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Worm Breeder's Gazette 15(3) Table of Contents

15  3  1   Eight Postdoctoral Positions Open.

15  3  2   NemaPharm.

15  3  3   CGC Bibliographic References.
              Theresa Stiernagle and Bob Herman

15  3  8   On the Generality of RNA-Mediated Interference.
              Andrew Fire and Jamie Fleenor

15  3  9   Paralysis of Worms by 2,3-butanedione monoxime (BDM).
              Miriam B. Goodmand and Marty Chalfie

15  3  10  Using cDNA Microarrays for Differential Gene Expression
              John Wang, Carrie B. Van Doren and Stuart K. Kim

15  3  11  Microarray Screening Identifies Genes Upregulated During
           Spermatogenesis or Oogenesis.
              Jeremy Nance, Elizabeth Davis, Samuel Ward, Carrie Van
              Doren, John Wang and Stuart K. Kim

15  3  12  One Tube RT-PCR Assay from Single Worms.
              Sumino Yanase, Mamiko Okano and Naoaki Ishii

15  3  13  Video Analysis of Drug-Modulated Behaviour in Adult
           Caenorhabditis elegans.
              Andrew E. Williams, David J. Brownlee and Clive E.

15  3  14  Improved Visibility of the Defaecation Motor Programme
           Steps at Low Magnification for Routine Analysis of the
           Defaecation Rhythm in C. elegans.
              Sonia Kowal and Fred Kippert

15  3  15  A Sordid Collection of Sorted Worms.
              Nora Eakin and David Fitch

15  3  16  The Pristionchus pacificus mab-5 Gene Is Involved in the
           Regulation of Ventral Epidermal Cell Fates.
              Benno Jungblut and Ralf J. Sommer

15  3  17  600 Million Years of Phox2.
              Jonathan Ewbank, Alexandre Pattyn and Jean-Francois

15  3  18  Activation of Ceh-14 through C. elegans Ldp: An
           Evolutionary Conserved Process.
              G. Cassata, H. Kagoshima and T.R. Burglin

15  3  19  Different Patterns of Mitochondrial Redistribution in
           Early C. elegans and Acrobeloides sp. PS1146 Embryos.
              Ananth Badrinath and John White

15  3  20  Nematodes with Mitochondrial Diseases.
              Bernad D. Lemire and William Tsang

15  3  21  Lean and Mean - Starvation Rescue of unc-45(ts) Mutants.
              Lee Venolia and Amy Matthews

15  3  22  Sodium Azide Induces Thermotolerance in C. elegans by a
           Mechanism Similar to Heat Shock Response.
              Michelle R. Massie, Kristy D. Boggs, Karin E. Stine
              and Glenn E. White

15  3  23  Transposons in the C. elegans Germline Are Regulated at
           the Transcriptional Level.
              Rene F. Ketting, Henri G.A.M. van Luenen and Ronald
              H.A. Plasterk

15  3  24  Overexpression of a Novel Protein Causes Chromosome
           Nondisjunction in Caenorhabditis elegans.
              Lynnette M. Kuervers, Diana L. Janke and David L.

15  3  25  Cloning and Characterization of mei-2.
              Martin Srayko and Paul E. Mains

15  3  26  Cloning and Characterization of the Cytokinesis Mutant
              Ananth Badrinath and John White

15  3  27  A Second Abd-B-like-homeobox on LG IIIR: Implications for
           how nob-1 Mutations Disrupt Posterior Embryonic
              Kimberly Van Auken, Colleen Cary and Bill Wood

15  3  28  Multiple Promoter Regions Contribute to Apparent
           Cooperative Negative Regulation of her-1 by sdc Gene
           Products in Hermaphrodites.
              Weiqing Li, Barbara Robertson, Adrian Streit and Bill

15  3  29  MAB-3 Is a Direct Transcriptional Repressor of
           Vitellogenin Transcription.
              Woelsung Yi and David Zarkower

15  3  30  Sequence Changes Associated with Useful lin-12 Mutations.
              Chenhui Wen, E. Jane Albert Hubbard, Richard Ruiz and
              Iva Greenwald

15  3  31  ego-6 Is a Member of a Novel Gene Family.
              Anne Smardon, Kimberly Kelly and Eleanor Maine

15  3  32  Expression of the unc-116 Encoded Kinesin Heavy Chain in
           the Muscle, Nervous System, and Germ Line of C. elegans.
              M. Yusuf Ali, Zeba K. Siddiqui, M. Liakot Khan,
              Takashi Matsuo, Fumio Hori, K. Nishikawa, Tomoko
              Motohashi, Yuji Kohara and Shahid S. Siddiqui

15  3  33  gad-1: Evidence for a Role in Pharynx as well as Gut
           Specification and Interaction with pop-1.
              Jennifer Knight and Bill Wood

15  3  34  let-767 Is a Gut Specific Dehydrogenase.
              Lynnette M. Kuervers, Nigel J. O'Neil and David L.

15  3  35  Expression of a Transgene Encoding only the Laminin-like
           Domain of UNC-6 Is Sufficient to Guide Cell and Axon
           Migrations and Can Disrupt Fasciculation
              Yoo-Shick Lim, Smita Mallapur and William G. Wadsworth

15  3  36  eat-2 Encodes a Non-alpha Nicotinic Acetylcholine
           Receptor Subunit.
              Jim McKay, David Raizen and Leon Avery

15  3  37  Interaction between srf-6 and Dauer-constitutive Genes.
              Laura J. Miceli and Samuel M. Politz

15  3  38  CeBRAM-2 that Binds to DAF-1 Is a Negative Regulator of
           daf-7 TGF-B Pathway.
              Kiyokazu Morita, Miho Shimizu, Hiroshi Shibuya and
              Naoto Ueno

15  3  39  che-2 Encodes a Novel Protein with the WD40 Repeats.
              Manabi Fujiwara, Takeshi Ishihara and Isao Katsura

15  3  40  An Alternative Tale of UNC-52/Perlecan.
              Teresa Rogalski, Greg Mullen and Don Moerman

15  3  41  Author Index.

15  3  e1  Towards a characterisation of the soluble guanylate
           cyclases in C. elegans
              Martin Lyn Hudson and Michael O'Shea

15  3  e2  Cloning and functional expression of calcium ATPases
           and Na/Ca-exchangers of Caenorhabditis elegans
              Alexander Kraev, Natalya Kraev and Ernesto Carafoli

15  3  e3  mup-4 is a member of a novel family of genes that encode
           large transmembrane proteins and are required for muscle
           cell position
              Leexan Hong, Beth K. Gatewood, James T. Ward and
              Elizabeth A. Bucher

15  3  e4  The Roles of egl-20/Wnt and lin-44/Wnt in T cell Polarity
              Jennifer Whangbo, Mike Herman and Cynthia Kenyon

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