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Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(2) Table of Contents

11  2   1    Announcements
11  2   1    Postdoctoral positions available
11  2   2    C. elegans Meeting in Japan
11  2   3    West Coast Worm Meeting
11  2   3    Midwest Worm Meeting
11  2   4    A Cousin for the WBG?
                   David Bird
11  2   5    On the Virtues of Internet (And, How to Get Connected)
                   Chris Fields
11  2   6    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
11  2   9    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
11  2   10   The CGC Catalog
                   Mark Edgley
11  2   12   gm Sequence Analysis System Update
                   Cari Soderlund, Pari Shanmugam and Chris Fields
11  2   13   An Updated Codon Usage Table
                   Chris Fields
11  2   14   Genome Map
                   Alan Coulson, John Sulston and Robert Waterston
11  2   16   WEkan, a New Lambda-Origin Cosmid Vector
                   Jane E. Mendel and Paul W. Sternberg
11  2   17   A Uniformly Distributed Gene-copy cDNA Library
                   Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   18   Expression of unc-6lacZ Fusions
                   Andrew Fire, Naoaki Ishii, Susan Harrison and Edward
11  2   20   Recovery of Live Embryos from Animals Stained for ?gal
                   Andrew Fire
11  2   20   On Antisense Gene Disruption in C. elegans Muscle
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
11  2   21   Accidental Cloning of a Ribosomal Protein Homologue
             Transspliced to SL2
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
11  2   22   On Enhancers and Promoters
                   Andrew Fire and Susan Harrison
11  2   24   DNA Sequences for Repression of mec-3 in the Sisters of the
             Touch Receptors
                   Jeff Way
11  2   25   Studies of hsp-16 and ubq-1 Expression in the Nematode
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Eve Stringham, Don Jones and Peter Candido
11  2   27   Gene Conversion of a Chromosomal Homolog by a Single
             Stranded Synthetic Oligonucleotide
                   C. Mello, J. Kramer, D. Stinchcomb and V. Ambros
11  2   28   Single Stranded Synthetic Oligonucleotides Promote Low Copy
             Number Integration of Coinjected Plasmid Sequences into C.
             elegans Chromosomes
                   C. Mello, J. Kramer, D. Stinchcomb and V. Ambros
11  2   29   Rescue of the lin-9 Synthetic Multivulva Phenotype by Germline
                   Greg Beitel and Bob Horvitz
11  2   30   Cosmid Rescue of par-5
                   Diane Shakes and Ken Kemphues
11  2   31   An EF2-like (EF2-L) Gene 50kb from ubq-1 on Chromosome III
                   Esther Iwuagwu and E. Peter M. Candido
11  2   32   G Protein Genes in C. elegans
                   Michael Lochrie, Jane Mendel, Paul Sternberg and
                   Melvin Simon
11  2   33   Progress on the Analysis of a Gene with Sequence Similarity to
             the Src Proto-Oncogene
                   Colin Thacker and Mario Capecchi
11  2   34   Further Analysis of unc-15 Paramyosin Mutants and Intragenic
                   Keiko Ando and Hiroaki Kagawa
11  2   35   Mapping and Sequencing Two deb-1 Mutations
                   R.J. Barstead and R.H. Waterston
11  2   36   Candidate CapZ Genes from C. elegans
                   James A. Waddle, John A. Cooper and Robert H.
11  2   37   PCR and the Muscle Tropomyosin Gene in C. elegans
                   Lawrence A. Schriefer and Robert H. Waterston
11  2   38   A Candidate Sequence for the Gene
             S-Adenosyl-L-Homocysteine Hydrolase is Located Near the
             dpy-14 Gene
                   T. Starr, D.L. Baillie and A.M. Rose
11  2   39   Cloning and Analysis of the Heterochronic Gene lin-29 of C.
                   Ann E. Rougvie, Andy Papp and Victor Ambros
11  2   40   Identification of an Apparent Analogue of the Myogenic
             Regulatory Gene, MyoD, in C. elegans
                   Michael Krause and Harold Weintraub
11  2   42   POU Family Genes in Worms and Mammals
                   Michael Finney, Steven Hird, Thomas Brglin and Gary
11  2   43   Update on the FMRFamide-like Peptides in C. elegans
                   C. Li and T. Brglin
11  2   44   Two Novel Transmembrance Tyrosine Kinases Encoded by
             Tandem C. elegans Genes
                   William Morgan and Iva Greenwald
11  2   45   EGF-like Repeats in C. elegans Gene Products
                   John Yochem and Iva Greenwald
11  2   46   Sequence Analysis of lin-12(d) Mutations
                   Iva Greenwald
11  2   47   lev-1 IV Encodes a Subunit of the Nematode Acetylcholine
                   Tom Barnes and Jim Lewis
11  2   48   U5 snRNA Genes Near unc-31
                   David Livingstone and Roger Hoskins
11  2   50   Mapping Deletions in unc-6 Mutants
                   William Wadsworth and Naoaki Ishii
11  2   51   An Embryonic Histone-Binding Protein?
                   Anne Burkholder, Irene Schauer and W.B. Wood
11  2   52   ceh-14, a Member of the LIM-Class of Homeobox Genes
                   Thomas R. Brglin, Joe Gatto and Gary Ruvkun
11  2   53   Does pal-1 Have a Homeobox?
                   David Waring, Hiten Madhani and Cynthia Kenyon
11  2   54   Isolation and Characterization of unc-44 cDNA Clones
                   Anthony Otsuka
11  2   55   Alterations in unc-44 Alleles
                   Anthony Otsuka
11  2   56   Isolation and Characterization of unc-104 cDNA Clones
                   Anthony Otsuka
11  2   57   To Catch the flu Again
                   Shinichi Harada and Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   58   Molecular Cloning of unc-73
                   Rob Steven and Joe Culotti
11  2   59   Transposon Tagging of Genes Affecting Axon Growth and
             Process Placement of Sensory Lumbar Neurons in C. elegans
                   M.A. Shakir and Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   60   The Cloning of lin-40
                   R.C. Johnsen and D.L. Baillie
11  2   61   Tc1 Tagging of bli-4
                   Ken Peters and Ann Rose
11  2   62   The Search for par-1 Continues
                   A. Telfer and D. Stinchcomb
11  2   63   Cloning and Sequencing of the Tubulin alpha-2 Gene
                   Tetsunari Fukushige and Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   65   Identification of a Cosmid that Detects a Polymorphism
             Associated with the unc-87 Phenotype
                   Susan D. Goetinck and Robert H. Waterston
11  2   66   Chromosome Mapping of mec-1 and tmy-1, Tropomyosin Gene
                   Hiroaki Kagawa, Hideki Ando, Koken Sugimoto, Martin
                   Chalfie and Alan Coulson
11  2   67   Molecular Localization of the let-23 Locus
                   Raffi V. Aroian, Jane E. Mendel and Paul W. Sternberg
11  2   69   Rapid Amplification and Analysis of Ubiquitin cDNA
             Sequences from C. elegans, C. briggsae, etc. etc. Using Versatile
             Degenerate Ubiquitin Primers
                   R.W. Graham and E.P.M. Candido
11  2   70   Protein Binding to a Feminizing Element
                   William K. McCoubrey, Jr., Scott Robertson and Philip
11  2   72   Cellular Proteins Bind to the Nematode Trans-spliced RNA
             Leader Sequence
                   Xin-Yun Huang and David Hirsh
11  2   73   Trans-splicing in Tubulin?
                   Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   74   her-1 Transcripts are Trans-spliced to SL1
                   Marc D. Perry, Carol Trent, Judy Hageman and W.B.
11  2   75   Trans-spliced TMG-Capped mRNAs are Polysome-Associated
                   Ruey Fen Liou and Tom Blumenthal
11  2   76   What Marks a Transcript for Trans-splicing? An in vivo Test
                   Rick Conrad, Jeffrey Thomas, John Spieth and Tom
11  2   77   Preliminary Consensus for Translation Initiation in C. elegans
                   Marc D. Perry, Gerald H. Hertz and W.B. Wood
11  2   78   Further Studies on Tc1 Transcription and Translation
                   A.D. Radice, N.E. Sherif and S.W. Emmons
11  2   79   Psoralen Mutagenesis Produces Deletions at High Frequency
                   L. Edgar, M. Perry, M. Yandell, P. Newmark and W.B.
11  2   80   Pairing for Recombination in LG V (left): A Model Based on
             Recombination in Deficiency Heterozygotes
                   Raja E. Rosenbluth, Robert C. Johnsen and David L.
11  2   82   The Mutation mn164 is an X;I Translocation
                   Donna Albertson
11  2   83   On the Isolation of Spontaneous Duplications
                   K.S. McKim and A.M. Rose
11  2   84   Genetic Mapping of Spontaneous Duplications
                   K.S. McKim and A.M. Rose
11  2   86   Essential Genes in the dpy-20 - unc-22 Interval
                   Marco A. Marra, Denise V. Clark and David L. Baillie
11  2   87   A kra-1 Gene Might Encode a Nicotinic Receptor-Associated
             NMDA Type Ion Channel in C. elegans
                   Hideki Ando and Hiroaki Kagawa
11  2   88   Defecation Mutants
                   Jim Thomas
11  2   89   Suppression of mup-1 Alleles by dpy-10 and dpy-11
                   Thierry Bogaert and Phuay Yee Goh
11  2   90   Surface Radioiodination of Wild-type, srf-2, and srf-3 Mutants
                   Mario Philipp and Sam Politz
11  2   91   A Low Molecular Weight Non-collagenous Molecule is Surface
             Accessible in the Cuticle of C. elegans
                   Mark Blaxter
11  2   92   Isolation fo Thermotaxis-defective Mutants
                   Ikue Mori, Hiroshi Kagoshima and Yasumi Ohshima
11  2   93   The Mutant Phenotype of the lag Genes Mimics that of the
             lin-12 glp-1  Double Mutant
                   Eric Lambie and Judith Kimble
11  2   94   Abnormal Uterine Morphogenesis and Epithelialization
                   Edward Hedgecock
11  2   95   PVR Shares a Neural Antigen with other Mechanosensory
                   Shahid Siddiqui
11  2   96   On Cell Division Sequence of C. elegans Early Embryogenesis
                   Kiyoji Nishiwaki and Johji Miwa
11  2   97   Genetic Analysis of Zygotically Acting Genes Essential for Early
             Development in C. elegans
                   Elizabeth Bucher and Iva Greenwald
11  2   98   Maternal Mutations that Alter the E Lineage
                   Diane Morton and Ken Kemphues
11  2   99   Heterochronic Genes Regulate Stage-Specific Collagen Gene
                   Zhongchi Liu and Victor Ambros
11  2   100  The Role of Heterochronic Genes in Controlling the Cell Cycle
             of the Vulva Precursor Cells
                   Susan Euling and Victor Ambros
11  2   101  How do the HSNs Decide When to Differentiate?
                   Gian Garriga and Bob Horvitz
11  2   102  ced-9: A New Gene that Determines if Cells Live or Die
                   Michael Hengartner, Ronald Ellis and Bob Horvitz
11  2   103  Several Genes Required for Vulval Induction are also Required
             for Cell Specification During Male Spicule Development
                   Helen M. Chamberlin and Paul W. Sternberg
11  2   105  Dominant Negative Mutations of let-60 Define its Controlling
             Role in Vulval Induction
                   Min Han, Raffi Aroian and Paul Sternberg
11  2   106  unc-101 Mutations, Which Suppress the Vulvaless Phenotype
             of let-23, may be Recessive Hypermorphs
                   Gregg Jongeward and Paul Sternberg
11  2   107  lin-39 Mutants are Supervuls
                   Scott Clark and Bob Horvitz
11  2   108  More on lin-15
                   R.K. Herman and E.M. Hedgecock
11  2   109  hyp7 and Vulva Development
                   R.K. Herman and E.M. Hedgecock
11  2   110  A Survey of the Male Phenotypes of Some egl Mutants
                   Andrew Chisholm
11  2   113  mab-19, a Gene Involved in the Specification of T Rays
                   Marie E. Sutherlin and Scott W. Emmons
11  2   115  A Screen for Male-Specific Uncs Yields a New Ray Mutation
                   Marie E. Sutherlin and Scott W. Emmons
11  2   116  Fused Ray Update
                   Scott E. Baird and Scott W. Emmons
11  2   117  Variable Expression from an Extrachromosomal fem-1 Gene:
             Possible Germ-line Confinement?
                   Hodgkin J.
11  2   118  dpy-29 and tra V Mutations Appear to Define a Single Locus
             that Coordinately Regulates Sex Determination and Dosage
                   Leslie DeLong, John Plenefisch and Barbara Meyer
11  2   120  Large Duplications Including sdc-2 Cause Feminization and
             Reduced Viability of XO Animals
                   Kimberly Tanner and Bill Wood
11  2   121  her-1 Expression is Probably Not Autonomously Sufficient to
             Determine Male Fates
                   Craig P. Hunter and William B. Wood
11  2   123  WBG Subscriber Directory
11  2   142  Author Index
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