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Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(4) Table of Contents

11  4   1    Announcements and News
11  4   1    Postdoctoral Fellowship
                   Greg Nelson
11  4   2    Faculty Position
11  4   3    The 1991 C. elegans Meeting
                   C. elegans meeting organizing committee
11  4   3    Abstract Books from the East Coast Worm Meeting
                   Victor Ambros
11  4   4    The Contig Database at NIG Japan
                   Yuji Kohara
11  4   4    Another Tektronix 4014 Emulator
                   Phil Morgan
11  4   5    Tables of Contents of Worm Meetings and of the Worm
             Breeder's Gazette in Filemaker 2.0 for the Macintosh
                   Dave Pilgrim & Mark Edgley
11  4   5    The Pledge of Elegans
                   Sean Lloyd
11  4   5    Correction
                   Celeste Ray and James H. McKerrow
11  4   6    The Worm Community System
                   Bruce Schatz, Samuel Ward, Scott Hudson and Larry
11  4   7    Worm Injection Setup and Parts List
                   Craig Mello and Victor Ambros
11  4   8    Worm Codon Usage Varies with Gene Family
                   Chris Fields
11  4   10   Genetic Mapping with Tc1 Polymorphisms Detected by PCR
                   Benjamin D. Williams, Bertold Schrank and Robert
11  4   12   Differential Screening of a cDNA library using cDNA probes
             Amplified from Individual Embryos at Various Stages
                   Yuji Kohara
11  4   13   Isolation of cDNAs Differentially Expressed During the Adult
             Life Span
                   Tom Fabian and Tom Johnson
11  4   14   Identification of Deficiency Endpoints Surrounding fer-15 and
                   Tom Johnson and Pat Tedesco
11  4   16   Molecular Cloning of osm-3 Gene by Transposon Tagging
                   M.A. Shakir and Shahid Siddiqui
11  4   17   Cloning of Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase in C. elegans
                   Yousef G. Amaar and David L. Baillie
11  4   18   Molecular Cloning of unc-49
                   Alberto Ruiz Morales and Jorge R. Mancillas
11  4   19   Update on the Cloning of unc-73
                   Rob Steven, Joe Culotti, Alberto Ruiz and Jorge
11  4   20   unc-80 is a Stupid Gene
                   Sue Hudson, Margaret Sedensky and Phil Morgan
11  4   21   Molecular Localization of fer-15
                   J.R. Brister and S.W. L'Hernault
11  4   22   Genetic and Molecular Analysis of spe-4
                   Steve L'Hernault and Michele Arduengo
11  4   23   Progress Toward Cloning the Cytoplasmic Dynein Heavy Chain
             from C. elegans
                   R.J. Lye and R.H. Waterston
11  4   24   Cloning ced-1, a Gene Required for the Engulfment of Cell
                   Tony Gerber, Ronald Ellis and Bob Horvitz
11  4   25   Cloning and Sequencing the C. elegans Na+/H+ Antiporter
                   Marco A. Marra, Shiv Prasad, Denise V. Clark and
                   David L. Baillie
11  4   26   Cloning and Sequencing of cha-1
                   Aixa Alfonso, Kiely Grundahl and Jim Rand
11  4   27   Swiss Cheese and (Being Driven) Crackers
                   Tom Barnes, Alan Coulson, John Sulston, Jonathan
                   Hodgkin and Bob Waterston
11  4   27   Cut Out the YAC and Get On With It
                   Tom Barnes
11  4   29   Molecular Cloning of lin-15 by the Candidate Gene Approach
                   Linda S. Huang, Jane E. Mendel, Phoebe Tzou and Paul
                   W. Sternberg
11  4   30   Cloning and Sequencing of a Putative unc-87 cDNA
                   Susan D. Goetinck and Robert H. Waterston
11  4   31   Sequence Analysis of the Transposable Element Tc2
                   Vivian R. Ruvolo and Alexandra Levitt
11  4   32   PAT Elements, Candidates for an Adequate Transposon
             Tagging System in C. elegans
                   Yves de Chastonay, Christopher Link, Fritz Mller and
                   Heinz Tobler
11  4   33   Genome Complexity of Panagrellus redivivus shrunk by the
             Presence of Abundant Satellite DNA
                   Yves de Chastonay, Fritz Mller and Heinz Tobler
11  4   34   The Complete Nucleotide Sequence of the Retrovirus-Related
             Element TAS Present in the Genome of Ascaris lumbricoides
                   H. Felder, A. Herczeg, P. Aeby, F. Mller and H. Tobler
11  4   35   Sequence of mec-3 from the Caenorhabditis strain WS9-6
                   Jeff Way
11  4   36   Molecular Analysis of the emb-5 Locus
                   Kiyoji Nishiwaki, Tohru Sano and Johji Miwa
11  4   37   Programmed Cell Death May Be Regulated by Phosphorylation
                   Junying Yuan, Nancy Tsung and Bob Horvitz
11  4   38   The ham-1 Gene Encodes an Unfamiliar Protein
                   Gian Garriga and Bob Horvitz
11  4   39   col-4 isn't
                   Yang-Seo Park and Jim Kramer
11  4   40   Molecular Characterization of mec-4 Dominant Alleles that
             Induce Neuronal Degeneration
                   Monica Driscoll, Maud Kinnell, Mary Sabolsice and
                   Marty Chalfie
11  4   42   unc-22 Update
                   Guy Benian, Mary Morris, Kate Tobin and Steve
11  4   43   Additional Genes In and Around unc-22
                   Chris Fields, Cari Soderlund, Guy Benian, Steve
                   L'Hernault, Kate Tobin and David Baillie
11  4   45   Preliminary Evidence for Binding of Myosin to a Portion of
                   Mario Valenzuela and Guy Benian
11  4   46   Tandem Duplication in the unc-30 Region of N2
                   Roger Hoskins
11  4   47   Nematode Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases
                   R. James Matthews, Robert H. Waterston and Matthew
                   L. Thomas
11  4   48   An Almost paired-like Homeobox Gene in C. elegans
                   P. Svendsen, N. Hawkins and J. McGhee
11  4   49   Protein Kinase C of C. elegans
                   Toshihiro Sassa and Johji Miwa
11  4   50   Mutations in the dpy-13 Collagen Gene
                   N. von Mende and D.L. Riddle
11  4   51   daf-4, a Gene Controlling Dauer Larva Development, Encodes
             a Serine/Threonine Kinase
                   M. Estevez, P.S. Albert and D.L. Riddle
11  4   52   Alpha Tubulins of C. elegans
                   Tetsunari Fukushige, Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid
11  4   54   let-60/lin-34, a C. elegans ras Gene that Controls Vulval Cell
             Type Specification
                   Min Han and Paul Sternberg
11  4   55   lin-34/let-60: Dominant Muv Mutations Increase Wild-Type
             Gene Activity, Dominant Vul Mutations Antagonize Wild-Type
             Gene Activity
                   Greg Beitel, Scott Clark and Bob Horvitz
11  4   56   Transformation Rescue of mei-1, a Gene that Affects Meiosis
             and Mitosis
                   Shawna Clark-Maguire and Paul E. Mains
11  4   57   Transformation of C. briggsae
                   Eric Aamodt, May Chung and Jim McGhee
11  4   58   A Screen of Patterns of Gene Expression in C. elegans
                   Ian A. Hope
11  4   59   Inheritance of Pattern?  sqt-1 and rol-6 are Coordinately
             Expressed, but Not at All Stages that Roll
                   Jim Kramer and Yang-Seo Park
11  4   61   Stage-Specific and Tissue-Specific Collagen/beta-gal Reporters
                   Zhongchi Liu and Victor Ambros
11  4   62   How is the mec-3 Gene Regulated?
                   Ding Xue, Marty Chalfie, Mike Finney and Gary
11  4   63   fem-3 Regulation is Getting Foggy
                   Tom Evans and Judith Kimble
11  4   64   The V-2 EGF-like Domain of the unc-6 Laminin Chain is
             Required for Dorsal Cell and Axon Migrations
                   William Wadsworth and Naoaki Ishii
11  4   65   let-23 = kin-7: A Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Gene Necessary for
             Vulval Differentiation
                   Raffi Aroian, Makoto Koga, Jane Mendel, Yasumi
                   Ohshima and Paul Sternberg
11  4   67   The unc-104 Product Contains Homologies to Kinesin Heavy
                   Anthony Otsuka, Ayyamperumal Jeyaprakash, Jaime
                   Annoveros-Garcia, Lan Tang, Greg Fisk and Teresa Born
11  4   68   unc-116 Shares Sequence Homology with the C-Terminal
             Domain of the Drosophila Kinesin Heavy Chain
                   Neela Patel and Jorge R. Mancillas
11  4   69   A Gene Encoding an LDL Receptor Related Protein in C.
                   John Yochem and Iva Greenwald
11  4   70   Potential Zinc Fingers in lin-26, a Gene Involved in the Control
             of the Asymmetric Cell Division of the P Cells
                   Michel Labouesse and Bob Horvitz
11  4   71   A Suggestion
                   Tom Barnes
11  4   72   UV Induced Mutations are Predominantly Rearrangements
                   Helen I Stewart, Raja E. Rosenbluth and David L. Baillie
11  4   73   Effects of Deficiencies on Hermaphrodite Fertility
                   Anne Brooks and Tom Johnson
11  4   74   age-1 and fer-15 are Separate Genes
                   E.W. Hutchinson and T.E. Johnson
11  4   75   sup-9(n1550) -- A New Rubberband Mutation
                   Joshua Z. Levin and Bob Horvitz
11  4   76   C. elegans Lectin-Binding Mutants
                   Chris Link, Michael Silverman, Moira Breen and
                   Kathleen Watt
11  4   77   Selection for Mutants Lacking Alcohol Dehydrogenase
                   Valerie M. Williamson and George Theodoris
11  4   78   WANTED: Worms that Benefit from Being Smug
                   Andrew Papp and Jorge R. Mancillas
11  4   79   Anesthetics Just Put Me to Sleep
                   Shanta Sabnis, Susan Thomas, Phil Morgan and
                   Margaret Sedensky
11  4   81   Interactions Among the par Mutations
                   Ken Kemphues, Niansheng Cheng, Colleen Kirby, Ian
                   Korf, Diane Morton, Mike Roos and Betty Suh
11  4   82   unc-119
                   Dave Pilgrim
11  4   83   Notch-Head Revisited
                   Andrew Chisholm
11  4   84   mig-10 is Not Cell Autonomous
                   Jim Manser
11  4   85   Genetic Analysis of the rol-3 Gene of LGV(left)
                   William Bradley Barbazuk, Robert C. Johnsen, Raja E.
                   Rosenbluth and David L. Baillie
11  4   86   A Sex Determining Hermone?
                   Craig Hunter, Marc Perry and Bill Wood
11  4   87   Leptoderan Tales
                   David H.A. Fitch, Scott E. Baird, Iman Kassem and Scott
                   W. Emmons
11  4   89   Strange Bedfellows
                   Scott E. Baird, Marie E. Sutherlin, David H.A. Fitch, and
                   Scott W. Emmons
11  4   90   A Genome-Wide Screen for Zygotic Embryonic Lethal Mutants
                   Joel H. Rothman
11  4   92   A Zygotic Embryonic Lethal Mutant Defective in Specifying
             Multiple Embryonic Cell Fates, Gastrulation, and Cell Adhesion
                   Joel H. Rothman
11  4   93   mig-5 Mutations Affect Early Gonadal Cell Fates
                   Ed Hedgecock
11  4   95   Defective Trans-Hypodermal Cell Anchorage in him-4 Mutants
                   Ed Hedgecock
11  4   97   Genes on LGV(left) that Affect the Vulva-Lineage
                   Robert C. Johnsen, Raja E. Rosenbluth and David L.
11  4   98   Polarity in the Vulval Lineages
                   Wendy Katz and Paul Sternberg
11  4   100  A Role for lin-32 in Deciding Lateral Hypodermal as well as
             Neuronal Cell Fates
                   Connie Zhao and Scott W. Emmons
11  4   101  More on lin-44
                   Michael Herman and Bob Horvitz
11  4   102  What Turns On mec-7?  Part II: The Return of mec-3
                   Michel Hamelin, Jeff Way and Joe Culotti
11  4   103  A Combinatorial Model for Touch Cell Differentiation
                   Shohei Mitani and Marty Chalfie
11  4   104  deg-1 Suppressors
                   Eve Wolinsky
11  4   106  The Roles of AVL and DVB in Defecation
                   Steve McIntire, Joshua Kaplan, Erik Jorgensen and Bob
11  4   107  Chemotaxis to Volatile Odorants
                   Cori Bargmann, Dean Jacobson and Bob Horvitz
11  4   108  Genes Affecting Axonal Guidance of Different Classes of
                   Shahid Siddiqui
11  4   110  Reversal of L-R Asymmetry by Micromanipulation of 6-Cell
             Embryos: ABa1 and ABp1 are Equivalent to ABar and ABpr,
                   Bill Wood
11  4   112  Absent Reversal of Cleavage Polarity in a Free-Living
                   Frauke Skiba and Einhard Schierenberg
11  4   113  Intercellular Transfer of Cytoplasmic Components into the
             Differentiating Gut Primordium
                   Olaf Bossinger and Einhard Schierenberg
11  4   114  The Pattern of Dye-Coupling in Embryos of Different
             Free-Living Nematodes
                   Olaf Bossinger and Einhard Schierenberg
11  4   115  Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) of C. elegans
                   Shahid Siddiqui, Stuart Hameroff, Bob McKuskey, Dror
                   Sarid and Sam Ward
11  4   117  Longitudinal Sectioning of Complete Worms for Electron
             Microscopy after Laser-Induced Fixation
                   Udo Mnzner and Einhard Schierenberg
11  4   118  Rapid Small Scale Worm Prep
                   Michael Granato, Heinke & Ralf Schnabel
11  4   119  WBG Subscriber Directory Update
11  4   121  Author Index
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