and Bob Horvitz

14   1     93   Does the Cell-Death Specification Gene ces-1 Encode an
                Autoregulatory Transcription Factor?
                    Mark Metzstein and Bob Horvitz

14   1     94   Baculovirus p35 Protein Is a Substrate for and Inhibitor
                of the C. elegans Cell-Death Protease CED-3.
                    Ding Xue and Bob Horvitz

14   1     95   ced Genes That Mediate Removal of Programmed Cell Death
                Corpses Also Influence Removal of Degenerative Death
                    Sambath Chung and Monica Driscoll

14   1     96   A Mutation in the Beta Laminin Gene Appears to Influence
                Degenerin-Induced Cell Death.
                    Gautam Kao, Monica Driscoll and Bill Wadsworth

14   1     97   What Is the Wild Type Life Span of C. elegans?
                    David Gems and Don Riddle

14   1     98   Sex Is Good for Males But Bad for Hermaphrodites.
                    David Gems and Don Riddle

14   1     99   age-1 Is Allelic with daf-23.
                    Takao Inoue, Elizabeth A. Malone and James H. Thomas

14   1     100  Mapping of age-1 and daf-23.
                    Shin Murakami, Patricia M. Tedesco, Gordon J.
                    Lithgow, Edward W. Huchinson and Thomas E. Johnson

14   1     101  Isolation and Characterization of Age Mutants.
                    Stacey A. Duhon and Tom Johnson

14   1     102  The Effect of Intermittent Temperature on Longevity and
                Fecundity of C. elegans.
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   1     103  The Effect of Low Temperatures During Early Development
                on Longevity and Fecundity in the Nematode C. elegans.
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   1     104  The Effect of Ethanol on the Lifespan and Fecundity of
                the Aged C. elegans.
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   1     105  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans: The Effect of
                Extract from Young Worms During Whole Life Span.
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   1     106  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans: The Effect of
                Extract from Young Worms During Reproductive and
                Post-Reproductive Periods.
                    Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   1     107  Author Index
14   1     e1   Cloning and Characterization of a Novel RNA-Binding 
                Protein from C.elegans
                    Gavin G. Pickett, Donald E. Tsai, and Jack D. Keene

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