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Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(2) Table of Contents

15 2 1   1998 East Cost C. elegans Meeting.

15 2 2   Announcing the 1998 West Coast Worm Meeting.

15 2 2   Correction.

15 2 3   Positions Available.

15 2 3   Positions Available.

15 2 4   Positions Available.

15 2 5   Ver midi, C. elegans un modele animal en biologie.

15 2 6   Course Announcement.

15 2 7   CGC Bibliographic References
            Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

15 2 15  The C. elegans cDNA Project: Progress Report and a Call for
         Feedback Information.
            Yuji Kohara, Tadasu Shin-i, Tomoko Motohashi, Tokie Ohba,
            Ikuko Sugiura, Masumi Obara, Akiko Miyata, Masako Sano,
            Hiroko Uesugi, Hisako Watanabe, Yuko Mitani and Tamami

15 2 16  Ivermectin as a Paralytic Agent.
            Joe Dent and Leon Avery

15 2 17  Using GluClalpha2 to Turn Off Excitable Cells.
            Joe Dent and Leon Avery

15 2 18  The Nematode Degenerin UNC-105 Forms Ion Channels that Are
         Activated by Degeneration- or Hypercontraction-Causing
            Jaime Garica-Anoveros, Jesus A. Garcia, Jing-Dong Liu and
            David P. Corey

15 2 19  Antibodies Based Functional Analysis of the Ryanodine
         Receptor in Caenorhabditis elegans.
            Tomoyo Hamada, Yasuji Sakube and Hiroaki Kagawa

15 2 20  Expression Patterns of Candidate Serotonin Receptors.
            Timothy Niacaris and Leon Avery

15 2 21  cat-2 Encodes a Putative Tyrosine Hydroxylase that Is
         Essential for Dopamine Biosynthesis.
            Robyn Lints and Scott W. Emmons

15 2 22  unc-10 Encodes the C. elegans Homolog of the rab3 Effector
            Liping Wei, Gayla Hadwiger, Jim Rand and Mike Nonet

15 2 23  che-3, A Cytosolic Dynein Heavy Chain Isotype Is Required for
         both Aversion to Copper Sulphate and Attraction to Ammonium
            Corry J. de Vries, Stephen R. Wicks, Henri G.A.M. van
            Luenen and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

15 2 24  The Thermal Avoidance Behaviour: It Is Pain - But Not in the
            Nicole Wittenburg, Roland Donhauser and Ralf Baumeister

15 2 25  Neuronal Specific bsh Homeobox Gene Needs a Home, Inquire
            Brian Harfe and Andrew Fire

15 2 26  SET: Point Sept.
            Remi Terranova, Malek Djabali and Jonathan Ewbank

15 2 27  Explaining pal-1 Embryonic Phenotypes.
            Lois Edgar and Bill Wood

15 2 28  Candidate nob-1 cDNAs Can Encode a Protein with Similarity to
         the Posterior Paralog Group of Hox Genes.
            Kimberly van Auken, Daniel Weaver and Bill Wood

15 2 30  Cloning of a C. briggsae her-1 Homologue by Synteny.
            Adrian Streit, Weiqing Li, Barbara Robertson, Jacquie
            Schein, Marco Marra and Bill Wood

15 2 31  Tc1 Jumps in Human Cells.
            Henri G.A.M. van Luenen, Govert J. Schouten, Dinko
            Valerio and Ronald H.A. Plasterk

15 2 32  Cuticle Chirality and Body Handedness.
            Dominique Bergmann, Jennifer R. Crew, James M. Kramer and
            Bill Wood

15 2 33  The bli-1 and bli-2 Genes Encode Collagens Involved in Strut
            Jennifer R. Crew and James M. Kramer

15 2 34  The APC-Related Gene apr-1 Is Required for Specification of
         the Vulval Equivalence Group.
            Erika Frohli, David M. Eisenmann, Stuart K. Kim and Alex

15 2 35  Developmental Regulation of a Cyclin-Dependent Kinase
         Inhibitor Controls Postembryonic Cell Cycle Progression in C.
            Yang Hong, Richard Roy and Victor Ambros

15 2 36  Cell Cycle-Dependent Commitment to Vulval Fates in C.
            Victor Ambros

15 2 37  An HMG Box Protein Encoded by cog-2 and a Novel Protein
         Encoded by cog-4 Are Involved in Vulva Morphogenesis.
            Wendy Hanna-Rose and Min Han

15 2 38  Ce-TOR on the Road to Growth?
            Carmen Spycher and Fritz Muller

15 2 39  The Polymerisation Domain of CeRAD51.
            Cinzia Rinaldo and Adriana La Volpe

15 2 40  A PINCH of LIM Domains in UNC-97 et al.
            Oliver Hobert, Donald Moerman, Yanxia Liu and Gary Ruvkun

15 2 42  A Mutation in Alpha-Spectrin Affects Embryo Elongation and
         Myofilament Organization.
            Ken Norman and Don Moerman

15 2 43  SMG-2 Is a Phosphoprotein.
            Michelle Page and Philip Anderson

15 2 44  Towards Characterisation of a C. elegans Huntingtin
         Interacting Protein.
            J. Alex Parker and Ann M. Rose

15 2 45  Looking in C. elegans for the Function of SMN, the Spinal
         Muscular Atrophy Disease Gene.
            Solange Bertrandy, Suzie Lefebvre, Jo Anne
            Powell-Coffman, Arnold Munnich and Danielle Thierry-Mieg

15 2 46  The Physiological Roles of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase in
         Caenorhabditis elegans.
            Martin Hudson and Michael O'Shea

15 2 47  Insulin-Like Peptides of C. elegans.
            Tsuyoshi Kawano, Kyoko Takuwa, Terumi Nakajima and Yasuo

15 2 48  What Makes My Worms So Small?
            Lisa L. Maduzia, Stephen Cohen and Richard W. Padgett

15 2 49  lin-4 and Its Host Gene.
            Fang Liu and Victor Ambros

15 2 50  dpy-20 Gene Affects the Expression of unc-119 Gene in the
         Motor Neurons, But Not in the Sensory Neurons in C. elegans.
            F. Hori, M.Y. Ali, T. Matsuo and Shahid S. Siddiqui

15 2 51  The dpy-20 Gene Expresses in the Hypodermal Cells and Ventral
         Cord Motor Neurons.
            M.Y. Ali, Z.K. Siddiqui, Diana Janke, David Baillie and
            Shahid S. Siddiqui

15 2 52  A Second Look at the dpy-20 Encoded Protein, a Novel
         Transcription Factor.
            M. Yusuf Ali, Omar S. Siddiqui and Shahid S. Siddiqui

15 2 54  Genetic Interaction Between dpy-20 and Genes Affecting
         Development of Motor Neurons and Hypodermal Cells in the
         Nematode C. elegans.
            Y. Shibata, M.A. Shah, M. Umehara, M.Y. Ali and S.S.

15 2 56  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 7. No Effect of
         Sodium Adenosinetriphosphate.
            Vladimir V. Bakaev

15 2 57  An Attempt to Slow Aging in C. elegans. 9. No Positive Effect
         of Epithalamin.
            Vladimir V. Bakaev, Anatolii V. Efremov and Vladimir N.

15 2 58  Author Index.

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