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Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2) Table of Contents

14   2   0    Table of Contents

14   2   0    Caenorhabditis Genetics Center
                   Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14   2   1    1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting.
14   2   4    1996 European Worm Meeting.
14   2   5    West Coast Worm Meeting.
14   2   5    Midwest C. elegans Meeting.
14   2   6    Classic Reprints Update.
14   2   7    C. elegans II.
14   2   8    Methods in Cell Science-Call for Papers.
                   Jeff Way and Diane Shakes

14   2   9    Positions Available.
14   2   11   CGC Bibliographic References.
                   Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

14   2   19   Access to Expertise in the Worm Community Via ACeDB.
                   Sylvia Martinelli

14   2   20   The C. elegans Genome Sequencing Project: A Progress
                   The C. elegans Genome Consortium

14   2   22   ACE.MBLY, a Graphic Program for Wild Type and Mutant
              Sequence Assembly.
                   Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg and Ulrich Sauvage

14   2   23   A Cosmid Transgenic Library for C. elegans - An Update.
                   Diana L. Janke, Jacqueline E. Schein, Nigel O'Neil,
                   Norman W. Franz, David L. Baillie and Ann M. Rose

14   2   24   mut-7, a New Mutator Allele Isolated in a Non-Mutator
                   Rene F. Ketting, Miriam Th. Smits and Ronald H.A.

14   2   25   Tc7, a New Family of Transposable Elements in C. elegans.
                   Rene Rezsohazy, Richard Durbin and Ronald H.A.

14   2   26   THE CAT SSA TON AMA T.
                   Tom Barnes and Siegfried Hekimi

14   2   27   Daring Rescue! Corruption! In.... Clonewatch.
                   Tom Barnes, Julia Pak, Athena Vouloumanos and
                   Siegfried Hekimi

14   2   28   eDf2 Is Not a Terminal Deletion.
                   Morris Maduro and David Pilgrim

14   2   29   Deletions Targeted on unc-101.
                   Jeong-Yau Ho, Mark Edgley and Ann Rose

14   2   30   The Control of Body Size. I.
                   Armand M. Leroi and Scott W. Emmons

14   2   31   Operons Are Not Restricted to Caenorhabditis.
                   Diego Zorio, Donnie Evans, Kristi Lea and Tom

14   2   32   Immune Defense of Nematodes: ASABF, An Antibacterial
              Protein Isolated from a Nematode.
                   Yusuke Kato

14   2   33   An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 3. The Effect of
              Extract from Young Worms During Postreproductive Period.
                   Vladimir V. Bakaev

14   2   34   Oxidative Stress and Aging in the daf Mutants.
                   Shuji Honda and Yoko Honda

14   2   35   unc-31 and aex-3 Are a New Class of Daf-c Genes.
                   Kouichi Iwasaki and James H. Thomas

14   2   36   Expression of DAF-7 in Chemosensory Neurons.
                   Peifeng Ren, Patrice S. Albert and Donald L. Riddle

14   2   37   daf-8: A Giant Among DWARFINS.
                   Annette O.Z. Estevez and Donald L. Riddle

14   2   38   Looking for Other Roles in Development for TGF-B Pathway
                   Cathy Savage, Scott R. Townsend, Huang Wang and
                   Richard W. Padgett

14   2   40   A Small Mutant Collection.
                   Cathy Savage, Yi-Ming Wu, Marsha Smith and Richard W.

14   2   41   More Expression and Overexpression of a C. elegans TGF-B
              Homologue, dbl-1.
                   Mark Yandell, Robert Ross, Yo Suzuki and Bill Wood

14   2   42   The Giant Dwarfin Family.
                   Pradeep Das and Richard W. Padgett

14   2   44   tig-1, tig-2: Novel TGF-B Homologs in C. elegans.
                   Srikant Krishna and Richard W. Padgett

14   2   45   A tre-1 in a Forest.
                   Srikant Krishna and Richard W. Padgett

14   2   46   tollish Genes in C. elegans.
                   Alyce L. Finelli, Cathy Savage, Seo-Hee Cho and
                   Richard W. Padgett

14   2   47   hch-1 Encodes a Zn Protease of the tolloid/BMP-1 Family.
                   Ryuichi Hishida, Takeshi Ishihara, Kazunori Kondo and
                   Isao Katsura

14   2   48   ceh-2 Encodes a Homologue of Drosophila empty-spiracles
                   Gudrun Aspock, Thomas R. Burglin and Gary Ruvkun

14   2   49   ceh-21 Is a Funny Cut Class Homeobox Gene in a Cluster.
                   Giuseppe Cassata, Thomas R. Burglin and Gary Ruvkun

14   2   50   ceh-26, a Putative prospero (pros) Homologue.
                   Rene F. Pretot and Thomas R. Burglin

14   2   51   Formation of Endomitotic Oocytes and Haploid Embryos in
              ceh-18 Mutants.
                   David Greenstein

14   2   52   Germ Cells May Modulate the Smooth Muscle Activity of the
              Somatic Gonad for Ovulation in C. elegans.
                   Jim McCarter, Bart Bartlett, Thanh Dang and Tim Schedl

14   2   54   Deciphering the Function and Expression Pattern of FEM-2.
                   Dave Hansen, Petra Jackle-Baldwin and Dave Pilgrim

14   2   55   tra-1 Is Still Epistatic to tra-2.
                   Jonathan Hodgkin

14   2   56   laf-1 and Translational Repression of tra-2.
                   Elizabeth Goodwin and Judith Kimble

14   2   58   mab-22 May Be a Gene Required for Ray Extension in the Male
                   Marie E. Sutherlin, David H. Hall and Scott W. Emmons

14   2   60   egl-38 Is an Essential Gene Required for Normal Development
              of Both the Hermaphrodite Egg-Laying System and Male Rectal
                   Helen M. Chamberlin, Robert E. Palmer, Anna P. Newman,
                   Paul W. Sternberg, David L. Baillie and James H.

14   2   62   Molecular Lesions of lin-3 Mutations.
                   Jing Liu, Russell Hill and Paul Sternberg

14   2   64   Genetic Interactions Between sli-1 and let-60 ras.
                   Charles H. Yoon and Paul W. Sternberg

14   2   65   Intercellular Interactions and Secondary Vulval Lineage
                   Wendy S. Katz, Thomas R. Clandinin and Paul W.

14   2   66   Two-Stage Induction of the Vulva in Panagrolaimus and
                   Marie-Anne Felix and Paul W. Sternberg

14   2   67   HOM-C Genes and Vulval Fate Specification.
                   Thomas R. Clandinin, Wendy S. Katz and Paul W.

14   2   68   Morphogenesis of the Hermaphrodite Uterus.
                   Anna P. Newman, John G. White and Paul W. Sternberg

14   2   70   lin-11 Is Necessary for Uterine Development.
                   Anna P. Newman and Paul W. Sternberg

14   2   71   Homosexual Behavior Among Australian Males.
                   David Gems and Don Riddle

14   2   72   Activated mek-1 Suppresses Pharyngeal Muscle Excitation.
                   Makoto Koga, Leon Avery, Kun-Liang Guan and Yasumi

14   2   73   Characterization of a C. elegans Homologue of the S.
              cerevisiae Gene STE20.
                   Sharon Sokol and Jeff Way

14   2   74   Protein Kinase C Isoforms in Caenorhabditis elegans.
                   Yo Tabuse, Toshie Miyamoto and Johji Miwa

14   2   75   Identification of a SAPK/JNK Homolog and Its Activator
              MAPKKs in C. elegans.
                   Naoki Hisamoto, Masato Kawasaki, Kenji Irie, Yuichi
                   Iino and Kunihiro Matsumoto

14   2   76   mRNA Expression Patterns of a Cell Cycle Regulator CDC25 in
                   Mark A. Wilson, Renee V. Hoch and Andy Golden

14   2   77   mRNA Expression Patterns of a Cell Cycle Regulator WEE1 in
                   Renee V. Hoch, Mark A. Wilson and Andy Golden

14   2   78   Temperature Sensitive Sterile Uncoordinated Mutants Define
              Genes Required for Cell Division.
                   Kevin F. O'Connell, Charles M. Leys and John G. White

14   2   79   emb-8 Mislocalizes Glp-1 and P-Granules.
                   M.L.A. Khan and Shahid Siddiqui

14   2   80   dv52: A New Neuronal Unc?
                   Shale Dames and Chris Link

14   2   81   unc-4 Regulates Neurotransmitter (FMRFamide-like)
              Expression in VC Motor Neurons.
                   Karin Schinkmann, Kyle Butkiewics, Chris Li, Mike
                   Nonet, Nikla Emambokus and David Miller

14   2   82   pag-3 Encodes a Zinc Finger Protein.
                   Yiwen Jia, Goufeng Xie, Joan McDermott and Eric Aamodt

14   2   83   sma-1 Is Required for Morphogenesis of the C. elegans
                   Caroline McKeown, Alpa Patel, Vida Pratis and Judith

14   2   84   Progress on unc-116, Which Encodes Kinesin Heavy Chain.
                   Karine Naert and Danielle Thierry-Mieg

14   2   85   An FGF Gene in the Worm?
                   Regine Roubin, Danielle Thierry-Mieg and Daniel

14   2   86   Here is HIR.
                   Christine Scamps, Danielle Thierry-Mieg and Marc

14   2   87   Cloning and Characterization of a Novel RNA-Binding Protein
              from C. elegans.
                   Gavin G. Pickett, Donald E. Tsai and Jack D. Keene

14   2   88   Cloning of the Rad51 Gene in C. elegans.
                   Vincenzo Rocco, Arianna De Martino, Sara Ederle, Marco
                   Valenzi and Adriana La Volpe

14   2   90   The Degenerin Gene Family Is Also Expanding...
                   Nektarios Tavernarakis, Jian Xue and Monica Driscoll

14   2   91   Author Index.

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