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Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(1) Table of Contents

12  1   1    Postdoctoral Fellowship
                   Richard McCombie
12  1   2    Faculty Position
                   Victor Ambros
12  1   3    Molecular Geneticist Position
12  1   4    Worm Community in Japan
                   Tohru Sano and Johji Miwa
12  1   5    CGC Bibliographic References
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  1   9    New Strains Available from the CGC
                   Mark Edgley and Don Riddle
12  1   11   The CGC Catalog
                   Mark Edgley
12  1   13   How to Get ACEDB for your Sun
                   Jean Thierry-Mieg and Richard Durbin
12  1   14   The Genome Map of C. elegans
                   Alan Coulson, Yuko Kozono, Bart Lutterbach, Ratna
                   Shownkeen, John Sulston and Bob Waterston
12  1   16   Sequencing and Mapping C. elegans cDNA's
                   R. Ainscough, A. Coulson, M. Craxton, R. Durbin, P.
                   Green, L. Hillier, N. Halloran, C. Huynh, C. Lee, C.
                   Martin, M. Metzstein, J. Sulston, K. Thomas, R.
                   Waterston & R. Wi
12  1   18   Physical Mapping of Chromosome V Deficiencies
                   K.S. McKim, H. Enns and D.L. Baillie
12  1   19   Transposon Tagging of unc-51 Gene
                   Ken-ichi Ogura, Ikue Mori and Yasumi Ohshima
12  1   20   Molecular Cloning of the emb-5 Gene
                   Kiyoji Nishiwaki, Tohru Sano and Johji Miwa
12  1   21   Cosmid DNA Rescue of the osm-3 Mutant Phenotype
                   M.A. Shakir and Shahid Siddiqui
12  1   22   Towards the Cloning of unc-60
                   Camela Matheson, Kim McKim and David L. Baillie
12  1   23   Cloning of C. elegans Cyclophilin Genes
                   Asa Abeliovich, Michael Hengartner, Bob Horvitz
12  1   24   Tc1 Insertions in the gpa-Genes
                   Richard Zwaal, Alice Rushforth, Phil Anderson and
                   Ronald Plasterk
12  1   25   Sequencing Dominant Actin Mutants in C. elegans
                   Lawrence A. Schriefer and Robert H. Waterston
12  1   26   Cloning Synaptic Vesicle Proteins from C. elegans
                   Michael L. Nonet, Raymond Kwan and Barbara J. Meyer
12  1   27   The Cloning of smg-5, a Gene Involved in the Degradation of
             Aberrant mRNAs
                   Kirk Anders, Rock Pulak and Phil Anderson
12  1   28   Cloning and Characterization of P-glycoprotein Genes of C.
                   Carsten R. Lincke, Inge The, Marjon van Groenigen &
                   Piet Borst
12  1   29   Tissue-Specific and Developmentally Regulated Expression of
             C. elegans P-glycoprotein Genes
                   Carsten R. Lincke, Annegien Broeks, Inge The, Ronald
                   H.A. Plasterk and Piet Borst
12  1   30   Tubulin ? Expression Pattern in C. elegans
                   Tetsunari Fukushige, Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid
12  1   31   Molecular Analysis of the Dosage Compensation Gene dpy-27
                   Pao-Tien Chuang, David Hsu and Barbara Meyer
12  1   32   Mosaic Analysis of unc-5 Using an unc-5(+) Cosmid Array
             Fused to sDp3
                   Joe Culotti, Ed Hedgecock and Andrew Spence
12  1   33   The Product of the Axonal Outgrowth Gene unc-76 is Found
             in Neuronal Cell Bodies and Axons
                   Laird Bloom and Bob Horvitz
12  1   34   lin-3 Encodes a TGF?Like Molecule Which May Act as a AC
             Signal that Induces Vulval Development
                   Russell Hill and Paul Sternberg
12  1   35   tra-3 Encodes a Nematode (Cal)Pain
                   Tom Barnes
12  1   36   Analysis of Extrachromosomal Array Transmission
                   Tom Barnes
12  1   38   A Second Transporter Gene Downstream of unc-22
                   Chris Fields
12  1   39   Complete Sequence of Tropomyosin Gene, tmy-1 LGV of
             Caenorhabditis elegans
                   Hirosi Matsumoto, Yasuji Sakube, Koken Sugimoto and
                   Hiroaki Kagawa
12  1   40   The C-Terminus of unc-6
                   William Wadsworth, Naoaki Ishii and Edward
12  1   41   A Model for the Structure of the dpy-13 Collagen
                   David McK. Bird and Tian-Jian Chen
12  1   43   A Model for SL2-Specific Splicing: Are Some C. elegans mRNAs
                   Glenn Brooke and Tom Blumenthal
12  1   44   Site Directed Mutagenesis of the Caenorhabditis elegans
             Genome by Transgene-Instructed DNA Break Repair Following
             Tc1 Excision
                   Ronald H.A. Plasterk and Jose T.M. Groenen
12  1   45   A Translocation Balancer for Chromosomes I and III
                   Nahlah Ayed, Hakyung Kang and Ann Rose
12  1   46   srl-Suppressors of Roller Lethal
                   William Bradley Barbazuk, Robert C. Johnsen, Raja E.
                   Rosenbluth and David L. Baillie
12  1   47   Isolation of Mutants Hypersensitive to Carbamylcholine in C.
                   K. Ando and R. Hosono
12  1   48   Extensive Ectopic Cell Deaths in ced-9(lf) F2 Embryos
                   Michael Hengartner, John White and Bob Horvitz
12  1   49   Smg Suppression of tra-3 and Endogenous Read-Through of
             Nonsense Codons
                   Jonathan Hodgkin
12  1   50   Anchors Aweigh!
                   J.G. White, E. Southgate and D. Kershaw
12  1   51   Surface-Directed Biotinylation of C. elegans Foiled: An
             Endogenous Avidin-Binding Protein
                   Mark Blaxter
12  1   52   Improved Injection Setup!!!
                   Andrew Papp and Jorge Mancillas
12  1   53   WBG Subscriber List
12  1   65   Author Index
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